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  • Cider/Perry in Belarus

    ... drinks such as beer, vodka, and still light grape wine. Therefore, cider/perry lost its popularity and volume share in Belarus. Growing cider production by local manufacturers did not result in increasing volume sales but did ... Read More

  • Cider/Perry in Estonia

    ... cidermakers in Estonia and they contribute only to a fraction of total cider sales, but the developing local and organic trends open a promising niche in the saturated category. Euromonitor International's Cider/Perry in Estonia report ... Read More

  • Wine in Germany

    ... level in terms of per capita consumption and thus perform marginally better compared to the review period. Value sales in contrast are projected to perform marginally worse than over the review period, despite the premiumisation ... Read More

  • Wine in Estonia

    ... high alcohol content beverages. All wine categories showed moderate decline in 2017 and this vulnerability may develop further as wine is facing steep excise increases in 2019 and 2020. Euromonitor International's Wine in Estonia report ... Read More

  • Cider/Perry in Macedonia

    ... vast majority of local consumers have a low level of awareness about this category and the brands that comprise it. The fact that there are no domestically-produced cider/perry brands further contributes to the low level ... Read More

  • Wine in Macedonia

    ... shift towards beer which in part was triggered by the strong presence of premium wines which fewer locals were able to buy amidst the political crisis of 2016/2017 which resulted in weaker economic growth than ... Read More

  • Wine in Sweden

    ... in colourful and non-traditional packaging, and are relatively cheap in comparison with many other sparkling wines. The category has been driven by growing interest in mixing various products and flavours among a rising number of ... Read More

  • Cider/Perry in Bosnia-Herzegovina

    ... base. In 2017, the category seemed to have turned a corner, thanks primarily to manufacturers’ strong promotional activities and the hot summer weather leading to consumers seeking refreshing beverages. Euromonitor International's Cider/Perry in Bosnia-Herzegovina report ... Read More

  • Wine in Bosnia-Herzegovina

    ... growth over 2012-2017. This trend is primarily being driven by the ongoing development of the domestic and regional winemaking industry, which in turn has helped to educate domestic consumers and fuel interest in winemaking and ... Read More

  • Cider/Perry in Bulgaria

    ... in marketing and promotional activity to generate a high level of brand awareness and hype about cider. In 2017, the growing popularity of cocktail culture in Bulgaria coupled with increased preference for lower-alcohol drinks such ... Read More

  • Wine in Bulgaria

    ... of the mass consumer were shaped by popular wine fairs and exhibitions, wine and gourmet festivals, and food and drink events. The increased wine culture and awareness encouraged consumers to look for products that featured ... Read More

  • Wine in Croatia

    ... good condition. It is expected that the good quality of the ingredients will result in good-quality wine, which in Croatia means more expensive good-quality local wines competing with cheaper imports. Data published by the Croatian ... Read More

  • Cider/Perry in Lithuania

    ... majority of cider/perry being economy priced, the increase in price during the review period led to a decrease in sales. Euromonitor International's Cider/Perry in Lithuania report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape ... Read More

  • Wine in Lithuania

    ... on promotions hampered sales of wine. Euromonitor International's Wine in Lithuania report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape of the market at a national level. It provides the latest retail sales data ... Read More

  • Wine in Romania

    ... since they know how the grapes were grown and how the product was manufactured. However, home-made production and consumption are falling. This is due to higher employment in factories, leaving consumers with less time to ... Read More

  • Wine in Serbia

    ... order to purchase superior quality products. This occurred at the same time as the distribution of premium wines improved in the largest chained retailers, which led to a significant increase in the average total current ... Read More

  • Wine in Finland

    ... stagnation in 2017, dynamic growth was seen in categories such as still rosé wine and sparkling wine, where products such as prosecco still have novelty value. In fact, more room for forecast period growth remains ... Read More

  • Spirits in Greece

    ... beginning of the recession, and migrated to wine or beer, or to domestic spirits, such as raki and tsipouro, which cost less. In regard to spirits, they opt for premium brands or cocktails. This trend ... Read More

  • Wine in Greece

    ... educating consumers about wine and to a premiumisation trend in the category. The shift away from nightclubs to cafés/bars and the strengthening of an early drinks culture, which was not significant a few years ago, ... Read More

  • Wine in Austria

    ... volume sales. In addition to this, products like still light grape wine, especially red and white wine as well as fortified wine and vermouth, are increasingly perceived as old-fashioned, especially by consumers in their 30s ... Read More

  • Cider/Perry in Denmark

    ... of cider amongst Danish consumers and a disappointing summer in the country, which saw fewer hours of sunshine and more rain than in the previous four years. Along with beer, cider is one of the ... Read More

  • Wine in Denmark

    ... categories; to the extent that, according to the industry organisation Organic Denmark, Danes are now the most prolific consumers of organic products globally. This trend can also be seen in wine, in which the demand ... Read More

  • Wine in the Netherlands

    ... white wine as a beverage more for women, instead opting for heavier red wines as traditionally red wine is associated with status, depth, class, sophistication and culinary excellence. White wine, on the other hand, was ... Read More

  • Wine in Belarus

    ... wine is widely present in Belarus and does not have a high unit price. In addition, local other sparkling wine is viewed by many local consumers as a traditional product and essential for every significant ... Read More

  • Wine in Hungary

    ... average unit price of still light grape wine did not change significantly in 2017 as the frequent discounts dampened the up-trading in quality. Most Hungarian consumers still prefer local, domestic origin wine, with only a ... Read More

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