Idea Generation Tool: From Impossible to Possible

December 1, 2009
5 Pages - SKU: FTK2521620

List the things that would never happen in your industry—and make these “impossibles” possible.

Some of the best ideas come from shattering norms and creating new paradigms. This 5-page tool will help you and your team to detail what CAN’T happen which then opens the doors to what actually CAN be done. You’ll begin listing the things that would NEVER happen in your industry or company (e.g., offer products for FREE), and then uncover ways to make these “impossibles” possible.

This Tool Contains:

A customizable worksheet (in PDF format) that you can customize and use for your sessions. It also comes with complete and comprehensive facilitation guidelines including:
  • Suggested audience
  • What you need to set-up prior to the session
  • A detailed explanation of how the exercise should be run
  • Suggested materials
  • Recommended timing

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