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Analysis of Caterpillar Inc.

Analysis of Caterpillar Inc.

Caterpillar Inc., is a well-known global leader in the equipment industry. The company manufacturers and provides construction, mining and industrial equipments. The company also provides diesel and natural gas engines as well as industrial gas turbines. The company also manufacturers forestry machinery. The company also provides financial products.

Aruvian Research analyzes the company Caterpillar Inc. in its report Analysis of Caterpillar Inc. The report is a comprehensive analysis of Caterpillar Inc., one of the leading industrial machinery and equipment manufacturing machinery company in the world.

The report begins with an analysis of the equipment manufacturing industry in the US and looks at an industry overview, includes an overview of the industry in the United States, impacts on the industry, challenges facing the industry, a PEST Framework Analysis of the US Construction Machinery Industry and then moves on to analyzing the company itself.

The analysis of Caterpillar Inc. begins with a look at the company profile, the history of the company, a look at the ownership pattern in the company such as breakdown of shares, major holders, top institutional and mutual fund holders, etc. The report also looks at organizational divisions of the company, profiles of the key executives, products & services and corporate strategies.

Business segments of the company are analyzed and we also look at geographical segments as well as company subsidiaries.

An in-depth SWOT analysis of Caterpillar Inc. is included in the report.

Competitors of Caterpillar Inc. are profiled through a corporate profile, business segment analysis, financial analysis and a SWOT analysis. Competitors analyzed in the report include Deere & Company, AB Volvo and Cummins, Inc.

Financial analysis of the Caterpillar Inc. includes current financials, balance sheet analysis and an analysis of the company's profit and loss statements. Ratio analysis is also included.

A forecast of Caterpillar Inc. is also included in the report.

A. Executive Summary
B. Looking at the Industry
B.1 Industry Definition
B.2 Brief Profile of the US Construction Machinery Industry
B.3 Impacts on the Industry
B.4 Challenges Facing the Industry
B.5 Future Perspective
C. US Equipment Manufacturing Industry – PEST Framework Analysis
C.1 Political Aspects
C.2 Economic Aspects
C.3 Social Aspects
C.4 Technological Aspects
D. Looking at Caterpillar Inc.
D.1 Company Profile
D.2 History of the Company
D.3 Ownership Pattern in the Company
D.4 Breakdown of Shares
D.5 Major Holders
D.5.1 Top Institutional Holders
D.5.2 Top Mutual Fund Holders
D.6 Organizational Divisions
D.7 Profiling the Key Executives
D.8 Products & Services
D.9 Corporate Strategies
E. Looking at Business
E.1 Business Segments
E.2 Geographical Segments
E.3 Company Subsidiaries
F. Caterpillar Inc: SWOT Framework Analysis
F.1 Strengths to Build Upon
F.2 Weaknesses to Overcome
F.3 Opportunities to Exploit
F.4 Threats to Overcome
G. Profiling the Competition
G.1 Deere & Company
G.1.1 Corporate Profile
G.1.2 Business Segment Analysis
G.1.3 Financial Analysis
G.1.4 SWOT Analysis
G.2 AB Volvo
G.2.1 Corporate Profile
G.2.2 Business Segment Analysis
G.2.3 Financial Analysis
G.2.4 SWOT Analysis
G.3 Cummins, Inc.
G.3.1 Corporate Profile
G.3.2 Business Segment Analysis
G.3.3 Financial Analysis
G.3.4 SWOT Analysis
H. Caterpillar Inc. - Financial Analysis
H.1 Current Financials
H.2 Balance Sheet
H.3 Profit & Loss Statement
H.4 Ratio Analysis
I. Caterpillar Inc.: Future Perspective
J. Glossary of Terms

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