Enthalpy, Moisture and Ventilation Issues in Buildings

Enthalpy, Moisture and Ventilation Issues in Buildings

In the 1st century BC, Vitruvius was clear on the role of the building's roof to protect the walls and foundations from rainwater (Vitruvius Pollio et al., 1914, p. 177, Book VI, Chap 3) and the removal of the water by the use of drains (Vitruvius Pollio et al., 1914, p. 156, Book V, Chap 9). Recognised as an issue since antiquity, there has been a great deal of fragmented research on building moisture, but the topic still represents a problem area in too many buildings. Research has tended to focus on local problems, and as a result the lessons and associated knowledge are either not relevant, or more dangerously used inappropriately, for other locations or climates.

This eBook brings together a wide range of international research into moisture in buildings. There are six papers from around the globe, including Europe, North America and Oceania. Three papers explore moisture issues in roof spaces, two deal with moisture in the floor and sub-floor, and one paper is about moisture in walls. The results and models reported in this eBook will contribute to a better international understanding of issues of moisture in buildings, as well as providing improved guidance to practitioners faced with either not wishing to create future moisture problems or to resolve current problems.

Characterisation of air permeability of common ceiling linings and penetrations,Design limits for framed wall assemblies dependent on material choices for sheathing membranes and exterior insulation,Evolution of sub-floor moisture management requirements in United Kingdom, United States of America and New Zealand 1600s to 1969,Hygrothermal simulation of cathedral ceiling roofs with ventilated roofing tiles,Must attic ventilation be preserved in energy retrofits?,Special Issue on Enthalpy, Moisture and Ventilation Issues in Buildings,Void conditions and potential for mould growth in insulated and uninsulated suspended timber ground floors

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