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  • Retail E-Commerce in Morocco

    ... and affordable. Meanwhile, internet retailers, most notably Jumia Technologies AG, have invested significantly in building up the country’s e-commerce infrastructure Euromonitor International's Retail E-Commerce in Morocco report offers insight into key trends and developments driving ... Read More

  • Retail in Morocco

    ... inflation to 5.5% from a 0.6% low in 2020. In response to this problem, shoppers reduced their spending on discretionary goods, leading to a slower recovery across categories, such as appliances and electronics, which were ... Read More

  • Hypermarkets in Morocco

    ... players intensified their promotional campaigns by slashing their prices to retain shoppers' loyalty. Label’Vie, for instance, introduced an ""Irresistible Price"" label that guaranteed lower prices by compensating shoppers with twice the value of the different ... Read More

  • Supermarkets in Morocco

    ... small local grocers tend to be from lower-income groups. As a result, supermarket shopping links directly to purchasing power. According to recent studies, more than half (53%) of Moroccan supermarket shoppers earn at least MAD20,000 ... Read More

  • Direct Selling in Morocco

    ... During lockdown, there was strong demand for products aimed at supporting digestive health and skin care products – particularly those promoting healthy skin hydration and exfoliation. During lockdown, women of all ages had more time ... Read More

  • Discounters in Morocco

    ... and supermarkets. The performance of discounters was also supported by enhanced penetration in the number of outlets, reaching 625 in 2022, the second largest across modern grocery retailers after forecourt retailers. Euromonitor International's Discounters in ... Read More

  • Morocco Leather and Footwear Market Outlook (2016-2027)

    ... historic data from 2016 to 2022 and forecasts until 2027 which makes the report an invaluable resource for industry executives, marketing, sales and product managers, consultants, analysts, and other people looking for key industry data ... Read More

  • Nappies/Diapers/Pants in Morocco

    ... across the recent review period. The COVID-19 crisis has been singled out as a key factor in deterring people from having children in many territories around the world, especially under the economic impact of measures ... Read More

  • Retail Adult Incontinence in Morocco

    ... of such products has also been on the rise over recent years. Furthermore, the event of the COVID-19 pandemic also boosted sales of retail adult incontinence, as many old people who contracted COVID-19 found their ... Read More

  • Wipes in Morocco

    ... wipes for maintaining hygiene, especially where access to water is limited, has been driving sales in Morocco for the past few years. Furthermore, consumers’ fear of contagion during the era of the pandemic led them ... Read More

  • Tissue and Hygiene in Morocco

    ... impacted by consumers lower spending power in the inflationary environment, thus favouring lower-priced local players and private labels. Euromonitor International's Tissue and Hygiene in Morocco report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape ... Read More

  • Sanitary Protection in Morocco

    ... including the number of menstruating females, which also contributed to growth. According to the results of a study commissioned by local player Novatis Group SA (with its Mia brand), less than a third of Moroccan ... Read More

  • Retail Tissue in Morocco

    ... increasingly scarce, this further pushes up the price. In turn, the many industrial sectors that use this resource to manufacture their products have been forced to revise their prices upwards. In fact, some manufacturers are ... Read More

  • Away-From-Home Tissue and Hygiene in Morocco

    ... and institutional channels, and the category was significantly affected by the closure of the dominant horeca channel, as hotels, restaurants and cafés were closed during this time. In addition, Morocco’s travel and tourism industry was ... Read More

  • Laundry Care in Morocco

    ... pressures, which has contributed to the noticeable increase in current value sales. Standard powder detergents represent the largest share of value sales within laundry care, thanks to their affordability and also due to the continued ... Read More

  • Surface Care in Morocco

    ... pace compared to the increases recorded in 2022 at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, as demand patterns normalise. Nevertheless, consumers remain price sensitive in 2022 as the economy continues to recover from the fallout ... Read More

  • Toilet Care in Morocco

    ... maintaining cleanliness in the home, restrooms and other areas even though the pandemic has subsided. Overall, consumer awareness of the need for good hygiene in the bathroom is higher than it was, and there is ... Read More

  • Air Care in Morocco

    ... that their homes were free of COVID-19, there was a lot of frenzied cleaning, and essential cleaning products were prioritised. Also, health advice around COVID-19 was to ensure rooms were well ventilated and this hampered ... Read More

  • Home Care in Morocco

    ... chain costs have spiralled due to the war in Ukraine with energy prices surging and driving up inflation which had already been elevated at the start of the year. At the same time, Morocco has ... Read More

  • Dishwashing in Morocco

    ... very price sensitive, which is why the big brands offer small packaging formats at low prices. The majority of this group live in either small cities or rural areas where dishwashers are not very common, ... Read More

  • Bleach in Morocco

    ... a surge in sales of disinfection products and in particular bleach, as it was deemed one of the most effective to kill the virus. The same was true in Morocco and it registered healthy double-digit ... Read More

  • Polishes in Morocco

    ... a slight value and volume decline, as people prioritised disinfecting rather than maintaining surfaces. On balance, polishes do not tend to be used on a regular daily basis as is often seen in other home ... Read More

  • Home Insecticides in Morocco

    ... with emphasis on developing measures to eradicate them. The higher levels of mosquitoes are driving demand for insecticides supporting retail volume sales in 2022. Euromonitor International's Home Insecticides in Morocco market report offers a comprehensive ... Read More

  • Africa Sports Equipment and Apparel Market - By Sports Type (Bike, Outdoor, Tennis, Other Racket Sports, Running, Fitness, Football/Soccer, Other Team Sports, Winter Sports, Watersports, Others); By Product Type (Equipment, Apparel); By Distribution Channel (Online, Offline); By Country (South Africa, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Rest of Africa), Trend Analysis, Competitive Landscape & Forecast, 2019–2029

    ... (Online, Offline); By Country (South Africa, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Rest of Africa), Trend Analysis, Competitive Landscape & Forecast, 2019–2029 Africa Sports Equipment and Apparel Market Expand at Steady CAGR of 4.5% During ... Read More

  • Menswear in Morocco

    ... that accommodate a large number of employees. The hotel industry has also continued to bounce back throughout 2022 with many hotels seeing unprecedented levels of occupancy. The complete reopening of cinemas, gyms and restaurants and ... Read More

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