General Beverages Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

General Beverage market research reports include data on beverages such as soft drinks, beers, ciders, flavored alcoholic beverages, spirits, and wines. The global beverage market experienced total revenues of $1,836.1 billion in 2013, and is expected to increase to $2,245.6 billion by 2018.

Our General Beverages market research includes data that focuses on individual countries, as well as reports that have information on a global level. Reports include information on beverage consumption, retailers, products, and trend data such as sales and outlooks for the future. Global beverage reports also include detailed analysis on specific beverages such as hot drinks, non-alcoholic, drink additives, kid’s drinks, and many more. As health becomes a more prominent concern in households, beverages that are processed with added healthier ingredients that provide more benefits and nutrition will experience higher sales.’s collection of market research studies in the beverage market will help you stay competitive by having a comprehensive understanding of the beverage industry. Our beverage market research can help you discover multiple perspectives that will help you answer your beverage research questions or give insight into industry segmentation, size, and growth of the global market. Our market intelligence not only covers the drinks themselves, but it also analyzes industry trends, manufacturing, and packaging as well as business and management strategies influencing the market.

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General Beverages Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Food & Drink Importers (UK) - Industry Report

    ... on the top 360 companies, including ALAMGEER FOODS LTD, ANGLO EUROPEAN COMMODITY BROKERS LTD and A. CAMACHO, U.K. LTD. This report covers activities such as food brokers, food importer, cheese, importers, wholesale and includes a ... Read More

  • Brandy (EUROPEAN) - Industry Report

    ... DE LA TOUR and JAN BECHER - KARLOVARSKA BECHEROVKA, A. S.. This report covers activities such as brandy, spirit, , , and includes a wealth of information on the financial trends over the past four ... Read More

  • Cognac (EUROPEAN) - Industry Report

    ... COURVOISIER SAS and JAN BECHER - KARLOVARSKA BECHEROVKA, A. S.. This report covers activities such as cognac, spirit, , , and includes a wealth of information on the financial trends over the past four years. ... Read More

  • Food & Beverage Retailers (GLOBAL) - Industry Report

    ... on the top 460 companies, including AEON CO LTD, ALDI GMBH & CO. KOMMANDITGESELLSCHAFT and ALDI STORES LIMITED. This report covers activities such as Food, retailers, consumer, goods, convenience and includes a wealth of information ... Read More

  • Latin America Food & Drink Q4 2020

    ... will weigh on theconsumer outlook in 2020. Over the medium term, we expect the economy to recover, which will boost the spending power of thepopulation and lead to robust growth in food and drink expenditure. Read More

  • Spain Food & Drink Q4 2020

    ... is positioned well, as grocery remained open during the country’slockdown. Furthermore, as the economic reality of Covid-19 continues to feed through to consumers, we expect the prioritisation offood and non-alcoholic drinks purchases to continue. This ... Read More

  • Immune Support after the Coronavirus: Drinks and Tonics

    ... liquid tonics can be a natural, convenient format for necessary micronutrients and adjacent areas of immune-support, such as digestive health and sleep aids. This briefing explores possible areas of development in functional beverages, tonics and ... Read More

  • Global Food & Drink Q4 2020

    ... being an essential spending category, will perform well over 2020. Severaldemand-side risks do persist and will impact household spending levels. The economic effects of increased unemployment and/orwage cuts will impact budgets in the short term. ... Read More

  • France Food & Drink Q4 2020

    ... remained open during the country's lockdown and as the economicreality of Covid-19 continues to feed through to consumers, we expect them to continue prioritising food and non-alcoholic drinkspurchases. Over the short term, alcoholic drinks sales ... Read More

  • Innovation and the New 'Core': Few and Focused

    ... number and highly focused around a few key themes: promoting more control and convenience for consumers, creating value in challenging economic conditions and rebuilding certain categories to better align with long term shifts in consumer ... Read More

  • Ghana Food & Drink Q4 2020

    ... expected to avoid a recession, GDP growth has slowed to its lowestrate in years and this will impact on consumer spending power, increasing the focus on basic staples which already make up thebulk of food ... Read More

  • Belarus Food & Drink Q4 2020

    ... country's food and drink industry faces headwinds amid economicweakness in key trading partners and domestic political unrest following the disputed presidential election in August 2020. We holda more positive outlook over the medium term, and ... Read More

  • Russia Food & Drink Q4 2020

    ... and drinks and lower price point items. However, alcoholic drinks spending and premiumisation in general will suffer.From 2021, we project a broad-based rebound and normalising of habits, along with a return to on-trade spending andpremiumisation. Read More

  • Colombia Food & Drink Q4 2020

    ... groceries. We forecast alcoholic drinks consumptionto be subdued in 2020 due to the restrictions on trade and on people's mobility in response to Covid-19. Over the medium term(2020-2024), we project positive growth in the food ... Read More

  • Netherlands Food & Drink Q4 2020

    ... lockdown period and retailers saw a surge inspending as consumption was diverted from cafes, bars and restaurants while households also stocked up on basic goods. Onlineretail in particular saw strong growth in demand, both in ... Read More

  • Qatar Food & Drink Q4 2020

    ... sales. We further expect a steady uptick in the food and drinksector over the 2021-2024 period as a recovering economic outlook, improving incomes, favourable demographics and greater oilrevenues will provide broad support. That being said, ... Read More

  • Cider/Perry in South Africa

    ... ciders being produced by small players, 2019 saw strong focus on creating products with the capacity to pivot into established brands. The healthy living trend also created a new landscape for manufacturers. Smaller breweries with ... Read More

  • India Food & Drink Q4 2020

    ... of uncertainty amid the Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.Alcoholic drinks consumption and spending is projected to contract in 2020 due to restrictions on trade and people's mobility aspart of measures to curb the spread of Covid-19 as ... Read More

  • Italy Food & Drink Q4 2020

    ... the Covid-19 pandemic in Italy. It is a similar story for non-alcoholic beverages, thoughalcoholic drinks will see a slight drop off in consumption as consumers stay away from restaurants, bars and other leisure venues. Asconsumers ... Read More

  • United States Food & Drink Q4 2020

    ... and drink industry will for the most part be accelerated due to the Covid-19pandemic. These include demand for healthy and innovative products as well as preferences to continue to be driven byconvenience and online trends. Read More

  • Ice Manufacturing - 2020 U.S. Industry Market Research Report with COVID-19 Forecasts

    ... United States with over 100 data sets covering 2011-2024. This report includes updated 2020, 2021, and 5-year forecasts due to the economic impact of COVID-19. This Kentley Insights report includes historical and forecasted industry size, ... Read More

  • Global Sugar-Free Food and Beverage Market 2020-2024

    ... 5% during the forecast period. Our reports on sugar-free food and beverage market provides a holistic analysis, market size and forecast, trends, growth drivers, and challenges, as well as vendor analysis covering around 25 vendors. ... Read More

  • Ethiopia Food & Drink Q4 2020

    ... of food establishments, entertainment centresand schools, consumers will prioritise spending on essential goods. Over the medium term, easing inflation will support consumerpurchasing powers, giving way to more spending on food and drink, but low incomes ... Read More

  • South Africa Food & Drink Q4 2020

    ... grocery products.Alcoholic drinks consumption and spending is projected to contract in 2020 due to restrictions on alcoholic drinks trade anduncertainty with regard to employment and wage prospects. Our medium-term (2020-2024) outlook for the food and ... Read More

  • Cider/Perry in Finland

    ... pair with food. As a result, Sinebrychoff’s new addition to the Crowmoor range - Jealous Jackdaw and Rogue Raven, won bronze at the International Cider Challenge in England, promoted as being suitable to be paired ... Read More

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