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B2C Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Pakistan B2C E-Commerce Market 2015

    ...just starting to evolve in Pakistan, but the country has good potential for development because of its large population size, a high proportion of young people in the nation and strong consumer optimism. Pakistan is ... Read More

  • BRIC B2C E-Commerce Markets 2014

    ...E-Commerce potential. The most populous country worldwide, China’s potential for further growth of online retail comes from the growing Internet and online shopper penetration, as well as increasing consumption per shopper. The distinguishing characteristics of ... Read More

  • Study of the Fast Growing China Retail Sector

    ...2016 As of October end 2014, the total retail sales of consumer goods in China was valued at USD 390.15 billion, a growth of 11.5% year-on-year While the retail sector overall saw sluggish growth in ... Read More

  • Latin America B2C E-Commerce Market 2014

    ...the current state and the potential of online retail markets across Latin America. As the growing number of Internet users in the region grasp the benefits of online shopping, both foreign and local players compete ... Read More

  • Brazil B2C E-Commerce Market 2014

    ...E-Commerce markets worldwide. “Brazil B2C E-Commerce Market 2014” reports on the potential of the largest online retail market in Latin America. According to’s own forecast, B2C E-Commerce sales of goods in Brazil will top ... Read More

  • Perspective: New Product Innovation Processes Will Drive a 10% Increase in Customer Visit Frequency and Significant Cost Savings

    ...programs and platforms to drive growth through differentiation and alignment to consumer needs. Some brands are redefining core mission statements to reflect the convergence of manufacturing and B2B2C commerce and the influence technology has on ... Read More

  • Latin America Online Payment Methods: Second Half 2014

    ...B2C E-Commerce market. Region wide, payment through online payment platforms was only slightly ahead of credit card by penetration on online shoppers in 2014, while in some countries also cash on delivery plays an important ... Read More

  • Global Online Payment Methods: Second Half 2014 the next five years. Mobile payment is the growth leader, outpacing online and the total payments market, with further growth expected following the launches of varying mobile payment solutions, including Apple Pay. Fast and ... Read More

  • Europe Online Payment Methods: Second Half 2014 While non-cash payment methods, especially credit cards, dominate in the Western sub-region, cash on delivery and various alternative methods are most used in Eastern European countries. Both sub-regions show potential for mobile payments growth. ... Read More

  • Eastern Europe B2C E-Commerce Market 2014

    ...the large double-digit shares of North America, Asia-Pacific and Western Europe. However, it terms of growth year over year, some of the nations of the region are among the global leaders. The leading emerging markets ... Read More

  • Russia B2C E-Commerce Market 2014

    ...of Internet use in the large population. In comparison to other nations, Russia in among the world leaders in B2C E-Commerce growth. In year on year sales increase, Russia ranked fifth worldwide last year and ... Read More

  • Global B2C E-Commerce Market 2014

    ...Hamburg-based business intelligence organization’s comprehensive new report on online retail sales worldwide tells of continued growth and trends in the industry. Global Online Retail Sales to Top One Trillion Euro This Year. The ... Read More

  • Global B2C E-Commerce & Online Payment Market 2014

    ...spreads to emerging markets. Global Online Retail Sales to Top One Trillion Euro This Year - Hamburg-based business intelligence organization’s comprehensive new report on online retail sales worldwide tells of continued growth and trends ... Read More

  • B2C E-commerce Market in Japan : 2014-2018

    ...many benefits such as self-service shopping, which can be done 24 hours, accurate orders, and prompt payments. TechNavio’s analysts forecast the B2C e-Commerce market in Japan to grow at a CAGR of 5.79 percent over ... Read More

  • Worldwide Digital Commerce Applications 2014–2018 Forecast and 2013 Vendor Shares show for the total worldwide market by geographic region. Worldwide revenue for the digital commerce applications market was $2.2 billion in 2013, representing growth of 25.5% over 2012. "Digital commerce applications continue to be ... Read More

  • B2C e-Commerce Market in the US : 2014-2018

    ...has many benefits such as self-service shopping, which can be done 24 hours, accurate orders, and prompt payments. TechNavio’s analysts forecast B2C e-Commerce market in the US to grow at a CAGR of 11.40 percent ... Read More

  • Global Luxury B2C E-Commerce Snapshot 2014 B2C E-Commerce market was booming, few luxury brands were quick to embrace this sales channel. As a result, growing luxury E-Commerce revenues have gone to those companies filling in the gap: online and multi-channel ... Read More

  • Australia & New Zealand B2C E-Commerce Market 2014 of the most developed infrastructures, with Internet penetration reaching over 80% of the total population and ranking third in the region. High smartphone penetration in Australia contributes to strong growth rates of M-Commerce sales, ... Read More

  • Asia-Pacific B2C E-Commerce Market 2014 is forecasted to grow by over 20% annually and surpass North America to become the number one region worldwide in terms of B2C E-Commerce sales. The large population base coupled with increasing Internet connectivity ... Read More

  • India - B2C E-Commerce Market 2014

    ...the BRIC countries last year, the country is a leader in Internet connectivity growth, particularly through mobile devices. Mobile shopper penetration in India tops many other countries, ranking third among emerging markets and fourth among ... Read More

  • South East Asia - B2C E-Commerce Market 2014 with the highest Internet growth rate in recent years, the Philippines. Another market, Singapore, boasts one of the most developed infrastructures for online retail. Malaysia ranks among the top thirty emerging B2C E-Commerce markets, ... Read More

  • Real-Time B2B - B2B2C Charging Allows Netherlands-based Mobile Virtual Services Enabler Teleena to Deliver What Customers Want

    ...the services were from a fixed-line connection or delivered to a mobile phone. Enhancing the electronic human-to-human (H2H) experience with voice and text was the extent to which most communications services were defined. Up until ... Read More

  • Malaysia - B2C E-Commerce Market 2014

    ...A high double-digit percentage of Internet users in Malaysia shop online, motivated by price advantages, product range and availability of reviews. Malaysian shoppers look for free shipping, convenience and exclusive online deals offered by online ... Read More

  • B2C E-Commerce Market 2014 - Thailand

    ...growing digital markets in South East Asia. Smartphone penetration and usage in Thailand has been growing rapidly in the past few years, more than doubling between 2012 and 2013 and showing one of the fastest ... Read More

  • B2C E-Commerce Market 2014 - Vietnam “Vietnam B2C E-Commerce Market 2014“ shows that the country has the fastest growing middle and affluent class in the South East Asia region and one of the most engaged online audiences, spending close to ... Read More

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