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Biometrics: Market Shares, Market Strategies, and Market Forecasts, 2015 to 2021

Biometrics: Market Shares, Market Strategies, and Market Forecasts, 2015 to 2021

WinterGreen Research announces that it has published a new study Biometrics: Market Shares, Strategy, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2015 to 2021. Next generation biometrics implements smart devices that leverage better technology, they support high quality data gathering in the specific milieu in which they are being used. Devices are targeted to specific situations. Hybrid devices increase identification accuracy by combining two or several technologies and approaches to the market.

Biometric identity units provide security protection from a variety of perspectives. Units are comprised of integrated biometric capture devices. Biometrics is used to identify anyone in an accurate, repeatable manner. Physiological characteristics used for biometrics commonly include the face, fingerprints, voice, and DNA. Modern biometrics hybrid fingerprint recognition use onboard fingerprint readers. Mobile devices use capacitive technology to implement security systems Growth of biometrics security systems is being fueled by rising threats. Different portable device implementations have given rise to multiple technology breakthroughs in size, weights, and length of battery use..

Modern biometrics hybrid fingerprint recognition use onboard fingerprint readers. Mobile devices use capacitive technology to implement security systems Growth of biometrics security systems is being fueled by rising threats. Different portable device implementations have given rise to multiple technology breakthroughs in size, weights, and length of battery use.

Biometrics is used to identify people in an accurate, repeatable manner. Physiological characteristics used for biometrics include the face, fingerprints, and DNA. Developments relate to the ability to unobtrusively collect face and voice biometrics, supplementing fingerprinting that has been dominant . Biometrics technology measures personal physiological characteristics for the purpose of unique identification and security.

This is the 647th report in a series of primary market research reports that provide forecasts in communications, telecommunications, the Internet, computer, software, telephone equipment, health equipment, and energy. Automated process and significant growth potential are priorities in topic selection. The project leaders take direct responsibility for writing and preparing each report. They have significant experience preparing industry studies. Forecasts are based on primary research and proprietary data bases.

The primary research is conducted by talking to customers, distributors and companies. The survey data is not enough to make accurate assessment of market size, so WinterGreen Research looks at the value of shipments and the average price to achieve market assessments. Our track record in achieving accuracy is unsurpassed in the industry. We are known for being able to develop accurate market shares and projections. This is our specialty.

The analyst process is concentrated on getting good market numbers. This process involves looking at the markets from several different perspectives, including vendor shipments. The interview process is an essential aspect as well. We do have a lot of granular analysis of the different shipments by vendor in the study and addenda prepared after the study was published if that is appropriate.

Forecasts reflect analysis of the market trends in the segment and related segments. Unit and dollar shipments are analyzed through consideration of dollar volume of each market participant in the segment. Installed base analysis and unit analysis is based on interviews and an information search. Market share analysis includes conversations with key customers of products, industry segment leaders, marketing directors, distributors, leading market participants, opinion leaders, and companies seeking to develop measurable market share.

Biometrics Market Driving Forces
Biometric Security Market Driving Forces
Biometrics Market Shares
Biometric Market Forecasts
1.1 Multi-Modal Biometric Identification
1.1.1 Multi-Modal Hybrid Finger Identification
1.1.2 5.6 Million Fingerprints Were Stolen From Office of Personnel Management
1.2 Biometric Sensor Devices
1.2.1 Biometrics for Security and Management
1.2.2 Biometrics for Convenience
1.2.3 Biometric Systems Characteristics
1.2.4 Biometric Systems Hidden Expenses
1.3 Biometrics Industry Segments
1.3.1 Biometrics Are In Law Enforcement
1.3.2 Biometrics Personal Identity Verification
1.3.3 Biometrics Increase Security
1.3.4 Financial Institutions Use Biometrics
1.3.5 Law Enforcement Uses Biometrics
1.3.6 Immigration Uses Biometrics
1.3.7 Social Services Use Biometrics
1.3.8 Airports Use Biometrics
1.3.9 Healthcare Use Biometrics
1.3.10 Consumer Use Biometrics
1.4 Applications for Biometrics
1.4.1 US Customs Set To Launch Biometric Pilot Programs: Leaked Documents
1.4.2 Casino Facial Recognition Capability
1.5 Store & Forward Systems
1.6 Mobile Identification Systems
1.6.1 Fingerprint Recognition
1.7 Fingerprint Scanner
1.8 Gesture-Interfaces
1.8.1 Biometric Components of Signatures
1.9 Risks in Biometric-Based Authentication
1.10 Multi-Factor Authentication Solutions
1.11 Biometrics Automated Process
1.12 Security of Input Mechanism
1.13 Digital Data Security
1.13.1 Security Issues
1.13.2 New World Order Built On The Globally Integrated Enterprise
1.14 Enterprise Information Accessed By Mobile Workers
1.14.1 Cloud System Continuous Deployment Models
2.1 Biometrics Market Driving Forces
2.1.1 Biometric Security Market Driving Forces
2.2 Biometrics Market Shares
2.2.1 NEC
2.2.2 M2SYS
2.2.3 Safran
2.2.4 Safran Sagem Morpho
2.2.5 Safran Supplies State-Of-The-Art Solutions To Police Forces
2.2.6 Safran Morpho Government ID Solutions Manage And Secure The Value Chain
2.2.7 Apple / AuthenTec
2.2.8 Fingerprint Cards
2.2.9 Synaptics
2.2.10 3M/Cogent Systems
2.2.11 3M Cogent Systems CAFIS™
2.2.12 3M / Cogent
2.2.13 Precise Biometrics
2.2.14 Francisco Partners / Cross Match SEEK® Avenger
2.2.15 Francisco Partners / CrossMatch
2.2.16 Avalon Biometrics
2.2.17 DigitalPersona
2.2.18 Apple / AuthenTec / UPEK
2.2.19 BIO-key
2.2.20 BIO-key for Identity and Access Management
2.2.21 Suprema
2.2.22 Supra eKey Biometric Real Estate Applications
2.2.23 Vision-Box Automated Border Control And Electronic Identity Solutions Using ICAO-Compliant Standards
2.2.24 EgisTec
2.2.25 CIC Electronic Signature Competition
2.2.26 Atos Biometric Electronic ID and Border Control
2.2.27 WCC core technology for border security
2.2.26 Labcal India IrisAccess 7000
2.2.27 Nitgen Fingerprint Access Controller
2.2.28 Egis Technology
2.2.29 M2SYS
2.2.30 Agnitio BATVOX De Facto Standard Voice Biometrics Verification
2.2.31 FotoNation Facepower™
2.2.32 Vision-Box
2.2.33 Iris ID Systems
2.2.34 Communication Intelligence Corporation (CIC) Electronic Signature, Digital Signature, Signature
2.2.35 Law Enforcement Biometrics
2.2.36 Biometrics Law Enforcement, Workplace Access, Border Patrol, Consumer ID By Vendor
2.2.36 Hybrid Fingerprint Low End, Mid Range, and High End Market Shares By Vendor
2.2.37 Identity Management Biometrics
2.2.38 Iris ID, DNA Analyzers, Explosive Detection, Biometrics
2.2.39 Other Selected Vendors
2.3 Biometric Market Forecasts
2.3.1 Biometric Device Market Trends
2.3.2 Law Enforcement Biometrics, Forecasts
2.3.3 Fingerprint Biometrics
2.3.4 Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS)
2.3.1 Workplace Access Biometrics
2.3.2 Commercial ID Biometrics Forecasts
2.3.3 Border Patrol and Government Biometrics, Forecasts
2.3.4 National ID Control Biometrics
2.3.5 Facial Recognition Biometric Technologies
2.3.6 Iris, Eye Biomeric Market Segment
2.3.7 Airport Screening / Facial Recognition
2.4 Biometric Equipment Prices
2.4.1 Biometric Fingerprint Equipment Prices
2.4.2 Biometric Facial Recognition Equipment
2.4.3 Biometric Sensors
2.5 Biometric Fingerprint Regional Market Analysis
2.5.1 US: Safran MorphoTrust Enrolls Over One Million Americans in TSA Pre✓®
2.5.2 US FBI Biometrics
2.5.3 US Driver License Solutions
2.5.4 Healthcare cards for France, Germany and India
2.5.5 Kenya, Egypt, and Chile Biometrics National ID Programs
2.5.6 Biometrics in India
2.5.7 Saudi Arabia Biometric Systems Market
3.1 NEC Multi-Modal Biometric Identification
3.1.1 NEC Multi-Modal Hybrid Finger Identification
3.1.2 NEC Multi-Biometrics
3.1.3 NEC Fingerprint Identification
3.1.4 NEC Hybrid Finger Identification
3.1.5 NEC NeoScan 45 Mobile Fingerprint Capture Device for Public Safety Applications In The Field
3.1.6 NEC NeoFace® Reveal Facial Recognition
3.1.7 NEC NeoFace® Watch
3.1.8 NEC NeoFace®Match
3.1.9 NEC Biometrics Face Recognition Diverse Application Areas
3.1.10 NEC NeoFace® Smart Mobile ID
3.1.11 NEC FastID
3.1.12 NEC Integra-ID Archive System
3.1.13 NEC National/State Civil Identification
3.1.14 NEC Consumer Identification
3.1.15 NEC Criminal Identification
3.1.16 Security Force Management
3.1.17 NEC Border Control Solutions
3.1.18 NEC Portable DNA Analyzer
3.2 Safran Morpho Government ID solutions
3.2.1 Safran Morpho Government ID Solutions Manage And Secure The Value Chain
3.2.2 Safran Morpho Population & Voter Registration
3.2.3 Saffron Morpho Healthcare Solutions
3.2.4 Safran Morpho Public Security
3.2.5 Safran Morpho Digital ID & Smart Transactions
3.2.6 Safran Morpho Identity Management
3.2.7 Safran Morpho Register Customers & Manage Employee Identities
3.2.8 Safran Morpho Trust Services
3.2.9 Safran Morpho Solutions for Telecom
3.2.10 Safran Morpho Gaming Solutions
3.2.11 Safran Morpho Aviation & Border Security
3.2.12 Safran Morpho Border Mobile Control Terminal
3.2.13 Safran Morpho Access Control Terminals
3.2.14 Safran MorphoAccess® and Bioscrypt Best Of Breed Fingerprint Identification Terminal
3.2.15 Safran Morpho MorphoAccess J Series
3.2.16 Safran Morpho Bioscrypt 4G V-Flex Lite
3.2.17 Safran Morpho Bioscrypt 4G V-Station WR
3.2.18 Safran Morpho Bioscrypt 4G V-Station WR
3.2.19 Safran Morpho Morpho 3D Face Reader
3.2.20 Safran Fingerprint Recognition
3.2.21 Safran Morpho System™
3.2.22 Safran Morpho MorphoPerso
3.2.23 Safran Morpho ID Documents Uniqueness Protections
3.2.24 Safran Morpho MorphoCheck™
3.2.25 Safran Morpho MorphoRapID™
3.2.26 Safran Morpho MorphoTouch™ 1200 Series
3.2.27 Safran Morpho MorphoBIS
3.2.28 Safran Morpho MetaMorpho
3.2.29 Safran Morpho Secure Biometric Multibiometric Reader
3.2.30 Safran Morpho Outdoor MorphoAccess® 500 Series
3.2.31 Safran Morpho Secure Biometric Access
3.3 3M / Cogent Systems
3.3.1 3M Civil ID
3.3.2 3M Enrollment Systems
3.3.3 3M Biometric Enrollment Station
3.3.4 3M Cogent Systems Multi-Biometric Enrollment Station (CBES)
3.3.1 3M™ Cogent Biometric Enrollment Operating Software: Automated Validation Of Electronic Records
3.3.2 3M Facial Identification Management Solution
3.3.3 3M Identity Document Issuance System
3.3.4 3M Design & Credentials
3.3.5 3M Border Management System
3.3.6 3M Access Control Reader Solutions
3.3.7 3M™ MiY-Touch Biometric Access Control Reader
3.3.8 3M Hospitality & Gaming
3.3.9 3M Transportation Solutions
3.3.10 3M Cogent Systems CAFIS™
3.3.11 3M Cogent Systems CAPFIS™
3.3.12 3M Cogent Systems Biometric Registration Software (BRS)
3.4 Gelamto / Avalon Biometrics
5.1.1 Gemalto /Avalon Biometrics
3.5 Cross Match
3.5.1 Cross Match Solutions for Government
3.5.2 Cross Match Solutions for Law Enforcement
3.5.3 Cross Match Solutions for Finance
3.5.4 Cross Match Solutions for Retailers
3.5.5 Cross Match Eikon USB Biometric Readers
3.5.6 DigitalPersona Biometrics, Multi-Factor Authentication and Access Management
3.5.7 DigitalPersona Pro Enterprise
3.5.8 DigitalPersona Fingerprint Biometrics
3.5.9 DigitalPersona 5160 Fingerprint Reader
3.5.10 DigitalPersona, Inc. UPEK TouchChip TCRU1C
3.5.11 DigitalPersona, ikonTouch 700
3.5.12 DigitalPersona, Inc. ikonTouch 700
3.6 Apple / AuthenTec Smart Sensors Fingerprint Authentication Includes Touch Control Navigation And Personalization
3.6.1 Technology Embedded in Apple iPhone and 7.85-Inch iPad are 2D Fingerprint Scanners
3.6.2 Apple Computer Line-Up Uses AuthenTec Sensors
3.6.3 Apple Pay via Touch ID.
3.6.4 Apple Next-Gen Touch Panel Technology
3.6.5 Apple Nano Silver Wire Materials That Bring Sensitivity to iPad Displays
3.7 Fingerprints Card AB
3.7.1 Fingerprints Card AB FPC1155
3.7.2 Fingerprints Card AB FPC1145
3.7.3 Fingerprints Card AB FPC1150
3.7.4 Fingerprints FPC1011F3 Area
3.7.5 Fingerprints FPC1080A Swipe
3.7.6 Fingerprints FPC2020
3.8 Atos
3.8.1 Biometric Authentication In Hospitals
3.8.2 Atos Biometric Electronic ID and Border Control
3.8.3 ID Center from Atos
3.9 Synaptics
3.9.1 Synaptics Match-in-Sensor Fingerprint Authentication Technology
3.9.2 Synaptics Touch Biometric Solutions
3.9.3 Synaptics Natural ID™ Fingerprint Identification
3.10 Integrated Biometrics
3.10.1 Integrated Biometrics LES Fingerprint Sensors
3.10.2 Integrated Biometrics Sherlock
3.10.3 Integrated Biometrics Watson Mini
3.10.4 Integrated Biometrics Columbo
3.11 Intel True Key Facial Recognition Password Authentication
3.11.1 Intel Biometric Security Technology
3.11.2 Intel Healthcare
3.12 Qualcomm Biometric Security Technology
3.12.1 Qualcomm Snapdragon
3.13 BIO-key
3.13.1 BIO-Key Large Scale Biometrics
3.13.2 Bio-Key, Web-Key
3.13.3 Bio-Key Challenge: Protecting Gateways To Information
3.13.4 Bio-Key Extensible and Scalable Authentication Framework
3.13.5 BIO-key VST - Vector Segment Technology
3.13.6 Bio-Key Leader in Biometric Fingerprint Software
3.13.7 BIO-key for Healthcare
3.13.8 BIO-key for Identity and Access Management
3.13.9 BIO-key for Mobility
3.13.10 BIO-key Large Scale ID
3.13.11 BIO-key for End Users
3.13.12 BIO-key BSP ( Biometric Service Provider)
3.13.13 BIO-key International's BSP Advantages
3.13.14 BIO-key Finger-Based Biometric Identification / Personal Identity Verification
3.14 Precise Biometrics
3.14.1 Precise BioMatch™ Mobile
3.14.2 Precise Fingerprint Algorithm for Hardware Platforms
3.14.3 Precice Fingerprint Technology for Smart Cards
3.14.4 Precise Biometrics Tactivo
3.14.5 Precise Tactivo for iPhone
3.14.6 Precise Tactivo for iPad
3.14.7 Precise Tactivo Mini for Android
3.14.8 Precise Biometrics Easy App Integration
3.14.9 Precise Biometrics Smart Card Government Compliance
3.14.10 Precise Match-on-Card for National ID
3.14.11 Precise U.S. Government Solutions
3.14.12 Precise Enterprise Solutions for Secure Sign-On
3.14.13 Precise Biometrics Reduces Risk And Cost
3.14.14 Precise Secure Mobile Authentication for Enterprise
3.14.15 Precise Match-on-Card for Enterprise Solutions
3.14.16 Precise Biometrics Flexible Solution
3.14.17 Precise Biometrics Customization
3.14.18 Precise Partner Solutions
3.15 Fujitsu
3.15.1 Fujitsu PalmSecure® Mouse
3.15.2 Fujitsu PalmSecure Mouse
3.15.3 Fujitsu PalmEntryXS Access Control System
3.15.4 Fujitsu PalmSecure™
3.15.5 Fujitsu PalmEntry™ Access Control System
3.15.6 Fujitsu PalmSecure Vein Recognition Technology
3.15.7 Fujitsu Med-Serv 50
3.15.8 Fujitsu Biometrics-as-a-Service Cloud Offering
3.16 Labcal India
3.16.1 Labcal India IrisAccess 7000
3.16.2 Labcal India IrisAccess 4000
3.16.3 Labcal India Iris Access Control
3.16.4 Labcal Be.U Mobile Series
3.16.5 Labcal Applications for the Be.U Mobile
3.17 SecuGen
3.17.1 SecuGen Hamster Pro20
3.17.2 SecuGen Hamster Pro Duo/CL
3.17.3 SecuGen Hamster Plus
3.17.4 SecuGen Hamster IV
3.17.5 SecuGen iD-USB SC
3.17.6 Benefits of Using SecuGen Peripherals
3.17.7 SecuGen OptiMouse Plus
3.18 NitGen & Company
3.18.1 NitGen eNBioAccess-T9
3.18.2 NitGen Fingkey Hamster DX
3.18.3 NitGen Fingkey Hamster DX
3.18.4 NitGen Fingkey Access Plus
3.18.5 NitGen NAC-5000
3.18.6 NitGen NAC-2500 Plus
3.18.7 NitGen Access Manager Pro
3.18.8 NitGen FIM Module
3.19 Atmel
3.20 Computer Science Corporation (CSC)
3.20.1 CSC Biometrics with CDISC & SDTM
3.20.2 CSC Identity Management Trusted Enterprise Suite
3.21 Accu-Time Systems
3.21.1 Accu-Time Systems Optimus2
3.21.2 Accu-Time Systems AccuTouch
3.21.3 Accu-Time Systems Maximus
3.21.4 Accu-Time Systems Prodigy
3.22 Avalon Biometrics
3.22.1 Avalon VeriDoc
3.22.2 Avalon VeriDocWeb
3.22.3 Avalon BioCap
3.22.4 Avalon Central Registration System
3.22.5 Avalon MVT - Mobile Application Suite - Enrolment / Verification / Identification terminal
3.23 Supra eKey
3.23.1 Supra eKey Basic
3.23.2 eKEY
3.23.3 eKEY Adapter for iPhone® and iPad®
3.23.4 eKey Professional
3.23.5 E Key ActiveKEY
3.23.6 eKey DisplayKEY
3.23.7 eKey Real Estate Agents Use SupraWEB
3.23.8 ekey home – Stand-alone Solution
3.23.9 ekey Home Finger Scanner Wall-Mounted
3.23.10 ekey Home Finger Scanner FSB
3.23.11 ekey Multi – Extended Stand-Alone Solution
3.23.12 ekey Multi Finger Scanner Outlet-Mounted
3.23.13 ekey Net – Networkable Solution
3.23.14 ekey Logon Server
3.24 Green Bit
3.24.1 Green Bit Livescans
3.24.2 Green Bit DactyScan26
3.24.3 Green Bit DactyScan26i
3.24.4 Green Bit Law Enforcement & P.A.
3.24.5 Green Bit Commercial Applications
3.24.6 Green Bit DactyMatch SDK
3.25 Merkatum: Biometrics Security & ID
3.25.1 Merkatum FaceFinder LE Targets Law Enforcement Agencies
3.25.2 Merkatum ELA Logical Authentication
3.25.3 Merkatum Bioscheduler Physical Access Control
3.25.4 Merkatum emfiva F/FRS
3.25.5 Merkatum ELA Logical Authentication
3.26 Suprema
3.26.1 Suprema BioStar 2
3.26.2 Suprema BioStar Automatic User Synchronization
3.26.3 Suprema BioStar 2 API
3.26.4 Suprema BioStar Mobile
3.26.5 Suprema BioStation 2
3.26.6 Suprema FaceStation
3.26.7 Suprema BioLite Net
3.26.8 Suprema BioLite Solo
3.26.9 Suprema BioEntry W
3.26.10 Suprema X-Station
3.26.11 Suprema Xpass
3.26.12 Suprema Xpass2
3.26.13 Suprema RealScan G10
3.26.14 Suprema RealScan D
3.27 UnionCommunity / Virdi
3.27.1 VIRDI AC F100
3.27.2 ViRDI AC 5000
3.28 Aware 500
3.28.1 Aware LiveScan API
3.28.2 Aware PreFace
3.28.3 Aware IrisCheck
3.28.4 Aware AccuScan
3.28.5 Aware AccuPrint
3.28.6 Aware Nexa
3.29 Vision-Box®
3.30 Zvetco Biometrics Products
3.31 Tyco Integrated Security Biometrics
3.31.1 Tyco Facial Recognition Profile
3.32 EgisTec 519
3.32.1 EgisTec Touch Sensor-ET300 Can Detect Fingerprint Conditions
3.32.2 EgisTec Image Quality
3.32.3 EgisTec Cloud
3.33 STMicroelectronics Biometric Solutions for Healthcare
3.33.1 STMicroelectronics Body Gateway
3.33.2 STMicroelectronics Lab-on-Chip
3.33.3 STMicroelectronics Pulse Generator for Ultrasound Imaging
3.33.4 STMicroelectronics’ Cooperation with French Start-ups and SMEs
3.34 SAIC 529
3.34.1 SAIC Voice Identity Biometrics Exploitation Services (VIBES)
3.34.2 SAIC Voice Biometrics Applications
3.35 Gemalto Avalon Biometrics Border Management
3.35.1 Gemalto Avalon Biometrics Document Verification of Travel & ID Documents
3.36 MotionQR
3.37 Next Biometrics
3.38 motionQR
3.38.1 M2SYS M2-EasyScan™ USB Fingerprint Reader
3.38.2 M2SYS M2-FuseID™ Advanced Fingerprint Reader
3.38.3 M2SYS M2-S™ Fingerprint Scanner
3.38.4 M2SYS M2-TenPrint™ – Fingerprint Live Scanner
3.38.5 M2SYS M2-TwoPrint™ Dual Fingerprint Scanner
3.38.6 M2SYS M2-PalmVein™ – Secure palm vein scanner
3.38.7 M2SYS M2-FingerVein™ – Non-invasive finger vein reader
3.38.8 M2SYS M2-AutoTilt™ Iris scanner – iris recognition camera
3.38.9 M2SYS Iris Reader – Cross Match I SCAN 2 Iris Camera
3.38.10 Jail & Prisoner Management System – PrisonSecure™
3.38.11 M2SYS Workforce Management
3.38.12 M2SYS Biometric Patient Identification Solutions
3.38.13 M2SYS Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS)
3.39 NEXT Biometrics
3.39.1 NEXT Biometrics Production Process
3.39.2 NEXT Biometrics Advantages of Polysilicon
3.39.3 NEXT Biometrics Module Level Competitiveness
3.39.4 NEXT Biometrics NB-2020-S
3.39.5 NEXT Biometrics NB-2010-S
3.39.6 NEXT Biometrics NB-0510 Chipset
3.39.7 NEXT Biometrics NB-1011-S
3.39.8 NEXT Biometrics NB-1010-S PCB Module
3.40 Agnitio Voice Biometrics Technology Commercial Products
3.40.1 Agnitio Kivox 360
3.40.2 Agnitio Kivox Passive Voice Detection
3.40.3 Agnitio Government Products
3.40.4 Agnitio BATVOX
3.40.5 Agnitio ASIS
3.40.6 Agnitio BS3
3.40.7 Agnitio SIFT
3.41 SIC Biometrics Smartphones Biometric Fingerprint Identification Solution
3.41.1 SIC Biometrics Tablet Biometric Fingerprint Identification Solution
3.41.2 SIC Biometrics Touchprox – Biometric Proximity Security Card
3.41.3 SIC Biometrics Turnkey Mobile Biometric Security Solutions
3.42 Mobbeel MobbID
3.43 Cognitec Systems FaceVACS-VideoScan
3.43.1 Cognitec Systems FaceVACS-DBScan
3.43.2 Cognitec Systems Mobile Examiner
3.43.3 Cognitec Systems FaceVACS-Entry
3.43.4 Cognitec Systems FaceVACS-PortraitAcquisition
3.43.5 Cognitec Systems Facevacs Technology
3.44 Daon IdentityX
3.44.1 DaonEngine
3.44.2 Daon Mobile Authentication
3.44.3 Daon Border Management & Identification
3.44.4 Daon Identity Providers/NSTIC
3.45 Diamond Fortress PassPrint
3.46 FaceFirst Airports & Transportation
3.46.1 FaceFirst Commercial Security
3.46.2 FaceFirst Gaming
3.46.3 FaceFirst Law Enforcement
3.46.4 FaceFirst Retail
3.47 FotoNation FACEPOWER™
3.47.1 FotoNation Fotosavvy™
3.47.2 FotoNation Digitalaperture™
3.47.3 FotoNation Lifefocus™
3.48 IDtech360 Lumidigm Mercury M301
3.48.1 IDtech360 Lumidigm Mariner M311
3.48.2 IDtech360 Lumidigm v300
3.48.3 IDtech360 ViRDI AC5000
3.48.4 IDtech360 ViRDI AC6000
3.48.5 IDtech360 ViRDI AC7000
3.48.6 IDtech360 ViRDI AC-F100
3.49 Iris ID Iris Recognition Technology
3.49.1 Iris ID IrisAccess 7000
3.50 IriTech IriShield™ Series
3.50.1 IriTech IriMagic™ Series
3.50.2 IriTech IriHerald™
3.51 WCC Smart Search & Match Border Control
3.51.1 WCC Justice & Public Safety
3.51.2 WCC Civil Identity
3.51.3 WCC ELISE Software Platform
3.52 Suprema Biometrics Products
4.1 Enabling Biometric Fingerprint Technologies
4.1.1 Fingerprint Recognition
4.1.2 Fingerprint Technology
4.1.3 Fingerprint SDKs
4.1.4 Fingerprint Enabling Technology
4.1.5 Surface Texture Analysis
4.1.6 Capacitive Position Sensing Technology.
4.1.7 Capacitive Force Sensing Technology.
4.1.8 Transparent Capacitive Position Sensing Technology
4.1.9 Pattern Recognition Technology
4.1.10 Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuit Technology
4.1.11 Display Systems and Circuit Technology
4.1.12 Capacitive Active Pen Technology.
4.1.13 Microcontroller Technology
4.1.14 Fingerprint Sensing Technology
4.2 Facial Recognition:
4.2.1 Facial Recognition Provides Flexible Biometric Verification
4.2.2 NEC Biometrics Face Recognition Generalized Matching Face Detection Method (GMFD)
4.2.3 Adaptive Regional Blend Matching (ARBM) Method
4.2.4 Perturbation Space Method (PSM)
4.3 Enhancing Biometric Precision
4.4 Face Recognition Technology Flexible And Powerful
4.4.1 Facial Recognition SDKs
4.4.2 Facial Recognition Uses
4.4.3 Face Recognition Biometric System Deployment Considerations
4.4.4 Face Recognition Technology
4.5 Advanced Biometric Shape Recognition
4.5.1 Pattern Recognition
4.6 Technology Leaders: Confirmed by NIST
4.7 Rapid DNA Identification
4.8 Iris Reading Algorithms
4.8.1 Iris Reading Accuracy
4.9 Biometrics Impact On Network Operations
4.10 Enrollment And Identification
4.11 Neural Networks
4.12 Security of Biometric ID Systems
4.13 Perceptual Computing and Apps Detect Heart Rate
4.14 Biometric Standards
4.19.1 Safran Morpho Supports Compliance with Standards
5.2 Selected Biometric Industry Mergers and Acquisitions
5.2.1 Acquisition by Atos of Siemens IT Solutions and Services 2011
5.2.2 ST Microelectronics (Finger-Scan) Spins off UPEK
5.2.3 Motorola Selling Biometrics Business SAFRAN / Sagem SÄ
5.2.4 Safran Acquisition of L-1 Identity Solutions Formed From A Merger of Visage Technology, Inc. and Identix
5.2.5 3M Acquisition of Cogent
5.2.6 Amano USA Holdings, Inc. (AUH) acquired ATS
5.2.7 Apple Acquired AuthenTec
5.2.8 AuthenTec Acquisitions of SafeNet’s Embedded Security Solution Division, UPEK, Inc., PeerSec Networks and Proxure, Inc.
5.2.9 Smart Sensor Solutions
5.2.10 BIO-Key International / S.I.C.
5.2.11 Cross Match Acquired The Biometric Business of DigitalPersona
5.2.12 Cross Match Acquired Biometric Authentication Business of Labcal Technologies
5.2.13 Francisco Partners Acquired Cross Match Technologies
5.2.14 Gemalto / Avalon Biometrics
5.2.15 Dialog Semiconductor / Atmel
5.2.16 IdentiPHI
5.2.17 Steria
5.2.18 Symantec Acquires VeriSign Security Business
5.3 3M
5.3.1 3M at a Glance (Year-end 2014)
5.3.2 3M Revenue
5.3.3 3M Biometric Customers
5.3.4 3M Business Groups
5.3.5 3M/Cogent Systems
5.3.6 3M Cogent Advanced Technology
5.3.7 3M Business.
5.4 Agnitio
5.5 Amano USA Holdings, Inc / Accu-Time Systems
5.5.1 Accu-Time Systems
5.5.2 Amano Japan / Accu-Time Systems
5.6 Apple / AuthenTec
5.6.1 Authentec Revenue Recognition – Smart Sensors
5.6.2 Apple
5.6.3 Apple Business Strategy
5.6.4 Apple Products
5.6.5 Apple iPhone
5.6.6 Apple Mac Hardware Products
5.6.7 Apple iPod
5.6.8 Apple iTunes®
5.6.9 Apple Mac App Store
5.6.10 Apple iCloud
5.6.11 Apple Software Products and Computer Technologies
5.6.12 Apple Operating System Software iOS
5.6.13 Apple Mac OS X
5.6.14 Apple Third-Largest Mobile Phone Maker
5.6.15 Apple Revenue
5.6.16 Apple Regional Segment Operating Performance
5.6.17 Apple Net Sales
5.6.18 Apple iPhone Shipments
5.1.1 Apple iPad Shipments
5.7 Atos
5.8 Aware
5.8.1 Aware Company Overview
5.8.2 Aware DSL
5.8.3 Aware Revenue
5.8.4 Aware’s Strategy
5.8.5 Aware Mobile Biometric Solution
5.9 Bethcom
5.10 BIO-key
5.10.1 BIO-key Security Solutions
5.10.2 BIO-key Smart Phone Markets
5.10.3 BIO-key Business Model
5.10.4 BIO-key Identity Management, User Authentication, Privilege Entitlement and Access Control
5.11 Cognitec Systems
5.12 Communication Intelligence Corporation
5.12.1 CIC Revenue
5.12.2 CIC Customers
5.12.3 CIC Business
5.12.4 CIC Core Technologies
5.12.5 CIC Products
5.13 Cross Match / Francisco Partners
5.13.1 DigitalPersona
5.13.2 DigitalPersona Target Markets and Customers
5.13.3 Francisco Partners Sponsors Cross Match Technologies
5.13.4 Cross Match SEEK Avenger Handheld
5.13.5 Cross Match SEEK Avenger Customers
5.13.6 Cross Match Technologies Labcal
5.13.7 Cross Match Products
5.13.8 Cross Match Technologies Labcal
5.13.9 Labcal India
5.14 CSC
5.14.1 CSC Strategy
5.15 Daon
5.16 Dialog Semiconductor / Atmel
5.17 Diamond Fortress
5.18 EgisTec
5.19 FaceFirst
5.20 Fingerprint Cards AB
5.20.1 Fingerprint Cards Revenue
5.20.2 Fingerprint Cards’ Technology Competitive Advantages
5.20.3 Fingerprint Cards Sensor Technology Embraced by Microsoft
5.21 FotoNation
5.22 Fujitsu
5.22.1 Fujitsu Revenue
5.22.2 Fujitsu Technology Solutions Services
5.22.3 Fujitsu Biometrics-as-a-Service
5.22.4 Fujitsu Personal Computers
5.22.5 Fujitsu Development and Production Facilities
5.22.6 Fujitsu Corporate Strategy
5.22.7 Fujitsu Interstage
5.22.8 Fujitsu Acquires RunMyProcess Cloud Service Provider
5.23 Gemalto
5.23.1 Gemalto Group /Avalon Biometrics
5.23.2 Gemalto /Avalon Biometrics
5.23.3 Avalon Biometrics Solutions
5.23.4 Gemalto Avalon Biometrics Border Management
5.23.5 Gemalto Avalon Biometrics Document Verification of Travel & ID Documents
5.23.6 Gemalto Avalon Biometrics Live & Form-based Enrollment
5.23.7 Gemalto Avalon Biometrics Live Enrollment Solutions Mobile Applications
5.23.8 Avalon Biometrics
5.23.9 Avalon Biometrics SL Ghana Visa & Border Management System
5.24 Google
5.24.1 Google 2012 Corporate Highlights
5.24.2 Google Search
5.24.3 Google Revenue
5.24.4 Google Second Quarter 2013 Results
5.24.5 Google / Motorola
5.25 Goodix Technology
5.26 Green Bit
5.27 IBM Facial Recognition
5.27.1 IBM
5.27.2 IBM Strategy
5.27.3 IBM PureData System for Transactions
5.27.4 IBM Business Partners
5.27.5 IBM Messaging Extension for Web Application Pattern
5.27.6 IBM PureSystems Partners
5.27.7 IBM MobileFirst
5.27.8 IBM Business Analytics and Optimization Strategy
5.27.9 IBM Growth Market Initiatives
5.27.10 IBM Business Analytics and Optimization
5.27.11 IBM Strategy
5.27.12 IBM Smarter Planet
5.27.13 IBM Cloud Computing
5.27.14 IBM Business Model
5.27.15 IBM Business Revenue Segments And Capabilities
5.28 IdentiPHI
5.29 Idex
5.30 IDtech360
5.31 Integrated Biometrics
5.32 Intel
5.31.1 Intel Business
5.31.2 Intel Company Strategy
5.31.3 Intel In The Internet Of Things Market Segment
5.31.4 Intel Competitive Advantages
5.32 Interlink Electronics
5.33 Iris ID Systems
5.34 IriTech
5.35 RDSK / Litronic
5.35.2 Litronic Customers
5.35.3 Litronic Patents
5.36 M2SYS
5.37 Mereal Biometrics
5.38 Merkatum Biometrics Security & ID
5.38.2 Merkatum Target Customers
5.39 Mobbeel
5.40 Mobizent
5.41 NEC
5.41.2 NEC Revenue
5.41.3 NEC Leading Company In Small Cell Solutions
5.41.4 NEC Business Outline
5.42 Next Biommetrics
5.43 NitGen & Company
5.43.2 Nitgen & Company, Investment of US $38 Million
5.43.3 Nitgen Marine Oil Bunkering Business
5.43.4 Supply of Fingerprint Scanner with the Korean Government's National Electral System
5.44 Nuance
5.44.2 Nuance Voice Biometrics
5.45 Precise Biometrics
5.45.2 Precise Biometrics Customers
5.45.3 Precise Biometrics’ Tactivo™ Security Enhancements for Mobile Apps
5.46 Qualcom
5.46.1 Qualcomm
5.46.2 Qualcomm Business
5.46.3 QMC Offers Comprehensive Chipset Solutions
5.46.4 Qualcomm Government Technologies
5.46.5 Qualcomm Internet Services
5.46.6 Qualcomm Ventures
5.46.7 Qualcomm Revenue
5.46.8 Qualcomm / WiPower
5.47 Reserve Group / Integrated Biometrics
5.32.1 Integrated Biometrics Nanotechnology, Accurate, High Resolution, Analog Image Of The Fingerprint868
5.32.2 Integrated Biometrics
5.33 Safran Morpho
5.33.1 Safran Morpho Identification Division
5.33.2 Safran Morpho e-Documents Division
5.33.3 Safran Morpho e-Documents Payments
5.33.4 Safran Morpho e-Documents Identity & Access Management
5.33.5 Safran Morpho Global Presence
5.33.6 Safran Morpho Detection Division
5.33.7 Safran Morpho Revenue 2015
5.33.8 Key figures for the first quarter of 2015
5.33.9 Safran Morpho Business Highlights
5.33.10 Safran Security Revenue
5.33.11 Morpho
5.33.12 Safran Morpho / Bioscrypt
5.33.13 Safran Morpho Civil Identification
5.33.14 Safran Aadhaar: Biometric Technology Driving An Economic And Social Revolution
5.34 Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)
5.35 SecuGen
5.35.1 SecuGen Fingerprint Technology for Android
5.35.2 SecuGen Hamster IV Fingerprint Reader STQC Certification for India's UID Project
5.36 SIC Biometrics
5.37 SmartMetric
5.38 Smiths Detection
5.39 Steria
5.39.1 Steria Revenue
5.40 STMicroelectronics
5.40.1 ST Microelectronics (Finger-Scan) Creaes UPEK
5.41 Suprema 914
5.41.1 Suprema FVC Results
5.41.2 Suprema Revenue
5.42 Symantec
5.42.1 Symantec Security in Information-Driven World
5.42.2 Symantec Core Business Positioned for Growth
5.42.3 Symantec Acquires VeriSign Security Business
5.42.4 VeriSign Check Mark Signifying Trust Online
5.42.5 Symantec Creating Trusted Interactions Online
5.42.6 Symantec Revenue
5.43 Synaptics
5.43.1 Synaptics Customers
5.44 Tyco Integrated Security
5.44.1 Tyco 930
5.44.2 Tyco Regional Revenue
5.44.3 Tyco Revenue
5.45 UnionCommunity / Virdi
5.46 United Technologies Corporation / UTC Building & Industrial Systems / Supra
5.46.1 UTC / Interlogix
5.46.2 Supra 941
5.46.3 Supra / eKey
5.46.4 eKEY Basic
5.46.5 eKEY Professional
5.46.6 eKEY Hardware
5.47 Vision-Box
5.47.1 Vision-Box Border Control Biometrics
5.47.2 Vision-Box Facial Recognition Technology
5.48 WCC Smart Search & Match
5.47.1 WCC Market Focus
5.49 WHO 949
5.50 Witswell Consulting and Services / Cyber-SIGN
5.50.1 Cyber-SIGN Biometric Technology
5.51 Zvetco Biometrics
5.51.1 S Zvetco Biometrics Products
5.52 List of Companies Participating in the Biometrics Industry
5.52.1 Fingerprint Recognition solutions ..
List of Tables and Figures
Table ES-1
Types of Biometric Devices
Table ES-2
Biometric Device Target Markets
Table ES-3
Biometrics Devices Market Driving Forces
Table ES-4
Biometrics Devices Market Dynamics
Table ES-5
Biometrics Devices Market Restraints
Figure ES-6
Biometric Devices Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2014
Figure ES-7
Biometric Devices Market Forecasts Dollars, Worldwide, 2015-2021
Table 1-1
Index of Biometrics Types
Table 1-2
Biometrics Industry Segments
Table 1-4
Biometric Store & Forward Systems Functions
Table 1-12
Cloud System Continuous Deployment Models
Table 2-1
Types of Biometric Devices
Table 2-2
Biometric Device Target Markets
Table 2-3
Biometrics Devices Market Driving Forces
Table 2-4
Biometrics Devices Market Dynamics
Table 2-5
Biometrics Devices Market Restraints
Figure 2-6
Biometric Devices Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2014
Table 2-7
Biometrics Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2014
Table 2-8
NEC Analysis of Biometric Device Market Principal Competitive Factors
Table 2-9
NEC Analysis of Biometric Device Market Competitive Advantage Factors
Figure 2-10
Safran Morpho Identity Management
Figure 2-11
Cross Match SEEK® Avenger
Table 2-12
Biometrics Law Enforcement, Workplace Access, Border Patrol, Consumer ID By Vendor Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2014
e 2-13
Biometrics Law Enforcement, Workplace Access, Border Patrol, Consumer ID By Vendor Market Shares, Percent, Worldwide, 2014
Table 2-14
Biometrics Hybrid Fingerprint, Face Recognition, and Iris / Voice DNA By Vendor Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2014
Table 2-15
Biometrics Hybrid Fingerprint, Face Recognition, and Iris / Voice / DNA By Vendor, Market Shares, Worldwide, 2014
Table 2-16
Hybrid Fingerprint, Low End, Mid Range, and High End By Vendor Market Shares, Percent of Dollars, Millions of Dollars by
Segment, Worldwide, 2014
Table 2-17
Hybrid Fingerprint Biometrics, Low End, Mid Range, and High End By Vendor Market Shares, Dollars, Number of Units,
Worldwide, 2014
Table 2-18
Civil Identification Market Segments, National / State ID, Voting, Driver Licenses, Identity Management Biometrics Segments,
Dollars and Units, Worldwide, 2015-2021
Figure 2-19
Biometric Devices Market Forecasts Dollars, Worldwide, 2015-2021
Table 2-20
Biometric Device Market Forecasts, Dollars, Shipments, Worldwide, 2015-2021
Table 2-21
Biometric Device Market Forecasts, Percent, Shipments, Worldwide, 2015-2021
Table 2-22
Biometric Market Trends
Table 2-23
Biometric Technology Market Growth Factors
Figure 2-24
Biometrics Market Segments, Fingerprint, Facial Recognition, Voice, Iris, Dollars, Worldwide, 2014
Table 2-25
Biometrics Segments, Fingerprint, Facial Recognition, Voice Recognition and Iris Scanning, Market Dollars, Worldwide,
2014 146
Table 2-26
NEC Multi-Modal Hybrid Finger Identification Characteriestics Measured
Figure 2-27
Law Enforcement Biometrics, Forecasts, Dollars, Worldwide,
Figure 2-28
Workplace Biometrics, Forecasts, Dollars, Worldwide, 2015-2021
Figure 2-29
Commercial ID Biometrics, Forecasts, Dollars, Worldwide, 2015-2021
Figute 2-30
Border Patrol and Government Biometrics, Forecasts, Dollars, Worldwide, 2015-2021
Table 2-31
Major Airports in the World
Figure 2-32
Biometric Regional Market Segments, 2014
Table 2-33
Biometrics Regional Market Segments, 2014
Figure 3-1
NEC Hybrid Finger Identification
Table 3-2
NEC Multi-Modal Hybrid Finger Identification Characteriestics Measured
Figure 3-3
NEC Multi-Biometrics
Table 3-4
NEC Multi-Biometric Authentication Technology Aspects
Table 3-5
NEC Multi-Biometric Authentication Technology Identification Solution Benefits
Figure 3-6
NEC Fingerprint Identification
Table 3-7
NEC Hybrid Finger Identification Characteristics
Figure 3-8
NEC Hybrid Finger Identification Product Configurations
Figure 3-9
NEC NeoScan 45 Mobile Fingerprint Capture Device
Table 3-10
NEC NeoScan 45 Mobile Fingerprint Capture Device Features
Table 3-11
NEC Face Recognition Features
Table 3-12
NEC FastID Features
Table 3-13
NEC FastID Applications
Table 3-14
NEC Integra-ID Benefits
Table 3-15
NEC Fingerprint Identification Features
Figure 3-16
NEC Fingerprint Identification
Table 3-17
NEC Portable DNA Analyzer Features
Table 3-18
NEC Portable DNA Analyzer Step by Step Procedures
Table 3-19
NEC Portable DNA Analyzer Technical Highlights
Figure 3-20
NEC Portable DNA Analyzer
Figure 3-21
NEC Portable DNA Analyzer STR by Electrophoresis Analysis / Analysis Program
Table 3-22
Safran Morpho Government ID Solutions
Figure 3-23
Safran Morpho MorphoCivis™
Table 3-24
Safran Morpho Population & Voter Registration Modules
Table 3-25
Morpho's Population Registration Solutions Technology
Table 3-26
Safran Morpho National ID Graphically And / Or Electronically Personalized
Table 3-27
Safran Morpho Civil Identity Management Travel Document Biometrics Advantages
Figure 3-28
Safran Morpho Identity Management
Table 3-29
Safran Morpho Public And Private Sector Security Systems Solutions
Table 3-30
Safran Morpho Solutions for Financial Institutions
Table 3-31
Safran Morpho Solution Elements for Telecom
Table 3-32
Safran Morpho Access Control Terminal Types
Figure 3-33
Safran Morpho MorphoAccess® SIGMA Series
Table 3-34
Safran Morpho Morphoaccess® and Bioscrypt Sigma Series Features
Figure 3-35
Safran Morpho MorphoAccess® J Series
Figure 3-36
Safran Morpho MorphoAccess® J Series Models and Main Features
Figure 3-37
Safran Morpho Bioscrypt 4G V-Flex Lite
m 242
Table 3-38
Figure 3-39
Safran Morpho Bioscrypt 4G V-Station Extreme
Table 3-40
Figure 3-41
Safran Morpho Bioscrypt 4G V-Station Extreme
Table 3-42
Figure 3-43
Safran Morpho Morpho 3D Face Reader Features
Table 3-44
Morpho 3D Face Reader Main features
Figure 3-45
Safran Fingerprint Recognition
Table 3-46
Safran Morpho System Aspects
Figure 3-47
Safran Morpho MorphoPerso
Table 3-48
MorphoPerso ID Documents Lifecycle Management Flexible Solution
Figure 3-49
Safran Morpho MorphoCheck™
Figure 3-50
Safran Morpho MorphoRapID™
Figure 3-51
Safran Morpho MorphoTouch™ 1200 Series
Figure 3-52
Safran Morpho MorphoTouch™ 1200 Series Features
Figure 3-53
Safran Morpho MorphoBIS
Table 3-54
MorphoBIS, Morpho’s Next Generation AFIS Functions
Table 3-55
MorphoBIS, Morpho’s next generation AFIS Features
Figure 3-56
Safran Morpho MetaMorpho
Table 57 264
MetaMorpho™ ABIS Store And Management of Fingerprints And Palm Prints In A Single Database Feratures
Figure 3-58
Safran Morpho Outdoor MorphoAccess® 500 Series
Table 3-59
MetaMorpho™ MorphoAccess® (OMA) 500 Series High-Performance Fingerprint Identification Terminals Features
Figure 3-60
Safran Morpho Secure Biometric Access
Figure 3-61
3M Biometric Enrollment Station
Table 3-62
3M Cogent Systems Multi-Biometric Scale Document Issuance Program Target Markets:
Table 3-63
3M Cogent Systems Multi-Biometric Enrollment Station (CBES) Key Features:
Table 3-64
3M Biometric Enrollment Station Features
Table 3-65
3M Facial Identification Management Solution Features
Figure 3-66
3M Identity Document Issuance System
Table 3-67
3M Facial Identity Document Issuance System
Table 3-68
3M Border Management System Features
Table 3-69
3M Cogent Systems CAFIS Features
Table 3-70
3M CAFIS Agency Solutions:
Table 3-71
3M CAFIS Features
Table 3-72
3M Cogent Systems Prime Full Function AFIS for Local Law Enforcement Agencies Features:
Table 3-73
3M Cogent Systems CAFIS Functional Capabilities
Table 3-74
3M Cogent Systems Biometric Enrollment Software Key Features:
Table 3-75
Cross Match Technologies Biometrics Offerings:
Table 3-76
Cross Match Multi-factor Government Solutions Features
Table 3-77
Cross Match Solutions for Law Enforcement Features
Table 3-78
Cross Match Government Solutions Features
Table 3-79
Cross Match Retail Solutions Features
Figure 3-80
Cross Match Eikon USB Biometric Readers
Table 3-81
Cross Match Eikon USB Biometric Reader Features
Figure 3-82
DigitalPersona Biometrics, Multi-Factor Authentication and Access Management
Table 3-83
DigitalPersona Biometrics, Multi-Factor Authentication and Access Management Functions
Figure 3-84
DigitalPersona Pro Enterprise
Table 3-85
DigitalPersona Biometrics, Multi-Factor Authentication Pro Enterprise Features
DigitalPersona, Inc. ikonTouch 700Features
Figure 3-86
Apple Passbook Application
Figure 3-87
Apple Touch Gesture Biometrics
Figure 3-88
Fingerprints Card AB FPC1155
Table 3-89
Fingerprint Cards AB FPC 1155 Features
Figure 3-90
Fingerprints Card AB FPC1145
Table 3-91
Fingerprint Cards AB FPC1145 Features
Figure 3-92
Fingerprints Card AB FPC1150
Table 3-93
Fingerprint Cards AB FPC1150 Features
Figure 3-94
Fingerprints FPC1011F3 Area
Table 3-95
Fingerprints FPC1011F3 Area
Figure 3-96
Fingerprints FPC1080A Swipe
Table 3-97
Fingerprints FPC1080A Swipe
Figure 3-98
Fingerprints FPC2020
Table 3-99
Fingerprints Card FPC2020
TABLE 3-100
Atos ID Center XS Features
Table 3-101
Synaptics Biometrics Solutions Benefits
Table 3-102
Synaptics Natural ID Features
Figure 3-103
Integrated Biometrics Sherlock
Figure 3-104
Integrated Biometrics Watson Mini
Figure 3-105
Integrated Biometrics Columbo
Figure 3-106
Intel True Key
Figure 3-107
Qualcomm Snapdragon
Table 3-108
Qualcomm Snapdragon Features
TABLE 3-109
Bio-Key Large Scale Biometrics Features
Figure 3-110
Bio-Key WEB-key Flexible Services, Administrative Tools And Connecting APIs Workflow
Table 3-111
Bio-Key WEB-key Flexible Services, Administrative Tools And Connecting APIs Workflow
Table 3-112
Bio-Key Simple Enrollment, Fast Authentication
Table 3-113
BIO-key WEB-key Benefits
Table 3-114
BIO-key VST Benefits
Table 3-115
BIO-Key International Biometric Technology Solutions
Table 3-116
BIO-key Large Scale ID Features
Table 3-117
BIO-key Large Scale ID Functions
Table 3-118
BIO-key for End User Systems
Table 3-119
BioAPI Consortium Standard API
Table 3-120
BIO-key's SDK Software Development Kit Features
Table 3-145
PalmEntry™ Access Control System
Figure 3-146
Fujitsu Med-Serv 50
Figure 3-147
Fujitsu Med-Serv 50 Kiosk Features
Table 3-148
Fujitsu Med-Serv 50 Features
Figure 3-149
Labcal India Iris Access Control
Table 3-150
Labcal Be.U Mobile Series Biometric Features
Figure 3-151
SecuGen Hamster Pro20
Figure 3-152
SecuGen Hamster Pro Duo/CL
Figure 3-153
SecuGen Hamster Plus
Figure 3-154
SecuGen Hamster IV
Figure 3-155
SecuGen iD-USB SC
Figure 3-156
SecuGen OptiMouse Plus
Figure 3-157
NitGen eNBioAccess-T9
Table 3-158
NitGen eNBioAccess-T9 Feature
Figure 3-159
NitGen Fingkey Hamster DX
Table 3-160
NitGen Fingkey Hamster DX Features
Figure 3-161
NitGen eNBioSecure
Table 3-162
NitGen eNBioSecure Features
Figure 3-163
NitGen Fingkey Access Plus
Figure 3-164
NitGen NAC-5000
Figure 3-165
NitGen NAC-2500 Plus
Figure 3-170
NitGen Access Manager Pro
Figure 3-171
NitGen FIM Module
Table 3-172
NitGen & Company FIM Module Biometrics Functions
Table 3-173
CSC Biometrics with CDISC & SDTM
Table 3-174
CSC’s Trusted Identity Enterprise Suite Full-Spectrum, Fully Integrated Solution Portfolio Modules
Figure 3-175
Accu-Time Systems Optimus2
Table 3-176
Accu-Time Systems Optimus2 Features
Figure 3-177
Accu-Time Systems AccuTouch
Table 3-178
Accu-Time Systems AccuTouch
Figure 3-179
Accu-Time Systems Maximus
Figure 3-180
Accu-Time Systems Maximus
Figure 3-181
Accu-Time Systems Prodigy
Table 3-182
Accu-Time Systems Prodigy Feature
Figure 3-183
Avalon Central Registration System
Table 3-184
Avalon MVT - Mobile Application Suite Components
Table 3-185
Avalon MVT - Mobile Application Suite Key Features
Figure 3-186
Supra eKey Basic
Table 3-187
dsaeKey smartphone or tablet as a lockbox key
Table 3-188
ekey multi – Extended Stand-Alone Solution Features
Table 3-189
ekey Home Finger Scanner Feature Highlights
Figure 3-190
ekey Home Finger Scanner Wall-Mounted 2.0
Figure 3-191
ekey Home Finger Scanner FSB
Table 3-192
ekey multi – Extended Stand-Alone Solution Features
Figure 3-193
ekey Multi Finger Scanner Outlet-Mounted
Table 3-194
ekey Net – Networkable Solution Features
Table 3-195
ekey Logon Server Functionality
Table 3-196
ekey Logon Server Benefits
Figure 3-197
Green Bit DactyScan26
Figure 3-198
Green Bit DactyScan26i
Table 3-199
Characteristics of Green Bit Scanners
Table 3-200
Green Bit DactyMatch SDK
Table 3-201
Merkatum FaceFinder LE Benefits
Table 3-202
Merkatum ELA Logical Authentication Benefits
Table 3-203
Merkatum Bioscheduler Benefits
Figure 3-204
Merkatum emfiva F/FRS
Table 3-205
Merkatum ELA Logical Authentication Benefits:
Figure 3-206
Suprema BioStation 2
Figure 3-207
Suprema FaceStation
Figure 3-208
Suprema BioLite Net
Figure 3-209
Suprema BioLite Solo
Figure 3-210
Suprema BioEntry W
Figure 3-211
Suprema X-Station
Figure 3-212
Suprema Xpass
Figure 3-213
Suprema Xpass2
Figure 3-214
Suprema RealScan G10
Figure 3-215
Suprema RealScan D
Figure 3-216
Figure 3-217
ViRDI AC 5000
Figure 3-218
Aware PreFace
Figure 3-219
Aware IrisCheck
Figure 3-220
Aware AccuCheck
Figure 3-221
Aware AccuPrint
Figure 3-222
Aware Nexa
Table 3-223
Aware Primary Biometrics Systems Target Markets
Table 3-224
Tyco Facial Recognition Specifications
Table 3-225
Tyco Facial Recognition Special
Table 3-226
Tyco Facial Recognition Parameters
Table 3-227
Tyco Full Range Of Access Control Solutions
Table 3-228
EgisTec Touch Sensor Detection of Fingerprint Sensor Module And Conditions
Figure 3-229
EgisTec’s Unique E-Field (Capacitance) Imaging Technology
Table 3-230
EgisTec Image Quality Advantages
Table 3-231
EgisTec Key Features of CloudHub
Table 3-232
ST Innovation Clusters
Table 3-233
SAIC Voice Biometrics Open Architecture Functions
Table 3-234
SAIC Voice Biometrics Open Architecture Features
Table 3-235
SAIC Voice Biometrics Open Architecture Benefits
Table 3-236
NEXT Biometrics Product Formats
Figure 3-237
M2SYS M2-EasyScan
Table 3-238
M2SYS M2-EasyScan Features
Table 3-239
M2SYS M2-EasyScan Benefit
Figure 3-240
Table 3-241
M2SYS M2-Fuse ID Feature
Figure 3-242
M2SYS M2-S™ Fingerprint Scanner
Table 3-243
M2SYS M2-s Fingerprint Scanner Feature
Table 3-244
M2SYS M2-s Fingerprint Scanner Feature
Figure 3-245
M2SYS M2-TenPrint
Table 3-246
M2SYS M2-TenPrint Feature
Figure 3-247
M2SYS M2-TwoPrint
Table 3-248
M2SYS M2-TwoPrint Feature
Table 3-249
M2SYS M2-TwoPrint Feature
Figure 3-250
M2SYS M2-PalmVein
Table 3-251
M2SYS M2-PalmVein Feature
Table 3-252
M2SYS M2-PalmVein Feature
Figure 3-253
M2SYS M2-FingerVein
Table 3-254
M2SYS M2-TwoPrint Feature
Table 3-255
M2SYS M2-TwoPrint Feature
Figure 3-256
M2SYS M2Auto-Tilt
Table 3-257
M2SYS M2-AutoTilt Feature
Table 3-258
M2SYS M2-AutoTilt Feature
Figure 3-259
M2SYS IrisReader
Table 3-260
M2SYS IrisReader Feature
Table 3-261
M2SYS IrisReader Feature
Figure 3-262
M2SYS PrisonSecure
Table 3-263
M2SYS PrisonSecureFeature
Table 3-264
Element Testing Performed In Next Engineering Labs
Figure 3-265
NEXT Biometrics NB-2020-S
Figure 3-266
NEXT Biometrics NB-3010-U
Figure 3-267
NEXT Biometrics NB-1011-S
Figure 3-268
NEXT Biometrics NB-1010-S PCB Module
Figure 3-269
Biometrics TOUCHPROX – Biometric Proximity Security Card
TABLE 3-270
SIC Biometrics Touchprox - Biometric Proximity Security Card Features
TABLE 3-271
SIC Biometrics Touchprox - Biometric Proximity Security Card Benefits
Figure 3-272
Cognitec Systems FaceVACS-VideoScan
Figure 3-273
Daon IdentityX Biometric Platform Components
Table 3-274
IdentityX Platform Functions
Figure 3-275
Daon Border Management & Identification
Table 3-276
Daon’s Solutions For Federated Identity Management Features
Table 3-277
FaceFirst® Identification Facial Recognition Functions
Figure 3-278
IDtech360 Lumidigm Mercury M301
Figure 3-279
IDtech360 Lumidigm Mariner M311
Figure 3-280
IDtech360 Lumidigm v300
Figure 3-281
IDtech360 ViRDI AC5000
Figure 3-282
IDtech360 ViRDI AC6000
Figure 3-283
IDtech360 ViRDI AC7000
Figure 3-284
IDtech360 ViRDI AC-F100
Figure 3-285
IriTech IriHerald™
Table 3-286
WCC Smart Search & Match Border Control Systems Features
Table 3-287
ELISE Software Platform Features
Figure 3-288
Suprema Biometrics Products
Figure 4-1
Biometric Fingerprint Pattern Measurements
Table 4-2
Human Interface Semiconductor Product Solutions Key Technologies
Table 4-3
Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuit Modules
Table 4-4
Display Systems and Circuit Technology Functional Block Modules
Figure 4-5
NEC Facial Recognition Multiple Matching Face Detector
Figure 4-6
Adaptive Regional Blend Matching (ARBM) Facial Recognition Method
Figure 4-7
NEC Perturbation Space Method (PSM) Facial Recognition Technology
Table 4-8
Enhancing Biometric Precision
Figure 4-9
Iris Reading Algorithms
Figure 4-11
Safran Morpho Identity Management
Table 5-1
3M Values
Table 5-2
3M Business Groups
Table 5-3
3M Cogent Solutions Benefits
Table 5-4
3M Cogent Solutions Target Markets
Table 5-5
ATS Positioning
Table 5-6
Key Elements of Aware Strategy:
Table 5-7
BIO-key Authentication Technology Benefits
Figure 5-8
BIO-key Biometric Tools Offered
Table 5-9
BIO-key Key Areas For Market Growth
Table 5-10
DigitalPersona Customers
Table 5-11
DigitalPersona Technology Positioning
Table 5-12
DigitalPersona Fingerprint Biometrics for Commercial and Civil ID Applications
Figure 5-13
Cross Match SEEK Avenger Handheld
Table 5-14
CSC Operating Model for Efficiency
Figure 5-15
Diamond Fortress Cell Phone Image Fingerprint
Table 5-16
Fingerprint Cards AB Profile
Table 5-17
Fingerprint Cards FPC’s Technology Competitive Advantages
Table 5-18
Fingerprint Cards Sensor Technology Target Markets
Table 5-19
Fujitsu and ImageWare Deliver Market Leading Cloud-Based Biometric Identity Management Solutions Benefits
Figure 5-20
Fujitsu Main Products
Figure 5-21
Fujitsu Global Business
Figure 5-22
Fujitsu Geographical Market Participation
Figure 5-23
Fujitsu Global Alliances
Figure 5-24
Fujitsu Mixed IT Environments Forecasts
Table 5-25
Fujitsu Facts
Table 5-26
Gemalto Avalon Biometrics Live Enrollment Solutions
Table 5-27
Avalon Biometrics Target Markets
Table 5-28
Green Bit Market Sectors: Law Enforcement, Public Authority and Commercial Applications
Table 5-29
IBM PureSystems Target Industries
Figure 5-30
Idex Customers
Figure 5-31
Idex Strong Validation of Fingerprint Sensor Mass Adoption
Figure 5-32
Idex Main Mass Market Applications
Table 5-33
Integrated Biometrics Partners
Table 5-34
Interlink Electronics Force-Sensing Resistor (FSR®) Technology Applications
Table 5-35
Interlink Electronics Force-Sensing Resistor (FSR®) Technology Market Segments
Figure 5-36
IriTech Regional Presence
Figure 5-37
IriTech Partners
Table 5-38
Litronic Patents
Table 5-39
M2SYS Biometric Platform Positioning
Table 5-40
M2SYS Biometric Platform Projects
Table 5-41
M2SYS Biometric Platform Functions
Table 5-42
M2SYS Suite Of Biometric Identity Management Solutions
Figure 5-43
Mobbeel Customers
Table 5-44
Integrated Biometrics Target Markets
Table 5-45
Safran Morpho Profile
Table 5-46
Safran Morpho Technology Position In The Security Chain
Table 5-47
Safran Morpho Identification Division Positioning and Target Markets
Table 5-48
Safran Types of Threat Detection
Table 5-49
Safran Threat Detection Technologies
Figure 5-50
Safran Systems Deployed In The Field
Table 5-51
Safran Morpho Identification Division
Table 5-52
Safran Morpho e-Documents Divisions
Table 5-53
Safran Morpho Detection and Divisions
Figure 5-54
Morpho Booking Stations
Figure 5-55
Morpho Fingerprint Identification System
Source: Morpho.
Table 5-56
S.I.C. Biometrics Mobile / Portable Biometric Security solutions
Figure 5-57
Steria IT Enabled Business Services
Figure 5-58
Suprema Biometrics Products
Table 5-59
Symantec Creating Trusted Interactions Online
Table 5-60
Synaptics Biometrics Solutions Benefits
Table 5-61
Synaptics Biometrics Solutions Features
Table 5-62
Synaptics OEM Customers In Fiscal 2015
Figure 5-63
Tyco Security Business
Figure 5-64
Tyco Mission Critical Solutions
Figure 5-65
Tyco Customers
Figure 5-66
Witswell Consulting and Services Cyber-SIGN Biometric Technology

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