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  • Country Economic Forecasts - Suriname

    ... and foreign reserves recovering, we expect GDP to grow by 2% in 2018, the fastest pace since 2013, and output to recover to 2014 levels by 2020, supported by a sounder fiscal stance encouraging investment. Read More

  • Country Report Suriname 2nd Quarter 2018

    ... report examines and explains the issues shaping the countries in which you operate: the political scene, economic policy, the domestic economy and foreign trade and payments. 18-24-month forecasts are also included to complement the analysis Read More

  • Country Economic Forecasts > Suriname

    ... current account and fiscal deficits, leading to an IMF loan in May 2016. Although the economy has improved, due to a jump in gold production and a recovery in commodity markets, the country’s subsequent rejection ... Read More

  • Suriname Country Report

    ... scenarios, helping business users find developing markets, determine currency movements, or make judgments on capital investments or corporate security. Every Country Report includes: Forecast Highlights, Political Fact Sheet & Map, Current Data (10-year time series ... Read More

  • Suriname Country Risk Report 2017

    ... Headline inflation will moderate over the next decade as the CentraleBank Van Suriname tightens monetary policy. Continued engagementwith the IMF will strengthen the coordination and implementation ofmonetary policy. The fiscal deficit will narrow gradually over ... Read More

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