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  • Convenience Stores in Hong Kong, China

    ... government led consumers to increase their basket size but make fewer shopping trips, which resulted in consumers visiting supermarkets more frequently at the expense of convenience stores, which are smaller, more expensive and offer a ... Read More

  • Department Stores in Hong Kong, China

    ... confidence of local consumers. Tourism has always been a strong driver of department store sales in Hong Kong, which is often referred to as a “shopping paradise.” Even before the pandemic struck, department stores had ... Read More

  • Direct Selling in Hong Kong, China

    ... lockdown restrictions, and even after these were lifted, a fear of contagion left many reluctant to open their doors to salespeople. This reticence was heightened by an outbreak of COVID-19 among representatives of two direct ... Read More

  • Home and Garden Specialist Retailers in Hong Kong, China

    ... in demand for home furnishings. In Hong Kong, it is normal for the whole family to visit a store to purchase furniture, but reduced opening hours due to the pandemic made this very difficult during ... Read More

  • Mobile E-Commerce in Hong Kong, China

    ... expansion. Consumers value the convenience of shopping from their smartphone, which they can easily browse while travelling on public transport or drinking a coffee, for example. For a growing number of local consumers, smartphones are ... Read More

  • Retailing in Hong Kong, China

    ... gather in groups for shopping. Meanwhile, many retailers have limited the number of consumers that are allowed in their stores at any one time in an effort to minimise the risk of contagion and lure ... Read More

  • Apparel and Footwear Specialist Retailers in Hong Kong, China

    ... significant decline in tourist spending. Prior to the pandemic, tourists from mainland China had been the mainstay of many local apparel and footwear specialist retailers. Apparel and footwear specialist retailers selling luxury products were particularly ... Read More

  • E-Commerce in Hong Kong, China

    ... to close their doors for an extended period during the spring and consumers spending much more time at home, online sales boomed. Prior to the pandemic, e-commerce had been relatively slow to take off in ... Read More

  • Electronics and Appliance Specialist Retailers in Hong Kong, China

    ... bricks-and-mortar retailers and some consumers remained reluctant to shop in person even after these restrictions were eased, leading to increased online sales, the trend towards e-commerce pre-dates the pandemic: The retail current value sales of ... Read More

  • Food and Drink E-Commerce in Hong Kong, China

    ... order food and drink in bulk. Others, particularly older consumers, shopped from home because they did not want to visit physical stores in person due to the risk of contagion. They were aided in this ... Read More

  • Health and Beauty Specialist Retailers in Hong Kong, China

    ... many of these outlets, but this slowed to a trickle early in the year due to COVID-19. As a result, major beauty brands been restructuring their offline retailing strategies to focus more on local consumers ... Read More

  • Homeshopping in Hong Kong, China

    ... remains the preferred method among local consumers, given the high density of shops. In addition, physical stores allow customers to test the products, as well as to obtain recommendations from sales staff. With smartphones almost ... Read More

  • Supermarkets in Hong Kong, China

    ... began to prepare more meals at home and sought to stock up in anticipation of food shortages due to supply chain disruption. Demand was particularly strong for such products as cooking ingredients, ready meals, rice, ... Read More

  • Traditional Grocery Retailers in Hong Kong, China

    ... in demand for staple foods, as consumers prepared more meals at home and stocked up in fear of product shortages arising from COVID-19. Products like instant noodles, shelf stable processed food, savoury snacks and cooking ... Read More

  • Variety Stores in Hong Kong, China

    ... The economic shock of the pandemic was largely offset by the fact that consumers were spending more time at home, which helped to boost demand for many of the products stocked by variety stores, such ... Read More

  • Childrenswear in Hong Kong, China

    ... wear out and grow out of clothes with greater frequency than adults and, even during the pandemic, many needed new items of apparel. This is especially true within baby and toddler wear, which was the ... Read More

  • Footwear in Hong Kong, China

    ... or studied from home. Local consumer spending on footwear in general was also weakened as consumers steered clear of physical stores for fear of the pandemic. Increasing sales via e-commerce were unable to soften the ... Read More

  • Hosiery in Hong Kong, China

    ... hosiery was increasingly out of trend due to both climate and fashion factors. Global warming caused by carbon emissions is notable in Hong Kong, China, and the warmer climate means fewer consumers are wearing stockings ... Read More

  • Jeans in Hong Kong, China

    ... levels for both wearing at home and when out and about, while many women in Hong Kong tend to favour dresses, skirts and leggings over jeans. Furthermore, the climate in Hong Kong is becoming hotter, ... Read More

  • Menswear in Hong Kong, China

    ... and underwear all dragged actual sales down, while many men opted not to purchase suits and shirts as they avoided going into the office and worked from home, which was encouraged by the government. Given ... Read More

  • Sportswear in Hong Kong, China

    ... of tourists from mainland China due to the tight restrictions on travel during the health crisis. These shoppers normally contribute significantly to sales of sportswear. On the other hand, domestic consumers demonstrated greater resilience as ... Read More

  • Apparel Accessories in Hong Kong, China

    ... gloves witnessed the steepest decline due to both climate change and lifestyle factors. As the climate becomes warmer due to global warming in Hong Kong, China, consumers have less need for gloves. In addition, traditional ... Read More

  • Womenswear in Hong Kong, China

    ... and blouses and suits recording particularly poor performances as many women were forced to work at home for long periods during the crisis. Euromonitor International's Womenswear in Hong Kong, China report offers a comprehensive guide ... Read More

  • Apparel and Footwear in Hong Kong, China

    ... Fugitive Offenders amendment bill by the Hong Kong, China government, which had a severe impact on sales in physical stores. Apparel and footwear sales in Hong Kong, China depend to a large degree on sales ... Read More

  • Bleach in Hong Kong, China

    ... COVID-19 virus sparked a surge in sales of bleach as products in this category are known for their antibacterial properties. Euromonitor International's Bleach in Hong Kong, China market report offers a comprehensive guide to the ... Read More

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