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Dominican Republic E-Commerce & IT Outsourcing

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  • E-Commerce in Dominican Republic

    ... the beginning of the pandemic. This has been relaxed in 2020, but footfall continues to be affected by the inconvenience of social distancing, mandatory mask wearing and lingering anxiety over the risks of infection. Nationwide ... Read More

  • Mobile E-Commerce in Dominican Republic

    ... drivers as e-commerce. Initially, the key driver was the closure of non-essential physical stores at the beginning of the pandemic. These outlets have seen some re-opening in 2020 (although the second and third waves of ... Read More

  • E-Commerce in Dominican Republic

    ... goods, most purchases are made via websites abroad, especially those based in the US which offer a wider variety of products. A significant fiscal advantage for consumers shopping online is that transactions are not subject ... Read More

  • Mobile E-Commerce in Dominican Republic

    ... e-commerce overall, with consumers attracted to the convenience offered by mobile-based payments and purchases. As retailers become more familiar with the technology involved, they are beginning to realise the growth potential offered by mobile payments ... Read More

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