Middle East and Africa Medical Imaging Market - Industry Trends and Forecast to 2027

Middle East and Africa Medical Imaging Market - Industry Trends and Forecast to 2027

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Middle East & Africa Medical Imaging Market By Type (Services, Product), Modality (Stationary, Portable), Procedure (Computed Tomography (CT) Scan, X-Ray Imaging, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Ultrasound, Nuclear Imaging (SPECT/PET), Others), Technology (Direct Digital Radiology, Computed Radiology), Patient Age (Adults, Pediatric), Application (Cardiology, Pelvic and Abdominal, Oncology, Mammography, Gynecology, Neurology, Urology, Musculoskeletal, Dental, Others), End Users (Hospitals, Diagnostic Centers, Imaging Centers, Specialty Clinics, Ambulatory Surgical Centers, Academic & Research Institutes, Others), Country (South Africa, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Egypt and Rest of Middle East & Africa), Market Trends and Forecast to 2027

Market Definition
Medical imaging is the process to capture various internal images of the body for the purpose of diagnosing and treating the disease. This technique of medical imaging is mostly used to improve the health of people, as it can help in early diagnosis of certain internal diseases, it can also help to provide the right treatment for a particular disease and also to keep a check on diseases which have already been diagnosed as well as treated. Medical imaging includes various techniques such as X-ray, radiography, MRI, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, tomography among others. Advancements in the technology of imaging modalities have propelled the demand of the medical imaging in the market.

Market Segmentation
Middle East & Africa medical imaging market is segmented into seven notable segments which are bifurcated on the basis of type, modality, procedure, technology, patient age, application and end users.
• On the basis of type, Middle East & Africa medical imaging market is segmented into services and product
• On the basis of modality, Middle East & Africa medical imaging market is segmented into stationary and portable
• On the basis of procedure, Middle East & Africa medical imaging market is segmented into computed tomography (CT) scan, X-ray imaging, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasound, nuclear imaging (SPECT/PET) and others
• On the basis of technology, Middle East & Africa medical imaging market is segmented into direct digital radiology and computed radiology
• On the basis of patient age, Middle East & Africa medical imaging market is segmented into adults and pediatric
• On the basis of application, Middle East & Africa medical imaging market is segmented into cardiology, pelvic and abdominal, oncology, mammography, gynecology, neurology, urology, musculoskeletal, dental and others
• On the basis of end users, Middle East & Africa medical imaging market is segmented into hospitals, diagnostic centers, imaging centers, specialty clinics, ambulatory surgical centers, academic & research institutes and others

Market Players
The key market players for Middle East & Africa medical imaging market are listed below:
• Siemens Healthineers AG
• GE Healthcare (A subsidiary of GENERAL ELECTRIC)
• Koninklijke Philips N.V.
• Shimadzu Corporation
• Shenzhen Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics Co., Ltd.
• Carl Zeiss Ag
• FUJIFILM Corporation
• Hitachi, Ltd.
• Carestream Health (A subsidiary of Onex Corporation)
• Teleradiology Solutions

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1 Introduction
1.1 Objectives Of The Study
1.2 Market Definition
1.3 Overview Of Middle East And Africa Medical Imaging Market
1.4 Currency And Pricing
1.5 Limitation
1.6 Markets Covered
2 Market Segmentation
2.1 Markets Covered
2.2 Geographical Scope
2.3 Years Considered For The Study
2.4 Dbmr Tripod Data Validation Model
2.5 Primary Interviews With Key Opinion Leaders
2.6 Multivariate Modelling
2.7 Timeline Curve
2.8 Market Application Coverage Grid
2.9 Dbmr Market Position Grid
2.10 Vendor Share Analysis
2.11 Secondary Sources
2.12 Assumptions
3 Executive Summary
4 Premium Insights
5 Market Overview
5.1 Drivers
5.1.1 Development Of Innovative Medical Imaging Contrast Agents
5.1.2 Rising Diagnostic And Minimally Invasive Therapeutic Interventional Procedures
5.1.3 Increasing Prevalence Of Chronic Diseases
5.1.4 Rising Number Of Diagnostic Imaging Centers
5.2 Restraints
5.2.1 High Cost Of Medical Imaging Equipment
5.2.2 Growing Adoption Of Refurbished Medical Imaging Systems In Low Income Countries
5.2.3 Lack Of Skilled Radiologists
5.3 Opportunities
5.3.1 Technological Advancements In Imaging Modalities
5.3.2 Increasing Usage Of Medical Imaging Technology For Diagnostic And Treatment Purposes
5.3.3 Growing Healthcare Spending On Medical Imaging
5.3.4 Wide Application Of Nuclear Medicine And Molecular Imaging
5.4 Challenges
5.4.1 Stringent Regulatory Policies
5.4.2 Increasingly Restrictive Reimbursement Landscape
6 Middle East And Africa Medical Imaging Market, By Type
6.1 Overview
6.2 Product
6.2.1 Devices Ct Scanners High Slice Scanner Cone Beam Medium Slice Scanner Low Slice Scanner X-ray Systems Digital X Ray System Analog X Ray System Mri Scanners Closed Open Ultrasound Systems Doppler 3d And 4d 2d Nuclear Imaging Systems Positron Emission Tomography (Pet) Spect Hybrid Spect Standalone Spect Hybrid Pet Others
6.2.2 Contrast Media Iodine-based Gadolinium-based Others
6.3 Services
6.3.1 Digital
6.3.2 Conventional
7 Middle East And Africa Medical Imaging Market, By Modality
7.1 Overview
7.2 Stationary
7.3 Portable
7.3.1 Mobile
7.3.2 Hand Held
8 Middle East And Africa Medical Imaging Market, By Procedure
8.1 Overview
8.2 Computed Tomography (Ct) Scan
8.3 X-ray Imaging
8.4 Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Mri)
8.5 Ultrasound
8.6 Nuclear Imaging (Spect/Pet)
8.7 Others
9 Middle East And Africa Medical Imaging Market, By Technology
9.1 Overview
9.2 Direct Digital Radiology
9.3 Computed Radiology
10 Middle East And Africa Medical Imaging Market, By Patient Age
10.1 Overview
10.2 Adults
10.3 Pediatric
11 Middle East And Africa Medical Imaging Market, By Application
11.1 Overview
11.2 Cardiology
11.3 Pelvic And Abdominal
11.4 Oncology
11.5 Mammography
11.6 Gynecology
11.7 Neurology
11.8 Urology
11.9 Musculoskeletal
11.10 Dental
11.11 Others
12 Middle East And Africa Medical Imaging Market, By End User
12.1 Overview
12.2 Hospitals
12.3 Diagnostic Centers
12.4 Imaging Centers
12.5 Specialty Clinics
12.6 Ambulatory Surgical Centers
12.7 Academic & Research Institutes
12.8 Others
13 Middle East And Africa Medical Imaging Market, By Geography
13.1 Middle East And Africa
13.1.1 U.A.E.
13.1.2 Saudi Arabia
13.1.3 Egypt
13.1.4 South Africa
13.1.5 Israel
13.1.6 Rest Of Middle East And Africa
14 Middle East And Africa Medical Imaging Market, Company Landscape
14.1 Company Share Analysis: Middle East And Africa
15 Company Profile
15.1 Siemens Healthineers Ag
15.1.1 Company Snapshot
15.1.2 Revenue Analysis
15.1.3 Company Share Analysis
15.1.4 Product Portfolio
15.1.5 Recent Developments
15.2 Ge Healthcare (General Electric Company) (A Subsidiary Of General Electric)
15.2.1 Company Snapshot
15.2.2 Revenue Analysis
15.2.3 Company Share Analysis
15.2.4 Product Portfolio
15.2.5 Recent Developments
15.3 Koninklijke Philips N.V.
15.3.1 Company Snapshot
15.3.2 Revenue Analysis
15.3.3 Company Share Analysis
15.3.4 Product Portfolio
15.3.5 Recent Developments
15.4 Canon Medical Systems Corporation
15.4.1 Company Snapshot
15.4.2 Revenue Analysis
15.4.3 Company Share Analysis
15.4.4 Product Portfolio
15.4.5 Recent Developments
15.5 Carestream Health (A Subsidiary Of Onex Corporation)
15.5.1 Company Snapshot
15.5.2 Revenue Analysis
15.5.3 Product Portfolio
15.5.4 Recent Development
15.6 Hitachi, Ltd.
15.6.1 Company Snapshot
15.6.2 Revenue Analysis
15.6.3 Product Portfolio
15.6.4 Recent Developments
15.7 Hologic, Inc.
15.7.1 Company Snapshot
15.7.2 Revenue Analysis
15.7.3 Product Portfolio
15.7.4 Recent Developments
15.8 Alliance Healthcare Services
15.8.1 Company Snapshot
15.8.2 Service Portfolio
15.8.3 Recent Development
15.9 Carl Zeiss Ag
15.9.1 Company Snapshot
15.9.2 Revenue Analysis
15.9.3 Product Portfolio
15.9.4 Recent Development
15.10 Fujifilm Corporation (A Subsidiary Of Fujifilm Holdings Corporation)
15.10.1 Company Snapshot
15.10.2 Revenue Analysis
15.10.3 Product Portfolio
15.10.4 Recent Developments
15.11 Inhealth Group
15.11.1 Company Snapshot
15.11.2 Service Portfolio
15.12 Mednax Services, Inc.
15.12.1 Company Snapshot
15.12.2 Revenue Analysis
15.12.3 Service Portfolio
15.12.4 Recent Developments
15.13 Onrad, Inc.
15.13.1 Company Snapshot
15.13.2 Recent Development
15.14 Radiology Reports Online
15.14.1 Company Snapshot
15.14.2 Service Portfolio
15.14.3 Recent Development
15.15 Ramsoft, Inc.
15.15.1 Company Snapshot
15.15.2 Service Portfolio
15.15.3 Recent Developments
15.16 Radnet, Inc.
15.16.1 Company Snapshot
15.16.2 Revenue Analysis
15.16.3 Service Portfolio
15.16.4 Recent Developments
15.17 Shenzhen Mindray Bio-medical Electronics Co., Ltd.
15.17.1 Company Snapshot
15.17.2 Product Portfolio
15.17.3 Recent Developments
15.18 Shimadzu Corporation
15.18.1 Company Snapshot
15.18.2 Revenue Analysis
15.18.3 Product Portfolio
15.18.4 Recent Development
15.19 Sonic Healthcare
15.19.1 Company Snapshot
15.19.2 Revenue Analysis
15.19.3 Service Portfolio
15.19.4 Recent Developments
15.20 Spectrum Health
15.20.1 Company Snapshot
15.20.2 Service Portfolio
15.20.3 Recent Developments
15.21 Teleradiology Solutions
15.21.1 Company Snapshot
15.21.2 Service Portfolio
15.21.3 Recent Developments
15.22 Unilabs
15.22.1 Company Snapshot
15.22.2 Service Portfolio
15.22.3 Recent Developments
16 Questionnaire
17 Related Reports

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