2012 Recruitment Advertising Outlook

Borrell Associates Inc.
February 1, 2012
42 Pages - SKU: BAI6809715
Our 42-page report details changes in the job-recruitment landscape over the past several years as well as a forecast to 2016. Overall, the amount that recruiters spend on finding candidates is forecast to increase 3.8 percent – but that increase is fueled almost entirely by non-advertising expenditures such as hiring temporary help. When just the advertising categories are examined, recruitment advertising is on the decline. The report outlines why, and forecasts that expenditures on online, print, broadcast and outdoor advertising will drop 5.3 percent, from $9.4 billion to $8.9 billion. Newspapers and magazines are likely to lose 11 percent as print continues its decade-long decline, and broadcast TV and radio will drop 7.9 percent. The only bright spot is outdoor, the smallest of advertising categories for recruiters. We’re forecasting a 4.5 percent increase there.

The report includes a 28-page Appendix A from our Recruitment Local Ad Spending Report (LA$R™), encompassing details on 21 job categories are likely to fare over the next year



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