Who rules the world?

Who rules the world?

Who rules the world? Is there an identifiable global ruling power? If so, is this global rulingpower derived from the will and consent of the billions of people that inhabit this planet? If not, then from what source is this power derived? On the other hand, if there is no identifiable global ruling power, as many assume, then are the people of this world free to chart their collective future? If not, why not? To what degree does the autonomous nature of the technological society determine the future of humanity? Is it possible to realize global democracy and sustainability? If so, then how can this vision of the future actualize? What role does/should global ruling power play? Any serious effort to understand the future of humanity during the 21st century must grapple with these tough yet vital questions. This eBook presents a series of papers discussing who does rule the world. Especially, the question of global ruling power is of great concern as humanity now faces some very complex/critical crises on the horizon. Ignoring the question is not an option, for if there is a global ruling power that does not rule on the basis of the will and consent of billions of people around the world, but instead rules surreptitiously for its own narrow interests, without concern for the quality of life for the future of the majority of humanity, then this power must be identified and challenged. On the other hand, if we assume that there is no ruling power, that we proceed haphazardly into a chaotic future, blind to all interests and consequences – as automatons, puppets, or fools – then this is also a dangerous predicament to be recognized and addressed: there simply is no getting around the fact that those who are blind to power are its puppets.

Alternative futures of global governance: scenarios and perspectives from the Global South,Bow down all 7 billion: the compressed spheres of global governance,Erratum,Globalization, technology and the transnational capitalist class,Six treatments of global ruling power/governance and prospects for the future: an overview,The end of democracy as we knew it,Transforming global governance: images of futures from people on the periphery,We rule the world: an emerging global class fraction?,When battle and duplicity determine power,Who rules the world?: an introduction,Who runs the world? The subconscious

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