25th Symposium Electromagnetic Phenomena in Nonlinear Circuits (EPNC 18)

25th Symposium Electromagnetic Phenomena in Nonlinear Circuits (EPNC 18)

The aim of the EPNC conferences was to present the recent advances in the analysis and synthesis of nonlinear electric and magnetic circuits and in nonlinear optics and nonlinear electromagnetic problems in medicine, as well as to provide a forum for discussion and dissemination of recent results on applications of nonlinear phenomena in electrical engineering. The EPNC conferences are intended to be an opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences between specialists and young PhD students in electromagnetic field modelling, electric drives, electronics, electrical machines and electric and magnetic materials. The topics of the symposiums included: ferromagnetics and magnetic circuits, semiconductors and nonlinear electric circuits, nonlinear optics and wave propagation and nonlinear electromagnetic problems in medicine.

A volume integral approach for the modelling and design of HTS coils,Adaptation of the penalty function method to genetic algorithm in electromagnetic devices designing,Analysis of axial flux motor performance for traction motor applications,Analysis of axial flux permanent magnet generator,Approximation of complex organic tissue for investigation of the electromagnetic impact,Calculations of eddy currents in electrical steel sheets taking into account their magnetic hysteresis,Comparison of the reluctance laminated and solid rotor synchronous machine operating at high temperatures,Continuous local material model for the mechanical stress-dependency of magnetic properties in non-oriented electrical steel,Design of an induction machine with damper windings for noise and vibrations reduction,Diamond enriched lamination and winding insulation for electrical machines,Evaluation of the usability of the Canay's equivalent circuit diagrams for the calculation of subsynchronous resonances,FE analysis of coupled electromagnetic-thermal phenomena in the squirrel cage motor working at high ambient temperature,GLIDARC reactor power supply with ignition improvement,High-frequency displacement current transformer with just one winding,Improving electrospinning process by numerical analysis of 3-D computer models,Induction-assisted laser welding taking into account phase changes,Influence of shape and material of rotor bars on performance characteristics of single-phase self-excited induction generators,Iron loss simulation using a local material model,LSTM multichannel neural networks in mental task classification,Mechanical stress distribution and the utilisation of the magneto-elastic effect in electrical machines,Modelling of magnetic and electric circuits,Modelling the effect of compaction pressure on hysteresis curves of self-developed SMC cores,Modern methods to monitor end winding vibrations in turbo-generators,Nonlinear magnetic equivalent circuit of the hybrid magnetic bearing,Practical model of the axial magnetic field in the end region of large turbo-generators,Scaling algorithms in modelling of power loss in soft magnetic composites,SDRE-Based high performance feedback control for nonlinear mechatronic systems,The wide range of output frequency regulation method for the inverter using the combination of PWM and DDS

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