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  • UK Easter Retail and Coronavirus 2020

    ... pandemic has changed, and is changing, shopper behaviour compared to previous years. Using data from 675 consumers, surveyed over Easter in 2018, 2019 and 2020, it examines what consumers did and what they shopped for, ... Read More

  • Children's Eating Habits - UK - June 2019

    ... cooking from scratch is OK can look to win favour. Key messages for prepared meals or meal components should be about quality of ingredients, healthiness and naturalness. Prioritising time together with children is also a ... Read More

  • Attitudes towards Lunch Out-of-home - UK - June 2019

    ... as more people show a pragmatic approach to spending. Getting good value is not all about paying a low price. Brands that provide a range of indulgent options that are still relatively healthy will be ... Read More

  • Attitudes towards Healthy Eating - UK - February 2019

    ... lack of awareness of which foods provide this benefit. Products with EFSA-approved claims in this area should therefore look to flag this up clearly on-pack, with plenty of scope for more innovation in this area. ... Read More

  • United Kingdom Trend Study: Shoppers’ Journey Towards Living & Eating Healthier

    ... is the global leader in understanding consumer motivations, perceptions and beliefs around health & nutrition—helping you connect more powerfully with your customers. Since 2000, the HealthFocus Trend Survey has been tracking shopper attitudes and actions ... Read More

  • Attitudes towards Cooking in the Home - UK - July 2018

    ... shortcuts to preparing/cooking meals. Home cooks are also looking for more meal inspiration when doing their grocery shopping, and retailers can help here through offering more bundle offers for meals with a short list of ... Read More

  • Attitudes towards Sports Nutrition - UK - June 2018

    ... sports nutrition more accessible. Interest in products supporting gut health and those featuring health-boosting herbs and spices highlights these as areas ripe for innovation.” – Anita Winther, Research Analyst This report examines the following issues: ... Read More

  • UK Easter Retail 2018

    ... and 2017, it examines what consumers did and what they shopped for, with a particular emphasis on home improvement, DIY, gardening, cooking and baking and shopping for the home; all activities which consumers traditionally embrace ... Read More

  • Brand Overview: Food - UK - March 2018

    ... brands impact upon the way in which other brands that do not match up are viewed. Conversely, brands in treat categories largely avoid being seen as amongst the unhealthiest: people don’t expect them to be ... Read More

  • Children's Eating Habits - UK - December 2017

    ... embracing a healthier proposition. However, parents and kids alike attach a very high importance to having a healthy diet. New or reformulated products, such as those containing less sugar or contributing to a child’s 5-a-day, ... Read More

  • The United Kingdom (UK) in 2030: The Future Demographic

    ... driver of population growth over this period as natural change plummets. Although ageing, the UK’s median age will remain younger than Western Europe as a whole in 2015-2030 due to its comparatively high birth and ... Read More

  • The Ethical Consumer - UK - July 2015

    ... CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) credentials is not via annual company reports, but via product packaging and television, which will have the most direct impact on people’s purchasing decisions.” – Jack Duckett, Consumer Lifestyles Analyst This ... Read More

  • The Ethical Food Consumer - UK - June 2015

    ... Not only do consumers expect good ethical practices from operators, they also expect to be informed and reassured over why they’re paying extra and where the money is going.” – Richard Ford, Senior Food and ... Read More

  • U.K. - Consumers and Sustainability 2014

    ... to home care to durables and lifestyle activities. For the past 13 years, a wide range of clients have leveraged this insight to better understand their consumer target, develop new targets, and measure scores of ... Read More

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