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Technomic Inc.
July 5, 2011
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We provide the most comprehensive financial data on 60 public chain restaurant companies, complete with user-friendly indexes and company profiles. Operators value this benchmarking tool to compare their performance with competitors on four vital dimensions: size, profitability, growth and productivity. Industry and financial analysts appreciate the time they save, thanks to well-edited summaries of 10-K filings and annual reports.

We examine companies based on 22 financial metrics, plus profile major industry segments as well as individual companies. Other valuable information includes:

Company Ranking

Size Profitability Growth Productivity

Segment Profiles

The companies are segmented by limited-service, midscale and casual/upscale operations. Median rankings for all measurements are then provided by industry segment.

Company Profiles

An individual profile for each public company, showing 2010 and 2009 performance against the 22 metrics, is included. In addition, each profile includes a margin analysis of 2010 company expenses, reported as a percentage of the company's revenues.

Summary and Highlights

A special "top-line" summary of key findings, providing an overview of the industry at large and highlighting specific outstanding (or lagging) performers, is also included.


Restaurant chain company executives, directors and human resources professionals appreciate the comprehensive data offered in this report, which presents industry standards for chain restaurant compensation packages culled from major public chain restaurant proxy statements. Boards that plan to attract the best talent to their executive suites and retain superstars can now review the salaries, bonuses, stock options, incentive plans and other benefits offered at top chains. And restaurant chain executives can also monitor their fair market value. This report provides the most current information and insights into key compensation determinants, such as:
  • How executive pay is linked to company size and performance
  • Relationship of executive compensation to levels of responsibility
  • Program components and levels of compensation
  • Comprehensive Coverage This report breaks down compensation by:
  • Salary
  • Long-term compensation
  • Bonus and other compensation
  • Non-equity incentive plan compensation
Peer Group Assessments

In order to allow comparisons of your company to industry peers, this report provides several "peer group" assessments, including evaluations by:
  • Revenue size
  • Profit performance
  • Chain restaurant segment
  • Position/title

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