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Global food and grocery retail sales are expected to read $11 trillion by 2018. This growth is due to many developing nations moving into a more modern format of selling and purchasing food.

Food and beverage sales in the United States mainly take place in grocery stores, but in many other countries, convenience stores and gas stations are the largest channel for food and grocery sales. Superstores, such as Wal-Mart and Target, and club stores, such as Sam’s Club and Costco, are challenging traditional supermarkets as the main source of grocery purchasing by consumers. Driven by an increased use of technology, online sales for food are slowly becoming a more common way for people to get their groceries.’s collection of market research studies on the grocer and food retail industry will help you stay competitive and grow in this market. We offer a full array of studies on subjects ranging from grocery stores and supermarkets, to specific food retailers with detailed analysis on their financial performance and trends. Also available are highly regarded outlook reports for the U.S. and global markets, along with a full library of country-specific studies for food grocers.

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Grocers Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Grocery Retailers in Azerbaijan

    ...period Azerbaijan remained a majorly import-dependent country. There was a two-wave devaluation of the local currency. The first wave resulted in a 34% cheaper Azerbaijani manat against the US dollar in February 2015; the second ... Read More

  • Retailing in Italy July consumer confidence started to fall as a result of future economic uncertainty. Fears of terrorist attacks, together with political uncertainty generated by the forthcoming referendum, led to consumers becoming worried about a return ... Read More

  • Retailing in Morocco

    ...3% in 2016. Besides, the Moroccan dirham posted an important decline in its exchange rate against foreign currencies, and fuel prices recorded several rises during 2016, which increased transportation costs in every business. All these ... Read More

  • Retailing in Peru

    ...products, which, in Peru, is almost every player. The appreciation of the US dollar reduced the margins of retailers and increased the prices of certain products. Euromonitor International's Retailing in Peru report offers insight into ... Read More

  • Retailing in Lithuania

    ...people to trade up to higher quality products, which benefited the overall performance of retailing. In addition, decreased consumer cautiousness, which is associated with the adoption of the euro as Lithuania’s national currency in 2015, ... Read More

  • Retailing in Uzbekistan

    ...workers from Russia due to the economic crisis, significantly contributing to a rise in demand. Euromonitor International's Retailing in Uzbekistan report offers insight into key trends and developments driving the industry. The report examines all ... Read More

  • Retailing in Belgium

    ...confidence and resulted in increased levels of consumer expenditure. However, the retailing industry has not fully benefited from this improved level of consumer confidence. One factor restraining growth has been the increased price competition amongst ... Read More

  • Grocery Retailers in Uzbekistan

    ...also the return of many Uzbek migrant workers from Russia due to the economic crisis, as well as mass deportations of illegal workers. Euromonitor International's Grocery Retailers in Uzbekistan report offers insight into key trends ... Read More

  • Grocery Retailers in Venezuela

    ...flour, pasta, rice, oil, cereal and milk, and additionally with basic personal hygiene products such as toilet paper, toothpaste, shampoo, and bath soap, among others. In 2016, the government implemented a control measure on sales ... Read More

  • Grocery Retailers in Tunisia

    ...competing primarily with traditional independent small grocers, boosting value sales in the supermarkets channel. Euromonitor International's Grocery Retailers in Tunisia report offers insight into key trends and developments driving the industry. The report examines all ... Read More

  • Retailing in Australia

    ...has been slightly slower than in 2015 as Australians have remained cautious about their discretionary spending during the year due to low income growth. Euromonitor International's Retailing in Australia report offers insight into key trends ... Read More

  • Grocery Retailers in Italy

    ...referendum and fears of terrorist attacks, making consumers more cautious with their spending. At the same time, consumers’ willingness to lead more sustainable and healthier lives drove sales of more expensive organic and local produce. ... Read More

  • Grocery Retailers in Chile

    ...opened, and most brands closed underperforming locations over the review period. Whilst previous years showed strong growth for discounters due to their comparatively lower prices, 2016 brought the reorganisation of this channel, as Erbi began ... Read More

  • Grocery Retailers in Morocco

    ...basic need products, such as vegetables and fuel. Moreover, this situation became worse with the severe dry weather in the winter, with the final cost of goods increasing drastically. The unemployment rate also rose, to ... Read More

  • Grocery Retailers in Cameroon

    ...was especially the case as consumers continued to embrace the modern retailing experience in 2016. Euromonitor International's Grocery Retailers in Cameroon report offers insight into key trends and developments driving the industry. The report examines ... Read More

  • Retailing in Cameroon

    ...diversify its economy has positively contributed to GDP growth. This, in return, is translating into rising disposable income, thereby allowing consumers more room and the opportunity to spend beyond discretionary needs. Store-based and non-store retailing ... Read More

  • New Concepts in Retailing: Grocery Channels

    ...the farm-to-table trend continues and is contributing to the evolution of farmers markets to meet modern shopper demands, and also to the rise of bio-shops. Grocery retailers are also leveraging mobile technology to offer added ... Read More

  • Grocery Retailers in Costa Rica

    ...(in terms of logistics and marketing efforts) is becoming more evident. This has led to the main chained retailers becoming more proactive in expanding the offer of their own product lines. This scenario includes the ... Read More

  • Grocery Retailers in Dominican Republic

    ...of economic growth and urbanisation expands, more and more consumers are seeking products offered by modern grocery retailers. In general, consumers perceive that larger supermarket chains and hypermarkets are able to combine quality with affordability, ... Read More

  • Retailing in Dominican Republic

    ...which contributed to higher growth rates in mature categories (eg, supermarkets). Internet retailing and direct selling recorded strong growth rates, with some new choices being available for consumers as firms attempted to tailor their options ... Read More

  • Retailing in Uruguay

    ...reached low levels, with these factors having repercussions on consumer confidence, which negatively impacted value sales in retailing. Euromonitor International's Retailing in Uruguay report offers insight into key trends and developments driving the industry. The ... Read More

  • Grocery Retailers in Ecuador

    ...payments caused by the fall in international oil prices, many retailers had to reduce their import levels, which impacted on the final price for consumers. In addition, the government implemented a VAT increase to 14% ... Read More

  • Grocery Retailers in Guatemala

    ...The success of these stores come mainly from their location (which are at a walking distance from consumers’ homes and working areas), their strong penetration in rural areas of the country and the sales of ... Read More

  • Grocery Retailers in Uruguay

    ...due to the performance of this category, Ta-Ta and Devoto incorporated convenience stores to their portfolios with Ta! and Devoto Express, respectively. This category is expected to continue to record a strong performance with a ... Read More

  • Grocery Retailers in Argentina

    ...of consumers. For instance, Jumbo Retail Argentina, which owns the Jumbo, Disco and Vea chains, focused on the opening of smaller Jumbo outlets, while Wal-Mart Argentina, which owns the Wal-Mart and Changomas grocery retailers chains, ... Read More

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