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Analyzing the Global Pharmaceutical Industry 2015

900 Pages Aruvian's R'search February 01, 2015 SKU: ARVN5468607

Analyzing the Global Pharmaceutical Industry 2015

The global presence of the pharmaceutical industry is evident with the roll out of continent specific R&D programs and drugs which help companies maximize penetration of markets and garner increased revenues with intercontinental treatment demand of patients being serviced from often one or two mega research centers in the continent.

By contribution of size, the pharmaceutical industry is majorly dominant at the US, Asia Pacific. Led by these markets, the total world consumption in sales of pharmaceutical products has displayed strong growth and is expected to grow further with expanding populations in emerging markets.

However, in recent times, austerity measures across the world along with many countires imposing cutbacks on healthcare spending (particularly in Europe), has hit the pharmaceutical industry. Furthermore, the loss of patent for many blockbuster drugs during the years 2010-2015 is also going to have a big impact on the global pharmaceutical industry. However, generic manufacturers are likely to benefit from this as they are poised to capture a substantial portion of revenues with their generic versions of these drugs.

Aruvian’s Research’s report – Analyzing the Global Pharmaceutical Industry - presents a complete analysis of the global pharmaceutical industry by setting up an industry demarcation and providing a study on marketing dynamic of the industry like segments active in the industry, competitive activity and the overall market outlook. The global pharmaceutical industry is analyzed in this in-depth report through industry statistics (data ranging from 2009 to 2018), industry value, industry segmentation, an analysis of market share, competitive landscape and an industry forecast till 2018.

The role played by the OTC pharmaceuticals in the global pharma industry is also explained in detail in the report with the intense marketing efforts prevalent in the industry in order to push the inclusion of OTC pharmaceuticals into the buy – store segment of home segments. The often competed and hotly contested area of Generics with the rapid proliferative competition from the low cost suppliers in the emerging markets is also explained in this report with the forecast for the industry which looks upbeat.

We analyze the global pharmaceutical industry, the global OTC market and the global generics industry through a Porter’s Five Forces Framework analysis.

We look at the patent expiries that the global pahrmaceutical industry is going through along with what the impact of this is going to be on the entire industry.

Industry structure is analyzed through a look at research and development pipelines, defense against generic competition, restructuring and outsourcing as well as the formation of strategic alliances. Analyzing the global pharmaceutical industry further, we take a look at the barriers to entry facing the industry, lifecycle of a drug, industry cost structure, industry trends and innovation, business environment and globalization of the global pharmaceutical industry.

Factors driving growth and change in the global pharmaceutical industry are analyzed. Analyzed factors include the emergence of new product lines, reasons for industry growth, opportunities in various CNS disorders and oncology research, ongoing commercialization of dormant compounds along with a look at the role of biosimilars in the industry. Moving on, we also analyzed the various challenges facing the global pharmaceutical industry and how the industry is dealing with them.

The TRIPS agreement has been a point of debate in the globally wherein the issues are equally contested for the developing as well as the developed countries and the options of flexibility which have inculcated in the report are explained in this report. Apart from this, another interesting phenomenon explained in this report is the practice of “offshoring” amongst the pharma companies and the value chains which have been developed to service them globally.

An analysis of the key pharmaceutical markets is included in the report. We analyze each market through industry statistics, industry value analysis, geographic segmentation, industry trends and production trends (wherever available), market share analysis, competitive landscape and an industry outlook to 2018. A total of 27 markets analyzed in our report include:

• Australia
• Belgium
• Brazil
• Canada
• China
• Czech Republic
• Denmark
• France
• Germany
• Hungary
• India
• Italy
• Japan
• Mexico
• Netherlands
• New Zealand
• Norway
• Poland
• Russia
• Singapore
• South Africa
• South Korea
• Spain
• Sweden
• Taiwan
• United Kingdom
• United States

Moving on, a comprehensive analysis of the major industry players is undertaken. The players are analyzed through a corporate profile, an analysis of their major business segments, a financial analysis, ratio analysis, a look at their major products & services as well as a SWOT analysis. A total of 46 companies in our report.

With over 200 figures & tables, this highly insightful and analytical report from Aruvian Research is a complete & up-to-date coverage of the Global Pharmaceutical Industry.

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