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Global Lighting as a Service Market: Focus on Applications, Leading Players Ranking, and Competitive Landscape - Analysis and Forecast (2018-2025)

Global Lighting as a Service Market: Focus on Applications, Leading Players Ranking, and Competitive Landscape - Analysis and Forecast (2018-2025)

The process of evolution of smart technology has considerably changed the overall lighting industry in terms of energy and money saving, ensuring increased safety and convenience of the users. With the installation of the smart lighting system in a building, 50% energy costs can be reduced, enhancing the productivity and comfort of the user. The global economy is expected to exhaust more energy resources in the future owing to the rising demand for energy from the developing countries. Additionally, the risk of climate change associated with the use of fossil fuels has made the supply of energy highly difficult. Several countries, such as the U.S., India, and China, are opting for various methods in order to decrease the carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere.

The global Lighting as a Service (LaaS) market is expected to witness tremendous growth during the forecast period 2018-2025. The market is growing due to the increasing demand for energy-efficient lighting systems. Growing implementation of Internet of Things (IoT) with lighting services is also expected to increase the adoption of this service worldwide. The report is a compilation of various segments including market dynamics, market breakdown by application, and by region.

The report provides comprehensive market analysis and forecast along with the recent trends influencing the markets. While highlighting the key driving and restraining forces for this market, the report also provides a detailed study of the future trends and developments of the market. It also examines the role of the leading market players involved in the industry including their corporate overview and SWOT analysis.

The report addresses the following key questions about the global LaaS market:

  • What will be the global lighting as a service market value by 2025 along with the estimated CAGR?
  • What are the driving factors for the global LaaS market from 2018 to 2025?
  • Which factors are impending the growth of the global LaaSV market?
  • What are the recent trends and developments in the global LaaS industry?
  • Who are the leading players in the global LaaS market along with their ranking?
  • Which service application will lead the global LaaS market by 2025?
  • Which region will lead the global LaaS market by 2025?
  • Which application will dominate the global LaaS market across various regions by 2025?
The global LaaS market is thronged with several lighting industry giants such as Acuity Brands, Eco-Engineering, Enlighted Inc, GE Lighting, LightEdison LLC, LumenServe Inc, Lumero, Metrus Energy Inc, Philips Lighting (Signify Holdings,), RCG Lighthouse, Sib Lighting, Sparkfund, UrbanVolt Ltd, Valoya Oy Ltd and Zumtobel Group AG, among others. With the increasing demand for the LaaS and its applications, companies have the opportunity to expand their services in the market through different strategic approaches. Some of the strategies followed by the contributors are product launches, joint ventures, collaborations, partnerships, acquisitions, and business expansions.

Executive Summary
1 Market Dynamics
1.1 Overview
1.2 Market Drivers
1.2.1 Adoption of Solid-State Lighting
1.2.2 Low Upfront Costs
1.2.3 Suppliers Driving the Demand for Lighting as a Service Market
1.3 Market Restraints
1.3.1 Lack of Knowledge Among End Users
1.3.2 Difficulty in Affordable Financing
1.4 Market Opportunities
1.4.1 Partnerships with Other Lighting as a Service (LaaS) Distributors
1.4.2 Integration of Internet of Things (IoT) and Human Centric Lighting (HCL) with Lighting Services
2 Competitive Landscape
2.1 Overview
2.2 Key Developments and Strategies
2.2.1 Partnerships and Collaborations
2.2.2 Product Launches
2.2.3 Mergers and Acquisitions
2.2.4 Business Expansions
2.3 Leading Players Ranking
2.4 Industry Attractiveness
3 Industry Analysis
3.1 Consortiums and Associations
3.2 Supply Chain Analysis
3.3 Global Lighting as a Service Market Components
3.3.1 Luminaires: Light Emitting Diode (LED)
3.3.2 Controls
3.3.3 Sensors
3.3.4 LED Drivers
3.3.5 Microprocessors and Microcontrollers
3.3.6 Switches and Dimmers
3.3.7 Transmitters and Receivers
3.3.8 Software
3.4 Lighting Industry Trends
3.4.1 Cloud-Based Lighting Controls
3.4.2 Light Fidelity (LiFi)-based Data Transmission
4 Global Lighting as a Service (LaaS) Market (by Application Type)
4.1 Assumptions and Limitations
4.2 Market Overview
4.3 Commercial
4.4 Industrial
4.5 Outdoor
5 Global Lighting as a Service Market (by Region)
5.1 Market Overview
5.2 North America
5.3 Europe
5.4 Rest of the World
6 Company Profiles
6.1 Overview
6.2 Acuity Brands, Inc.
6.2.1 Company Overview
6.2.2 Financials Financial Summary
6.2.3 SWOT Analysis
6.3 Eco Engineering
6.3.1 Company Overview Corporate Summary
6.3.2 SWOT Analysis
6.4 Enlighted Inc.
6.4.1 Company Overview Corporate Summary
6.4.2 SWOT Analysis
6.5 GE Lighting
6.5.1 Company Overview Corporate Summary
6.5.2 SWOT Analysis
6.6 LightEdison, LLC
6.6.1 Company Overview Corporate Summary
6.6.2 SWOT Analysis
6.7 LumenServe, Inc.
6.7.1 Company Overview Corporate Summary
6.7.2 SWOT Analysis
6.8 Lumeo
6.8.1 Company Overview Corporate Summary
6.8.2 SWOT Analysis
6.9 Metrus Energy, Inc.
6.9.1 Company Overview Corporate Summary
6.9.2 SWOT Analysis
6.10 Philips Lighting
6.10.1 Company Overview
6.10.2 Financials Financial Summary
6.10.3 SWOT Analysis
6.11 RCG Lighthouse
6.11.1 Company Overview Corporate Summary
6.11.2 SWOT Analysis
6.12 Sib Lighting
6.12.1 Company Overview Corporate Summary
6.12.2 SWOT Analysis
6.13 Sparkfund
6.13.1 Company Overview Corporate Summary
6.13.2 SWOT Analysis
6.14 UrbanVolt, Ltd.
6.14.1 Company Overview Corporate Summary
6.14.2 SWOT Analysis
6.15 Valoya Oy
6.15.1 Company Overview Corporate Summary
6.15.2 SWOT Analysis
6.16 Zumtobel Group AG
6.16.1 Company Overview
6.16.2 Financials Financial Summary
6.16.3 SWOT Analysis
6.17 Other Company Snapshots
6.17.1 Aura Light International AB Company Overview Corporate Summary
6.17.2 Citizen Energy Company Overview Corporate Summary
6.17.3 Every Watt Matters Company Overview Corporate Summary
6.17.4 Green Lumens Company Overview Corporate Summary
6.17.5 LED Lease Company Overview Corporate Summary
6.17.6 Lunera, Inc. Company Overview Corporate Summary
7 Research Scope and Methodology
7.1 Scope of the Report
7.2 Lighting as a Service Market Research Methodology
List of Tables
Table 1.1 Strategic Partnerships of Some Key Industry Players (December 2015-March 2018)
Table 2.1 Partnerships and Collaborations (January 2015-April 2018)
Table 2.2 Product Launches (January 2015-April 2018)
Table 2.3 Mergers and Acquisitions
Table 2.4 Business Expansions (January 2015-March 2018)
Table 3.1 Examples of Some Associations and Consortia
Table 4.1 Global Lighting as a Service Market, 2017-2025 ($Million)
Table 4.2 Global Lighting as a Service Market (by Application), 2017-2025 ($Million)
Table 5.1 Global LaaS Market (by Region), $Million (2017 – 2025)
Table 5.2 Global LaaS Market (by North America), $Million (2017 – 2025)
Table 5.3 North America LaaS Market (by Application), 2017-2025 ($Million)
Table 5.4 Global LaaS Market (by Europe), $Million (2017 – 2025)
Table 5.5 Europe LaaS Market (by Application), 2017-2025 ($Million)
Table 5.6 Key LaaS Developments in Germany (January-April 2018)
Table 5.7 Key LaaS Recent Developments in the U.K. (January 2017-December 2017)
Table 5.8 Key LaaS Recent Developments in the Netherlands (January 2015-March 2018)
Table 5.9 Global LaaS Market (by Rest-of-the-World), $Million (2017 – 2025)
Table 5.10 Rest-of-the-World LaaS Market (by Application), 2017-2025 ($Million)
List of Figures
Figure 1 Lighting as a Service Business Model
Figure 2 Working of Lighting as a Service
Figure 3 Global Lighting as a Service Market Dynamics Snapshot
Figure 4 Global LaaS Market Size ($Million)
Figure 5 Global LaaS Market Size (by Applications) ($Million)
Figure 6 Global LaaS Market Size (by Region)
Figure 1.1 Market Dynamics
Figure 1.2 Product Life and Energy Efficiency of Different Lamps
Figure 1.3 Global Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Concentration, Parts Per Million by Volume (PPMV) (2006 – 2018)
Figure 1.4 Decreasing Average Selling Price (ASP) of LED Bulbs (2009-2020)
Figure 1.5 Per Unit Price of Different Lamp Technologies
Figure 1.6 Design Considerations for Sustainable Lighting Solutions
Figure 2.1 Competitive Landscape
Figure 2.2 Key Developments and Strategies
Figure 2.3 Global LaaS Leading Players Analysis
Figure 2.4 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
Figure 3.1 Industry Analysis
Figure 3.2 LaaS Supply Chain
Figure 3.3 Lighting Control- Component Type
Figure 3.4 Lifespan of LED Lights as Compared to Internal Temperature
Figure 4.1 Applications of Global Lighting as a Service Market
Figure 4.2 Global Lighting as a Service Market in 2017 and 2025
Figure 4.3 Global Lighting as a Service Market (by Application), 2017 and 2025
Figure 4.4 Global Lighting as a Service Market (by Commercial Application), 2017-2025 ($Million)
Figure 4.5 Global Lighting as a Service Market (by Industrial Application), 2017-2025 ($Million)
Figure 4.6 Global Lighting as a Service Market (by Outdoor Application), 2017-2025 ($Million)
Figure 5.1 Global Lighting as a Service Market (by Region)
Figure 5.2 Global LaaS Market (by Region)
Figure 5.3 Global Lighting as a Service Market (by North America), 2017-2025 ($Million)
Figure 5.4 North America LaaS Market (by Application)
Figure 5.5 Energy Usage Across Different Applications in the U.S. (2017)
Figure 5.6 Energy Usage Across Different Applications, in Canada (2017)
Figure 5.7 Global Lighting as a Service Market (by Europe), 2017-2025 ($Million)
Figure 5.8 Europe LaaS Market (by Application)
Figure 5.9 Energy Usage Across Different Applications, in the U.K. (2017)
Figure 5.10 Global Lighting as a Service Market (by Rest-of-the-World), 2017-2025 ($Million)
Figure 5.11 Rest of the World LaaS Market (by Application)
Figure 6.1 Share of Key Company Profiles
Figure 6.2 Acuity Brands, Inc.: Overall Financials, 2015-17 ($Million)
Figure 6.3 Acuity Brands, Inc.: Net Revenue (by Region), 2015-17 ($Million)
Figure 6.4 Acuity Brands, Inc.: SWOT Analysis
Figure 6.5 Eco Engineering: SWOT Analysis
Figure 6.6 Enlighted Inc.: SWOT Analysis
Figure 6.7 GE Lighting: SWOT Analysis
Figure 6.8 LightEdison, LLC: SWOT Analysis
Figure 6.9 LumenServe, Inc.: SWOT Analysis
Figure 6.10 Lumeo: SWOT Analysis
Figure 6.11 Metrus Energy, Inc.: SWOT Analysis
Figure 6.12 Philips Lighting: Overall Financials, 2015-17 ($Million)
Figure 6.13 Philips Lighting: Net Revenue (by Region), 2015-17 ($Million)
Figure 6.14 Philips Lighting: Net Revenue (by Business Segment), 2015-17 ($Million)
Figure 6.15 Philips Lighting: SWOT Analysis
Figure 6.16 RCG Lighthouse: SWOT Analysis
Figure 6.17 SIB Lighting: SWOT Analysis
Figure 6.18 Sparkfund: SWOT Analysis
Figure 6.19 UrbanVolt, Ltd.: SWOT Analysis
Figure 6.20 Valoya Oy: SWOT Analysis
Figure 6.21 Zumtobel Group AG: Overall Financials, 2015-17 ($Million)
Figure 6.22 Zumtobel Group AG: Net Revenue (by Region), 2015-17 ($Million)
Figure 6.23 Zumtobel Group AG: Net Revenue (by Business Segment), 2015-17 ($Million)
Figure 6.24 Zumtobel Group AG: SWOT Analysis
Figure 7.1 Scope of the Report
Figure 7.2 Report Design
Figure 7.3 Secondary Data Sources
Figure 7.4 Bottom-Up Approach
Figure 7.5 LaaS Market Influencing Factors
Figure 7.6 Assumptions and Limitations

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