Impact of Patent Expiry on Global Generic Drugs Market - Trends, Opportunities and Challenges Post 2011

January 1, 2012
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Fueled by ageing populations, growing numbers of patent expirations and government cost-cutting measures, the global generic drugs market continues to grow. In 2010, sales of generic drugs worldwide is estimated at almost US$170 billion; a CAGR of 9.7% in last five years. It is well known that key patents of multi-billion dollar brand drugs are set to expire within the next few years. The loss of over 200,000 pharmaceutical jobs over the past three years has been mainly driven by the anticipated loss of revenue from blockbuster drugs that will lose patent protection by 2013. Consistent with trends of the past several years, the next five years are expected to reflect a significant imbalance between new product introductions and patent losses. This is the primary factor limiting global pharmaceutical market growth to the mid-single digits through 2013. The on-going patent expirations will force generic manufacturers to replenish product pipelines with new generic versions to expand markets such as the United States, the world's largest generic drug market, and one of the very few countries worldwide where generics fill more than 50% of prescriptions.

Over the next five years, products that currently generate an unprecedented $137 billion in sales are expected to face generic competition. At the same time, new products that will enable innovative approaches for treating patients suffering from diseases such as osteoporosis, respiratory ailments, thrombosis, multiple sclerosis and cancer are not expected to generate the same magnitude of sales as products losing patent protection. Many large multinational companies are beginning to explore the untapped potential of emerging economies, particularly Brazil, Russia, India and China, which are growing at robust double-digit rates because of the economic boom, massive population growth and large number of health care reforms being introduced by the governments. Over the next few years, markets will be impacted by numerous payer actions, including the imposition of price cuts on existing drugs, the raising of standards required to achieve reimbursement of innovative therapies, and the use of economic incentives for prescribers and pharmacists to drive a shift to generic alternatives.

Synergyst’s “Impact of Patent Expiry on Global Generic Drugs Market - Trends, Opportunities and Challenges Post 2011” focuses on the current generics market globally and the impact of patent expirations will have on the market in future.

Report Coverage and Highlights
  • Detailed analysis of the global pharmaceutical industry with historic sales trends and forecast for future growth of the overall market.
  • Global generics market is discussed in detail focusing on current market sizing, geographic segmentation, growth and penetration trends, and outlook for generics market.
  • Key generic drugs markets – United States, Europe and Japan – are discussed with analysis of current and future market sizing and key regulations that govern the generic drugs in each of these markets.
  • Report discusses in detail all the trends that are affecting the global generics market and challenges that industry is facing.
  • A comprehensive analysis of on-going patent expirations and its impact on generics market is presented along with the strategies that various generic and non-generic pharma companies are adopting to stay profitable.
  • Report provides information on the opportunities that will be presented as a result of patent expiration in all the major markets.
  • Finally, a detailed analysis of the competition in generics market is presented with detailed profiles of leading generic drug manufacturers.

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