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  • Baby Food in Taiwan

    ... to essential items, including milk formula. In addition, Taiwan’s low birth rate also continues to negatively impact retail volume sales of baby food. The country’s already low birth rate continued to decline in the final ... Read More

  • Baby Food in Taiwan

    ... food, which continued to decline in 2019. Among the reasons for the low birth rate are uncertainty about economic stability, with many Taiwanese choosing to prioritise their career and therefore delay marriage and parenthood. Fully ... Read More

  • The Baby Food Sector in Taiwan, 2018

    ... population. Lower birth numbers have necessarily reduced the potential demand for baby food. However, living standards in Taiwan are high by Asian standards; the proportion of the population in poverty and living on welfare is ... Read More

  • The Baby Food Market in Taiwan 2017

    ... convenience of baby food is attractive, breastfeeding remains important, whilst safety has also been an issue. Volume sales of baby food declined by 1.9% and value sales increased by 17.4% in 2006. Milks accounted for ... Read More

  • Baby Food in Taiwan

    ... birth rates in the world. Although many mothers, particularly the large proportion who are working, are increasingly attracted by the convenience of baby food, they are very much aware of the importance of breastfeeding and ... Read More

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