The Future of Food and Beverage Consumer Trends in Australia

The Future of Food and Beverage Consumer Trends in Australia

October 22, 2010
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Understanding the most important trends impacting Australian consumers requires a broader understanding of the macro environment forces that have affected Australia in recent years. This report outlines how these social drivers translate into distinct attitudinal and behavioral shifts among Australian consumers with respect to food and non-alcoholic beverage shopping and consumption.

Features and benefits
  • Identify the five most important consumer developments occurring in Australia, and understand how these affect consumers' food and beverage choices
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the broader socio-demographic, economic and technological forces shaping Australian consumer behavior
  • Benefit from Australia-focused consumer insight, benchmarked against global sentiment, to cater for contextualized, region-specific information needs
  • Access multiple waves of primary research to increase the likelihood of being 'on-trend' with NPD and marketing in Australia
  • Identify the companies, brands and campaigns most likely to succeed in the Australian market in the near future, and adapt strategies accordingly

Nearly one-quarter of Australians will be over 65 by 2050. Addressing population aging requires rethinking of all aspects of a company's marketing strategy—from product design to promotion. Companies need to take a proactive approach to addressing this historically undervalued segment, in order to capitalize on rapidly shifting demographic trends.Over four-in-10 Australians find grocery shopping enjoyable, but almost the same proportion think there is too much product choice when shopping. Retailers can reconcile this paradox by competing on non-price characteristics such as customer service and in-store layout, to ensure the shopping experience is interesting and engaging for Australians.One-third of Australians are regularly buying food and drinks produced locally to where they live, a proportion that continues to increase each year. However, more companies are laying claim to the word 'local' without proper substantiation. Local claims must be accompanied by an authentic brand story that brings the value of local to life.

Your key questions answered
  • How do Australian consumers define 'value-for-money' and how have value orientations changed in recent years?
  • How are Australians using the internet to make food and beverage choices? What influence is improving connectivity exerting on Australian lifestyles?
  • How will private label food and drink products fare now that the economic downturn is effectively over? What do Australians think about private label?
  • What are the most influential ethical/environmental claims guiding Australians' food and beverage choices? How do these relate to other priorities?
  • What are the latest products and brands that are effectively addressing the needs of Australian consumers?
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