Building Insulation Market Report – UK 2017-2021 Analysis

The 7th edition of the report 'Building Insulation Products Market Report - UK 2017-2021 Analysis' has been fully updated to cover the latest developments in the market in terms of the impact of key drivers such as the performance of the UK building market as well as the impact of Government initiatives. The report includes market sizing, drivers, developments and prospects through to 2021, key products with mixes and trends, key suppliers and routes to market.

Key issues covered:

Forecasts of market development to 2021 - assessment of Green Deal and ECO, impact on glass and mineral wool sector performance, influence of energy price changes etc.
Detailed assessment of recent market trends - the growing housebuilding market, non-residential construction impacts etc.
Specific and relevant information - market size, factors influencing the market, key players.
Analysis by product group - product mix and influences in the main insulation products sectors.
Analysis by end use sectors - key applications and end use sectors for building insulation.

Key areas of insight include:

Changing mix of the different material types of insulation products.
Review of key suppliers, distributors and installers.
Assessment of market potential by end use application covering domestic RMI and retrofit, new build, non-residential building etc.
Detailed reviews of key end use applications e.g. lofts, cavity walls, solid walls and flat roofs. Evaluation of impact of government programmes.
Detailed market data and insight on the building insulation products market by AMA Research, a leading UK provider of construction market intelligence.

Market Performance - Recent Trends and Forecasts

Overall market size & trends in 2016/17 - analysis of impact of Government programmes; assessment of recent trends in energy prices & other market drivers e.g. changes to Building Regulations etc.
Overall market forecasts to 2021 - assessment of impacts of the building and construction market across the residential and non-residential markets. Review of other key driving factors going forward including likely impact of energy price rises, changing relationship with Europe etc.
Potential areas for growth in future years, flat roofs in the non-residential sector, added value solutions, 'easy-to-fill' lofts etc.

Insulation Product Mixes - Glass Wool, Stone Wool etc.

By material by value - i.e. glass wool, stone wool, urethane, polystyrene, phenolic foam etc.
Overview of key materials - identification of key trends and supplier shares.

Application Market Mixes - Lofts, Cavity Walls, Solid Walls

Lofts: profile of homes with lofts in GB; trends in retrofit by area installed, material mix; housebuilding market 2012-21; retrofit market potential.
Cavity walls: profile of homes with Cavity Walls; trends in retrofit sector by area installed, material mix; housebuilding market 2012-21; retrofit market potential.
Solid walls: profile of homes with solid walls; trends in retrofit sector by area installed, retrofit market potential.
Flat roofs: profile of buildings with flat roofs, mixes by end-use & materials, market potential.
Other including ground floors, intermediate floor, metal cladding - market overviews.

End User Market Mixes - Retrofit, House Building, Non-Domestic

General overview of mix between domestic retrofit, housebuilding and non-domestic sectors.
Review of domestic retrofit: profile of housing stock; analysis of recent trends, market mix by application; market potential for lofts, cavity & solid wall insulation.
Review of housebuilding: profile of housebuilding stock; recent trends; market mixes.
Review of non-domestic: recent trends and assessment of potential demand for retrofit insulation in existing commercial premises.Supply Chain & Distribution Profile.

Supply Chain & Distribution Profile

Supplier review - market shares & trends, company profiles.
Distributor review - channel shares, company profiles.

    • Background
    • Sources of Information
    • Glossary
    • Market Background
    • Market Prospects
    • GDP
      • Table GDP Data – 2015-2017 – Key Constituent Elements
    • Inflation & Interest Rates
    • Unemployment
    • Household Consumption
    • Housing & Construction
    • Sterling
      • Table Exchange Rate Fluctuations 2013-2019 - Sterling to The Dollar, And The Euro, Spot Rates
    • Population Profile
    • Conclusions
    • Definition
    • Market Size and Recent Trends
      • Insulation Market Size
        • Table UK Building Insulation Products Market by Value (£million MSP) 2012 to 2021
      • Insulation Market Prospects
    • Key Market Influences
      • EU / Government Initiatives
        • Table Total Insulation Measures delivered under Green Deal and ECO – up to March 2017
      • The Building Regulations Part L 2013
        • Table Building Regulation Amendments Impacting on the Building Insulation Market
        • Table Building Regulations Part L 2013 Notional Building Specification vs Limiting U-Values by Insulation Application
      • Energy Prices
      • Housebuilding and Construction
        • Table House Building Starts and Completions (UK) 2012 to 2021 - by Volume
      • Non-Domestic Construction
    • Overview of Building Insulation Products
    • Building Insulation Products
      • Glass Wool
      • Stone Wool
      • Polyurethane (PUR) / Polyisocyanurate (PIR) Foam
      • Expanded and Extruded Polystyrene Foam (EPS and XPS)
      • Other
    • Pre-fabricated/Offsite and Composite Products
      • Table Main Pre-fabricated Building Products Incorporating Insulation
    • Overview
    • Domestic RMI/Retrofit
      • Housing Stock
      • Recent Market Trends
      • Domestic Retrofit Market Prospects for Insulation Products
        • Table GB Potential for Insulation Measures in Existing Properties as of December 2016
    • Housebuilding
      • Profile of Housebuilding
      • Recent Market Trends
      • Housebuilding Market Prospects for Insulation Products
    • Non-Domestic Buildings
      • Non- Domestic Building Stock
      • Market Trends
      • Non-domestic Buildings Market Prospects for Insulation Products
    • Introduction
    • Lofts / Pitched Roofs
      • Profile of Dwellings with Lofts
      • Recent Trends in Loft Insulation
        • Table GB Retrofit Market for Loft Insulation Products 2011 - 2016
        • Table GB Housebuilding Market for Loft Insulation Products 2011 to 2016
      • Market Prospects for Loft Insulation
        • Table Summary of Loft Insulation Levels in GB at December 2016
    • Flat Roofs
      • Profile of Buildings with Flat Roofs
        • Table Stock of Flats in UK, England and Scotland 2015/16 – Total, Privately Owned and Social Housing
      • Recent Trends in Flat Roof Insulation
      • Market Prospects for Flat Roof Insulation
    • Cavity Walls
      • Profile of Dwellings with Cavity Walls
      • Recent Trends in Domestic Cavity Wall Insulation
        • Table GB Retrofit Market for Cavity Insulation Products, 2011 - 2016
        • Table GB Housebuilding Market for Cavity Wall Insulation Products by Area
      • Market Prospects for Domestic Cavity Wall Insulation
        • Table Summary of Cavity Wall Insulation Levels in GB at December 2016,
    • Domestic Walls Without Cavities
      • Profile of Dwellings Without Cavity Walls
        • Table England – Proportions of Solid Walled Dwellings vs Cavity Walled
      • Recent Trends in Domestic Solid Wall Insulation
        • Table GB Retrofit (Green Deal & ECOSP) Market for Solid Wall Insulation
      • Market Prospects for Solid Wall Insulation
    • Other Applications
      • Ground Floor Thermal Insulation
      • Acoustic Insulation
      • Site Built Metal Cladding and Roofing Systems
    • Manufacturers & Suppliers Market Shares
      • Table UK Total Market Shares by Value
    • Profiles of Major Insulation Manufacturers
    • Overview
    • Distributor Profiles
    • Installers

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