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Peru Baby Food

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  • Baby Food in Peru

    ... family. Although Peru has a large infant population, baby food is a relatively small category, with growing-up milk formula by far the most popular product. However, growing-up and follow-on baby milk formula will see significant ... Read More

  • Peru Baby Food, 2020

    ... sales with 91% of value in 2019, equivalent to S/.726 million (US$214 million). Since 2013, milks have slightly increased their share of the sector in value terms. Wet meals, mainly in jars but also in ... Read More

  • The Baby Food Sector in Peru, 2018

    ... Peruvian market. Poverty levels remain high in Peru, despite recent economic progress, and this has had a direct impact on consumption trends in the baby food sector. In particular, demand is low in rural areas, ... Read More

  • Baby Food in Peru

    ... countries. The market remains small in Peru as only a minority of parents are able to afford commercial baby food and deceleration in the economic growth being the other reason. The home-made food, standard whole ... Read More

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