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  • Free From in Morocco

    ... of the pandemic as many Moroccan families have seen their disposable incomes decline. As free from products are often higher priced than the alternatives, consumers have likely stopped purchasing these products in a bid to ... Read More

  • RTD Tea in Morocco

    ... country and in light of the perpetually warm weather that is experienced in many parts of the country. However, the fact is that tea consumption in Morocco is intrinsically tied to socialising in traditional cafés ... Read More

  • Carbonates in Morocco

    ... imposed on sugary beverages and widening consumer awareness of the health hazards of consuming excessive amounts of sugar, especially via soft drinks, have been taking their toll on demand for some years. In addition to ... Read More

  • Energy Drinks in Morocco

    ... 2020 hit sales of energy drinks particularly hard. Central to the challenges faced by the operators of the country’s bars, cafés, restaurants and pubs during the year was the 12-week government-mandated shutdown of the entire ... Read More

  • RTD Coffee in Morocco

    ... to see them on retail shelves or offered for sale in on-trade outlets. While some local consumers may have experience of RTD coffee from living abroad, this is not nearly enough to support sufficient sales ... Read More

  • Soft Drinks in Morocco

    ... year, with growth rates accelerating significantly from what was registered in 2019. Among the main reasons for this strong sales increase was the widespread and substantial stockpiling that was seen and hypermarkets and supermarkets throughout ... Read More

  • Concentrates in Morocco

    ... this core consumer base. However, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic brought sales of concentrates into negative growth territory during 2020 as pressure came on consumer spending. Concentrates are rarely, if ever regarded as essential ... Read More

  • Sports Drinks in Morocco

    ... for them among the population. Only hardcore bodybuilders, very committed sports and fitness enthusiasts and semi-professional athletes have any knowledge of these products, with demand limited to a very narrow consumer base. There is almost ... Read More

  • Juice in Morocco

    ... products which often have fairly high levels of added sugar. Thus, category sales were already under significant pressure due to the increasing consumer awareness of the long-term health dangers of excessive sugar consumption and, in ... Read More

  • Bottled Water in Morocco

    ... The key driver of the category’s excellent performance during the year was the essential status of bottled water, a product which virtually every household in the country regards as a necessary purchase. As such, bottled ... Read More

  • Concentrates in Tunisia

    ... the category can be attributed mainly to the value for money image that concentrates have traditionally had among local consumers. This reputation for being a particularly economical soft drinks category stood concentrates in good stead ... Read More

  • RTD Coffee in Tunisia

    ... marginal sales that were in fact too low to be measured in Euromonitor International research. However, retail sales finally broke the TND100,000 mark during the year as demand increased among affluent urban consumers looking to ... Read More

  • Sports Drinks in Tunisia

    ... living in other countries, expatriates and immigrants and hard-core sports enthusiasts. However, very limited availability means that very few people have any interest in purchasing sports drinks. Euromonitor International's Sports Drinks in Tunisia report offers ... Read More

  • Carbonates in South Africa

    ... to the sugar tax, the player lost value and volume share last year and initially resorted to new smaller pack sizes at the same price point to retain its profit margins, such as replacing its ... Read More

  • Carbonates in Tunisia

    ... seen in the category during the year was the increase seen in the average unit price of carbonates. This unit price increase was mainly due to manufacturers facing difficulties accessing imported raw materials. However, it ... Read More

  • Bottled Water in Tunisia

    ... warm weather that prevailed during summer and the positive impact of the quarantine lockdown, social distancing and home seclusion on demand in the retail channel. The quarantine lockdown that was implemented in Tunisia at the ... Read More

  • Juice in South Africa

    ... and these were popular with South African consumers. Private label brands of juice also performed well as they offer good quality products at reasonable prices. In addition, some consumers shifted to more affordable products such ... Read More

  • Tea in Egypt

    ... much more time at home in 2020, due to COVID-19, much more tea is consumed. Euromonitor International's Tea in Egypt report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape of the market at a ... Read More

  • Juice in Tunisia

    ... juice much less affordable for much of the Tunisian population. The pressures on supply chains created by the COVID-19 pandemic were a major reason for unit price inflation in the category during the year. However, ... Read More

  • Hot Drinks in Egypt

    ... 2020, which has protected demand for hot drinks. Euromonitor International's Hot Drinks in Egypt report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape of the market at a national level. It provides the latest ... Read More

  • Soft Drinks in South Africa

    ... classed as essential, and therefore still able to be sold across retail outlets, and there were no major shortages or issues with supply chains as soft drinks tend to be produced locally. As a result, ... Read More

  • Soft Drinks in Tunisia

    ... months resulting in rampant price inflation and financial hardship for many households. This meant that the interruptions to commercial activity that flowed from the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic piled further misery on an already ... Read More

  • RTD Tea in South Africa

    ... although some on-trade volume growth was still recorded, it was nevertheless half that seen in the previous year of the review period. On-trade sales, however, account for only a small percentage of overall sales in ... Read More

  • RTD Tea in Tunisia

    ... distancing and home seclusion that prevailed for much of the year supported strong growth in sales of RTD tea during 2020. With many Tunisian families forced to stay at home for several weeks, more affluent ... Read More

  • Energy Drinks in Tunisia

    ... to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The category faced various challenges during the year, not least the government-mandated shutdown of the entire hospitality industry for several weeks at the peak of the pandemic situation, ... Read More

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