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Over 90% of U.S. adults prefer to treat their minor ailments themselves before seeking professional care. So, over-the-counter (OTC) drug products play an increasingly vital role in America's healthcare system. OTC drugs are nonprescription, defined as drugs that are safe and effective for use by the general public without seeking treatment by a health professional. Among these products are analgesics, digestive remedies, and dermatologicals.

The FDA reviews OTC drugs, primarily handled by the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research Office of Drug Evaluation IV. Because there are over 300,000 marketed OTC drug products, FDA reviews the active ingredients and the labeling of over 80 therapeutic classes of drugs, for example analgesics or antacids, instead of individual drug products.’s comprehensive market research and company reports on the OTC drug industry provide full coverage of OTC drugs, including the cough remedy, contraceptive and smoking cessation markets. Reports focus on consumer health trends and developments and include data on market segmentation, size and growth in the U.S., U.K., Europe, Asia, and global markets.

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Over-the-Counter Drugs Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Cough, Cold and Allergy (Hay Fever) Remedies in the Czech Republic

    ...billion. The category benefits from the fact that most Czechs suffer from colds and/or flu fairly regularly (once or twice a year), with the majority tending to self-medicate these ailments. Even if they visit a ... Read More

  • NRT Smoking Cessation Aids in South Korea

    ...increases drove demand for NRT smoking cessation aids in 2016, with the category registering 4% current value growth during the year, a performance which was mainly due to the positive performances seen in NRT gum ... Read More

  • Sleep Aids in Indonesia

    ...workers in rural areas also have irregular sleeping hours due to working shifts at night, resulting in insomnia as well. Euromonitor International's Sleep Aids in Indonesia report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and ... Read More

  • Sleep Aids in South Korea

    ...Service, around 459,000 people visited medical clinics or hospitals with sleeping disorders in 2015, which is an increase of 58% from the 289,500 registered in 2010. It is also estimated by trade press that four ... Read More

  • Sleep Aids in the Czech Republic

    ...quick solution to sleep problems. However, sleep aids remained a rather niche category, accounting for sales of just CZK54 million, or a 1% value share of OTC as a whole. Euromonitor International's Sleep Aids in ... Read More

  • Dermatologicals in the Czech Republic

    ...dermatologicals were driven by rising demand for more sophisticated products, together with the growing willingness of Czech consumers to spend money as a result of the improving economic climate at the end of the review ... Read More

  • Eye Care in South Korea

    ...of symptoms known as visual display terminal is increasing, which is having a very negative effect on the eye health of many consumers, according to The Korean Ophthalmological Society. One in three adults in the ... Read More

  • Herbal/Traditional Products in Indonesia

    ...faster ways to treat disease. Greater information campaigns by leading players about the side effects of consuming chemical drugs, along with campaigns about the benefits of herbal products, are attributed to the growing popularity of ... Read More

  • Dermatologicals in Taiwan

    ...lifestyles. Chinese traditional medicine claims that the skin reflects a person’s overall health status. Hence, the unhealthy food people eat and the stresses they suffer are all reflected in skin problems, which is one way ... Read More

  • Herbal/Traditional Products in Taiwan

    ...hard for them to cook herbal/traditional medicines at home. This opens up opportunities for players with RTD herbal/traditional drinks. Euromonitor International's Herbal/Traditional Products in Taiwan report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape ... Read More

  • Analgesics in Taiwan

    ...are looking to stay healthy in the long run. However, topical analgesics products are considered to be mild and are only applied to a set area and therefore should not harm the whole body. Consumers ... Read More

  • Cough, Cold and Allergy (Hay Fever) Remedies in Taiwan

    ...and allergies, it often takes a couple of hours waiting in a queue to see a doctor. Workers therefore tend to prefer to grab OTC products on their way to the office in order to ... Read More

  • Consumer Health in Taiwan

    ...the Medical Association until the FDA makes an effort to educate the population on self-medication. Vitamins and dietary supplements is recording steady growth with consumers looking to maintain their physical health. Sports nutrition is also ... Read More

  • Grape King Enterprise Inc in Consumer Health (Taiwan)

    ...that closely meet the needs of consumers. The company aims to raise health awareness among the young to boost the overall health of society from an early stage. Euromonitor International Local Company Profiles are a ... Read More

  • Global Saline Laxative Market Analysis & Trends -Product Type(Milk Of Magnesia, Sodium Phosphate Mono Basic, Fleet Phospho-Soda, Magnesium Hydroxide and Magnesium Citrate), Prescription Type(Over-the-Counter Saline Laxatives and Prescribed Saline Laxative

    ...The Global Saline Laxative Market is poised to grow at a CAGR of around XX% over the next decade to reach approximately $XX million by 2025. Some of the prominent trends that the market is ... Read More

  • Sleep Aids: Technologies and Global Markets

    ...(CAGR) of 5.1% from 2016 through 2021. This report provides: An overview of the global market for sleep aids and related technologies. Analyses of global market trends, with data from 2015, estimates for 2016, and ... Read More

  • OTC Medications in Russia (2016) – Market Sizes

    ...all other OTC products and those which require prescriptions but includes pharmacy approved. Supplements are excluded unless they are combined with vitamins/medicines and these form a main selling point; or marketed solely as remedies for ... Read More

  • Digestive Remedies in Macedonia

    ...number of consumers are turning to digestive remedies to deal with the effects of unhealthy diets and stressful lifestyles. Euromonitor International's Digestive Remedies in Macedonia report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape ... Read More

  • Herbal/Traditional Products in Macedonia

    ...products being the second best performing category in consumer health after sports nutrition. In addition, herbal/traditional products are seen as having fewer side-effects than standard products. Nonetheless, the high unit prices of herbal/traditional products in ... Read More

  • Herbal/Traditional Products in Malaysia

    ...supplements, such as evening primrose oil, managed to maintain demand for herbal/traditional products, since they are perceived to contain fewer chemical components. Euromonitor International's Herbal/Traditional Products in Malaysia report offers a comprehensive guide to the ... Read More

  • Consumer Health in Macedonia

    ...the strong growth of analgesics, particularly adult ibuprofen, and sleep aids. Consumer health experts warned that 2015 and 2016 have been among the most stressful years for the Macedonian nation, partly due to the political ... Read More

  • Analgesics in Malaysia

    ...because they perceive taking paracetamol as being less risky, due to the underlying possibility of an allergic reaction to ibuprofen or aspirin. Euromonitor International's Analgesics in Malaysia report offers a comprehensive guide to the size ... Read More

  • Dermatologicals in Macedonia

    ...medicated skin care products to dermatologicals. Local consumers tend to show more loyalty to dermatologicals when it comes to treating certain skin conditions over standard and medicated mainstream skin care products. Euromonitor International's Dermatologicals in ... Read More

  • Cough, Cold and Allergy (Hay Fever) Remedies in Macedonia flu viruses during the winter as well as various allergens (particularly airborne ones) during the spring, summer and even early autumn. These conditions affect a significant portion of the population almost year round. As ... Read More

  • Cough, Cold and Allergy (Hay Fever) Remedies in Malaysia

    ...remedies (both herbal/traditional, such as African Sea Coconut, and non-herbal/traditional, such as Breacol and Woods’), to be highly common. Thus, the purchase of cough remedies from OTC counters in chemists/pharmacies for self-medication is regularly seen ... Read More

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