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Top 20 U.S. Yellow Pages Markets 2009-2010

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Top 20 U.S. Yellow Pages Markets 2009-2010 is the premier source for reliable insight to past, present and future trends shaping the yellow pages metro markets in the U.S.

This report uncovers rates and trends, the collapse of syndicated usage research, sizing of revenue and market share projections shaping the marketplace.

Top 20 U.S. Yellow Pages Markets 2009-2010 arms decision-makers with an effective solution for benchmarking success, sizing up revenues, pinpointing what’s driving investment activity, spotting growth opportunities and much more.

Stamford, CT-Dec. 28, 2009-The top 20 metro markets are projected to decline 5.9% to $1.86 billion in 2009, accounting for 11.3% of total yellow pages market revenue of $16.54 billion, according to Top 20 Yellow Pages Markets 2009-2010, a new report published today from media industry forecast and analysis firm Simba Information. The report examines the industry with a focus on the publishers who are heavily invested in metro markets and the evolution of print to online as high-speed Internet access increases.

The report projects online ad sales, which grew 44.6% in the metro markets in 2009, will continue to grow in double digits in 2010, while print continues to decline in single digits.

“Instead of topping the $2 billion mark in 2009 as once suggested, the top 20 markets declined with only five—Denver, Los Angeles, Buffalo, San Francisco and Charleston, SC—reporting revenue gains; and those were in the low single digits. And, some of the markets such as Atlanta, Las Vegas and Jacksonville, FL, where publishers either shut down completely or withdrew from the market, suffered some pretty hefty revenue losses ranging from the 12% to 18% range,” said David Goddard, lead author of the Simba study. “What is ahead for the metro market? Most likely more of the same,” Goddard added.

Top 20 Yellow Pages Markets 2009-2010 includes industry revenue forecasts, industry usage figures and comprehensive profiles of leading companies.

For more information visit or contact David Goddard at 203-325-8193 x105.

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Simba Information is widely recognized as the leading authority for market intelligence in the media and publishing industry. Simba's extensive information network delivers top quality, independent perspective on the people, events and alliances shaping the media and information industry. Simba provides consulting and reports that offer key decision-makers at more than 15,000 client companies around the globe with timely analysis, exclusive statistics and proprietary industry forecasts. For more information, please visit

  • Methodology
  • Executive Summary
  • Size of the Leading Yellow Pages Metro Markets
    • Introduction
      • Table Statistical Summary of the Yellow Pages Industry, 2003-2008
      • Table Print, Internet Share of Yellow Pages Metro Markets, 2008-2011P ($ in millions)
    • Yellow Pages Market Overview
      • Table Revenue Growth in All U.S. Advertising Media, 2006-2009P ($ in millions)
      • Table Metro Market Total, Print and Online Compared to Internet and All Advertising, 2007-2009P ($ in millions)
    • Market Segments and Key Players
      • Table Publishers' Share of Revenue from Top 20 Markets, 2007-2009P (Revenue in millions)
    • Internet and Print Usage
      • Table Yellow Page References, 2006-2008
      • Table Print Yellow Pages References, Top 20 Headings, 2007-2008 (References in millions)
      • Table Internet Yellow Pages References, Top 20 Headings, 2007-2008 (References in millions)
  • Market Dynamics, Forecast & Conclusions
    • Introduction
      • Table Top 20 Metro Markets Revenue, 2005-2009P
      • Table Top 20 Metro Markets Demographic Snapshot, 2005-2009P (Revenue in millions)
      • Table Publishers' Share of Revenue from Top 20 Markets, 2008-2009P (Revenue in millions)
    • Leading Publishers in the Metro Market Arena
      • Ambassador Media Group
      • AT&T Advertising Solutions
      • Idearc Media
      • R.H. Donnelley
      • Valley Yellow Pages
      • White Directory Publishers
      • Yellowbook
    • Access to the Internet
      • Table Adults Who Use Cable, DSL or Satellite for Home Access to Internet, 2007-2009 (000)
    • Forecast & Conclusions
      • Table Metro Markets Compared to Total YP Revenue, 2008-2010 ($ in millions)
      • Table Yellow Pages Revenue Growth by Publisher Category, 1996-2010P ($ in millions)
  • Profiles of Top 20 Metro Markets
    • Albany, NY
      • Table At a Glance: Albany, NY
    • Atlanta
      • Table At a Glance: Atlanta
    • Austin, TX
      • Table At a Glance: Austin, TX
    • Boston
      • Table At a Glance: Boston
    • Buffalo, NY
      • Table At a Glance: Buffalo, NY
    • Charleston, SC
      • Table At a Glance: Charleston, SC
    • Chicago
      • Table At a Glance: Chicago
    • Dallas
      • Table At a Glance: Dallas
    • Denver
      • Table At a Glance: Denver
    • Jacksonville, FL
      • Table At a Glance: Jacksonville, FL
    • Kansas City
      • Table At a Glance: Kansas City
    • Las Vegas
      • Table At a Glance: Las Vegas
    • Los Angeles
      • Table At a Glance: Los Angeles
    • Manhattan
      • Table At a Glance: Manhattan
    • Miami
      • Table At a Glance: Miami
    • Minneapolis/St. Paul
      • Table At a Glance: Minneapolis/St. Paul
    • Phoenix
      • Table At a Glance: Phoenix
    • Sacramento, CA
      • Table At a Glance: Sacramento, CA
    • San Francisco
      • Table At a Glance: San Francisco
    • Seattle
      • Table At a Glance: Seattle
  • Profiles of Leading Print & Internet Yellow Pages Providers
    • Ambassador Media Group
      • Table At a Glance: Ambassador Media Group
    • AT&T Communications
      • Table At a Glance: AT&T Communications
      • Table Financial Size of Selected AT&T Acquisitions, Divestitures ($ in millions)
    • Idearc Media
      • Table At a Glance: Idearc Media
    • R.H. Donnelley
      • Table At a Glance: R.H. Donnelley
    • Valley Yellow Pages
      • Table At a Glance: Valley Yellow Pages
    • White Directory Publishers
      • Table At a Glance: White Directory Publishers
    • Yell Group
      • Table At a Glance: Yellowbook
      • Table Financial Size of Selected Yellowbook Acquisitions ($ in millions)

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