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  • Retail Tissue in Saudi Arabia

    ... products found in every room of most consumers’ homes, as well as in their cars. Along with paper towels and paper tableware, boxed facial tissues saw a slight upturn in demand in 2022, following a ... Read More

  • Wipes in Saudi Arabia

    ... in the rate of VAT, from 5% to 15%, led to sharp price rises for wipes, heading to a hike in current value sales. The category is dominated by personal wipes, within which baby wipes ... Read More

  • Away-From-Home Tissue and Hygiene in Saudi Arabia

    ... with saw an increase in footfall in horeca outlets, as well as the return of consumers to their physical offices. The country also scrapped all COVID-19 related travel restrictions, with visitors no longer required to ... Read More

  • Tissue and Hygiene in Saudi Arabia

    ... COVID-19 restrictions, with social distancing and the wearing of masks being no longer mandatory from March 2022. The country also scrapped all COVID-19 related travel restrictions, with visitors no longer required to provide proof of ... Read More

  • Saudi Arabia Adhesives & Sealants Market By Resin Type, By Technology, By End Use Industry and By Sales Channel), By Adhesives (By Resin Type and By Technology), By Sealants (By Resin Type), Competition Forecast & Opportunities, 2017-2030F

    ... & Opportunities, 2017-2030F Saudi Arabia Adhesives and Sealant market is expected to register a CAGR of 6.79% during the forecast period, 2023-2030, to achieve a market value of USD 333.07 million by 2030F. Advanced synthetic ... Read More

  • Saudi Arabia Induction Cooktop Market Overview, 2028

    ... with energy-efficient options. Induction Cooktops, unlike all other types of cooktops on the market, directly heat the pan rather than the hob ring. The adoption rate in Saudi Arabia is 12% for induction cooktops and ... Read More

  • Saudi Arabia Air Fryer Market Overview, 2028

    ... options. The air fryer works by circulating hot air to cook food without the need for added oil, which reduces the calorie and fat content of meals. As the popularity of the air fryer grew, ... Read More

  • Saudi Arabia Vacuum Cleaner Market Overview, 2028

    ... Additionally, rising public spending on the region's infrastructure, education, and tourist sectors will have a beneficial impact on the market for vacuum cleaners during the next years. In addition to being efficient in removing allergens ... Read More

  • Surface Care in Saudi Arabia

    ... a result, consumers in Saudi Arabia prioritised their spending on health and hygiene products, including those in surface care. Concerned about the ability of products to prevent the spread of COVID-19 consumers showed a greater ... Read More

  • Laundry Care in Saudi Arabia

    ... faced a range of restrictions as the Kingdom looked to contain the spread of COVID-19. These included lockdown measures, curfews, an increase in work from home arrangements, and social distancing measures, all of which resulted ... Read More

  • Toilet Care in Saudi Arabia

    ... health crisis led consumers in Saudi Arabia to prioritise toilet care as essential, even though the spending power of Saudi consumers was reduced because of job losses, salary reductions and the Saudi government’s termination of ... Read More

  • Home Care in Saudi Arabia

    ... of inflation, due to their relatively high significance. There was also a small rise in household utilities, including gas and other fuels. Inflation in the Kingdom in 2022 was the result of the nonstop expansion ... Read More

  • Dishwashing in Saudi Arabia

    ... brands on offer is enormous and continues to snowball year-on-year. Aside from the diverse range of scents there are also a growing number of products with dermatological and antibacterial properties, while there has also been ... Read More

  • Polishes in Saudi Arabia

    ... to working from home and they also spent far more time at home. Under these conditions, consumers were less motivated to spend time polishing furniture or floors. Additionally, with disposable income under pressure due to ... Read More

  • Air Care in Saudi Arabia

    ... sales of air care products slumped in 2020 due to the impact of COVID-19 on Saudi Arabia’s economy. Many households saw a drop in their disposable income, in part due to the knock-on effects of ... Read More

  • Bleach in Saudi Arabia

    ... the increased hygiene awareness in the Kingdom as consumers sought to prevent infection in any way possible. Bleach is a traditional product known for its disinfectant properties that consumers can use on floors or surfaces. ... Read More

  • Home Insecticides in Saudi Arabia

    ... of climate change on the weather, as well as the introduction of new insects into the Kingdom that spread diseases, all continued to drive demand for home insecticides in 2022. Flying mosquitoes and crawling insects ... Read More

  • MEA B2B Air Care Market - Industry Trends and Forecast to 2030

    ... Fresheners, Spray/Aerosol Air Fresheners, Rug and Room Deodorizers, Car Air Fresheners and Others), Fragrance (Floral, Fruity, Vanilla, Spices & Herbs and Others), Price, (Low, Medium and High), End User (Residential, Commercial, Automotive and Others), Country ... Read More

  • Saudi Arabia Built-In Kitchen Appliances Market Overview, 2028

    ... improved electric appliances and customers' growing desire for these goods. Over the next coming years, Saudi Arabia's demand for electric built-in kitchen appliances is expected to increase. Due to the proliferation of both domestic and ... Read More

  • Dishwashers in Saudi Arabia

    ... income. The changing lifestyles of the Saudi Arabian population has seen more women entering the workforce, leaving less time for cleaning dishes. Meanwhile, consumers have become more aware of the water that can saved by ... Read More

  • Microwaves in Saudi Arabia

    ... the everyday lives of consumers in the Kingdom. Freestanding microwaves account for most sales with built-in microwaves being a declining niche due to the higher price of the latter, and the fact they have to ... Read More

  • Personal Care Appliances in Saudi Arabia

    ... Saudi Arabia, women are generally conscious about their personal wellbeing and appearance and many have become greatly inspired by international influencers, especially within the context of beauty and wellbeing. This has created an environment in ... Read More

  • Vacuum Cleaners in Saudi Arabia

    ... the category is that many of the households who can afford robotic vacuum cleaners still employ domestic help and thus have no need for these appliances. This reliance on domestic help is in fact an ... Read More

  • Home Laundry Appliances in Saudi Arabia

    ... lower their carbon footprint and provide consumers with energy savings. The rise of energy-efficient appliances can be attributed to government rules governing electric home appliances as well as technological advancements. When compared to traditional washing ... Read More

  • Consumer Appliances in Saudi Arabia

    ... the largest markets for consumer appliances in the GCC, with this being supported by the increasing purchasing power of consumers. A rapid rise in disposable incomes has led to mid to high-income consumers favouring premium, ... Read More

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