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Analyzing the Beer Industry in South Africa

55 Pages Aruvian's R'search March 01, 2012 SKU: ARVN3824288

People have been brewing and drinking beer for more than 40 years, making beer one of the oldest and most familiar beverages on earth, and one that is available in a large number of types, styles and varieties.

South Africans are enthusiastic beer drinkers, with per capita consumption expected to reach 60 liters this year compared to a mere 14 liters in 1970. Traditionally, South African brewers have favored sorghum-based beer. However, in common with much of the rest of the world, consumers have begun enjoying other varieties, and consumption there has shifted from sorghum-based beer toward Western-style beers, also known as ""clear beer.""

South Africa enjoys a well-developed domestic beer industry, based somewhat on imported raw materials. In addition, the country also imports barley malt extract, hops cones and a very small amount of hops extract. Many of the ingredients are imported, mainly from Europe. Hops are grown domestically, and are used in local production. Barley is produced locally as well as imported and malted in neighboring Zimbabwe and Tanzania for use in South Africa's brewing industry.

The South African beer market goes far beyond domestic bottled and canned brews for immediate consumption. In 1996, imports amounted to 80,715 hectoliters, about one-tenth of the export total. More than a quarter of that comes from the Netherlands. With rising incomes and better transportation, South Africans are experimenting with different types of beer from that produced locally, and imported beers have become an attractive and lucrative market for many producers.

Aruvian's R'search presents an analysis of the fastest growing beer industry in the world - Analyzing the Beer Industry in South Africa. The report firstly gives an understanding of the basics of beer, starting from what ingredients go in to making this beverage to the different types and styles of beer available today. The report then moves on to analyze the South African beer industry, dominated through and through by SABMiller. The research report further looks at competition in the industry, market share scenario in the industry, expansion of premium beer brands in South Africa, and much more.

An in-depth analysis of SABMiller, along with a comprehensive industry forecast completes Aruvian's offering Analyzing the Beer Industry in South Africa.

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Analyzing the Beer Industry in South Africa

Aruvian's R'search
March 01, 2012

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