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  • Retail Tissue in Uruguay

    ... the country during the peaks of the pandemic, government intervention was stricter in terms of border crossings. Nevertheless, many recommendations were put in place which the population obeyed. By 2022, people were able to spend ... Read More

  • Away-From-Home Tissue and Hygiene in Uruguay

    ... In 2021, these activities witnessed a strong bounce as people started to go out again. However, by 2022, fear of COVID-19 contagion fell dramatically which led to a strong increase in attendance at consumer foodservice ... Read More

  • Tissue and Hygiene in Uruguay

    ... many cases retail sales of tissue and hygiene fell although consumption was on the rise. In some categories sales grew but remained below real consumption growth rates, while in others consumption fell at lower levels ... Read More

  • Sanitary Protection in Uruguay

    ... pandemic and the resurgence in outdoor activities. Although no hard COVID-19 restrictions were in place in Uruguay in 2022, many people voluntarily decided to continue avoiding crowded places, although fears were drastically reduced in attending ... Read More

  • Nappies/Diapers/Pants in Uruguay

    ... decade. However, in the particular case of Uruguay, the number of births has also fallen because the total population remains stable or is growing at a very slow pace. For instance, while the total population ... Read More

  • Retail Adult Incontinence in Uruguay

    ... incontinence and by a moderate increase in moderate/heavy adult incontinence, the entire retail adult incontinence category posted considerable expansion and historic record high volume sales. Euromonitor International's Retail Adult Incontinence in Uruguay report offers a ... Read More

  • Wipes in Uruguay

    ... vaccination campaigns created feelings of confidence among the population and a return to normal activities. Despite the fact that the government of the country enforced only a handful of restrictions at the height of the ... Read More

  • Dishwashing in Uruguay

    ... reduced in line with the falling number of deaths, fewer people remained at home during the period. Consequently, the number of meals prepared at home also fell in 2022, lowering the volume of dishwashing detergent ... Read More

  • Bleach in Uruguay

    ... has lost popularity since the COVID-19 pandemic although its affordable price has worked in its favour in the weak economic climate. Bleach was very popular in the average Uruguayan household up until 2017 and has ... Read More

  • Toilet Care in Uruguay

    ... of their houses in 2022 than in the previous two years putting less emphasis on toilet cleaning. Concerns regarding hygiene and fears surrounding COVID-19 also subsided in 2022, resulting in less thorough cleaning regimes than ... Read More

  • Surface Care in Uruguay

    ... avoid closed spaces subsided leading to greater socialising and less time at home. In line with this trend, the frequency of cleaning has reduced hampering retail volume sales of surface care in 2022. All segments ... Read More

  • Home Insecticides in Uruguay

    ... volume sales of home insecticides. Although there are other insects that impact households in Uruguay, the bulk of sales is generated by anti-mosquito insecticides. As a result, home insecticide products that target mosquitoes were those ... Read More

  • Laundry Care in Uruguay

    ... offices, which increased for the second year in a row. Concerns regarding COVID-19 contagion also strongly decreased in line with the falling number of deaths from COVID-19. Standard liquid detergents, pre-wash spot and stain removers, ... Read More

  • Polishes in Uruguay

    ... faced decline but fared slightly better than other categories as consumers spent more time on-the-go and invested in their footwear. Polishing surfaces has been more infrequent in 2022 due to more time spent outside of ... Read More

  • Air Care in Uruguay

    ... However, in line with the increasing number of people doing outdoor activities (entertainment, work, sports), the disinfection of air and surfaces decreased sharply in 2021. This downward trend has continued in 2022, as a growing ... Read More

  • Home Care in Uruguay

    ... due to the high proportion of home care purchases made in Argentina and also illegal smuggling. In many cases, where sales are falling in retailers, consumption is on the rise, whilst in other cases, sales ... Read More

  • Cigarettes in Uruguay

    ... most contraband particularly from Paraguay. A smuggled pack of 20 cigarettes sells for about 75% of the normal retail price and so significant is smuggling that the brand 51, which is smuggled from Paraguay, is ... Read More

  • Tobacco in Uruguay

    ... to the further reduction in volume sales of cigarettes was significant smuggling of contraband, which has been on an upward trajectory over the review period. Also, with high inflation continuing to reduce consumer purchasing power, ... Read More

  • Cigars, Cigarillos and Smoking Tobacco in Uruguay

    ... increase in volume sales in 2021. Cigars and cigarillos are often smoked during social occasions and with society opening up in 2021, after the COVID-19 2020 restrictions, cigars and cigarillos registered a boost. All the ... Read More

  • Uruguay Furniture Market Outlook (2018-2026)

    ... and forecasts until 2026 which makes the report an invaluable resource for industry executives, marketing, sales and product managers, consultants, analysts, and other people looking for key industry data in a readily accessible document with ... Read More

  • Premium Beauty and Personal Care in Uruguay

    ... but during 2021 the demand was exclusively focused on stores inside the country. The key beneficiaries of this trend were beauty specialists and drugstores/parapharmacies. In fact, drugstores/parapharmacies chains such as San Roque and Farmashop developed ... Read More

  • Baby and Child-Specific Products in Uruguay

    ... tourism from October 2020 to March 2021, with it recording heavy declines in value and volume terms. However, with Uruguay reopening its borders in October 2021 inbound tourists from Argentina and Brazil helped boost demand. ... Read More

  • Deodorants in Uruguay

    ... impact on sales, but with the outbreak of new waves of COVID-19 in March the government was forced to reintroduce restrictions. As a result, Uruguayans continued to reduce their use of deodorants, with demand also ... Read More

  • Skin Care in Uruguay

    ... spending more time at home since the start of the pandemic, they found themselves with more time to spend on their skin care routines and treatments. Some consumers used their free time to follow online ... Read More

  • Sun Care in Uruguay

    ... of the year due to the closure of the country’s borders, with seasonally being the most important factor behind sun care sales. However, 2022 is already showing signs of a strong rebound thanks to the ... Read More

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