Professional Learning Market, 2023

Professional Learning Market, 2023

Professional Learning 2023

Total spending on US PreK-12 professional development in the 2022-2023 school year was $5.99 billion, up 2.9% from $5.76 billion in the previous year while the global market for corporate learning and development is forecast to grow from $345.56 billion in 2021 to $493.32 billion in 2028 with a CAGR of 8.9%. These are two of the highlights of SIMBA’s just released report, Professional Learning 2023

What this Report Covers

In addition to identifying the size and forecast of professional development (or “learning and development”) for both the educational and corporate workforce sectors, the report also examines the competitive landscape, key forces driving the market, technological changes, new modes of instruction, format and delivery, and the expressed needs of teachers, principals and administrators for the education sector, and workers and HR departments for the corporate sector.

Key Findings

Key findings surfaced in this report include, for the education sector, increased activity among districts and schools to develop their own professional development, a desire for personalized and active learning, and more content and training on leadership, social and emotional learning (SEL), diversity, and special education. For the corporate workforce, the report reveals the impact of an anticipated a structural labor market churn of 23% of jobs in the next five years, or a growth of 69 million jobs and a decline of 83 million jobs on vendors and suppliers of L&D products. There is forecast to be a continuing and increased need for IT skills, including cloud computing, cybersecurity and generative AI, among others.

Key Trends Discussed

Several significant trends and developments are explored and analyzed in the report. For those serving the education market, the report looks at the move towards online and hybrid learning, the importance of active learning, and the impact of larger trends such as teacher shortages and burnout and the ongoing interest in microlearning. For the corporate sector, the report examines and analyzes trends such as the role of HR-including its training selection decisions, budget expenditures and training forecasts, use of generative AI in training, the desire by workers to learn the technology, including those in HR to identify skills gaps in their organization.

About Simba Information

Simba Information is widely recognized as the authority for market intelligence in the education, media and publishing industries. Its extensive information network delivers top quality, independent perspectives on the people, events, and alliances shaping these industries. Publishers and investment professionals can trust Simba Information’s Professional Learning 2023 report to provide the inside intelligence needed to evaluate growth potential and understand the trends impacting the market for professional learning in the PreK-12, higher education, and corporate workforce markets.

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  • Executive Summary
    • For Education Professionals
      • For Corporate Learning and Development
  • Introduction & Methodology
    • Professional Learning vs. Professional Development
    • Methodology
  • What Is Professional Learning?
    • Defining Professional Development/Learning
      • Education for State Licensing Renewals
        • Table State Licensure Information
    • Key Stakeholders: Professional Learning Sector
      • Leadership's Role in PD
    • In-House Development of PD
  • Types and Components of Professional Development Courses
    • Types Of Professional Development: Methods of Delivery
    • Types Of Professional Development: Common Elements
      • Professional Development for Leadership
      • Collaboration and Leadership Development Case Study
      • Classroom Management
    • Elements Of Effective Professional Development
      • Content-Focused
      • Active Learning
      • Organization Skills
      • Stress Management
      • Feedback and Assessment
  • Trends in Professional Learning
    • New and Growing Approaches in PD Training Courses and Products
      • Personalization and Engagement
      • Teacher Shortages and Burnout
      • Curriculum-Based Professional Learning
    • Subject and Topical Areas Getting Special PD Attention
      • Special Education, Diverse Students and Learner Variability
      • Literacy
      • Social-Emotional Learning
      • STEM
    • Professional Development Technology Trends
      • Technology and Delivery of Professional Development
      • Blended Learning
      • Integration of Digital Technology into Professional Development
      • AI and Professional Development
      • Additional Emerging Trends
      • Micro-Learning Case Study
    • State Policy Changes
  • Professional Learning for Non- Instructional Staff
    • Trends in Professional Development
      • Customized Professional Learning
      • Job-embedded Professional Learning
      • Social-Emotional Professional Learning
  • Market Dynamics: Market Size, Customers, Purchasing, Funding
    • The Customer for Professional Learning Materials and Services
      • Market Opportunity: Teachers
        • Table PreK-12 Education Statistics, 2021-2022
      • Market Opportunity: Administrators
        • Table K-12 School Full-time and Part-time Staff by Type of Staff, 2020-2021
      • Market Opportunity: Principals
      • Key Decision Makers and Influencer: The Individual School and School District
      • Other Key Decision Makers and Influencers
    • Size of the PreK-12 Professional Learning Market
      • Table Spending on PreK-12 Professional Development, 2021-2022 vs. 2022-2023 (annual totals in 000,000)
      • Forecast and Outlook
        • Table Projected Market for PreK-12 Professional Development, 2025-2026 (annual totals in 000,000)
      • Digital Delivery
        • Table Key Digital versus Hybrid Professional Development Solution Providers
    • Funding Sources
      • Table Title-II A Funding Pattern for Professional Development for Leading States, 2020-2021 (% of funds spent on professional development)
      • Table Selected Federal Funding Sources for PreK-12 Professional Development, FY2019 and FY2020 (dollars)
      • Federal Funding for English Language Acquisition PD
      • State and Other Funding Sources
    • Federal and State Policy Support Professional Learning
      • Table Teacher Licensing Renewal and Advancement
  • Competitive Landscape
    • Table Spending on PreK-12 Professional Development by Type of Provider, 2021-2022 (hundreds of thousands of dollars)
    • Higher Education Institutions
    • Associations, Foundations, Unions, &Other Nonprofit Organizations
    • Independent Consultants
    • Content and Curriculum Providers
    • Technology Companies
      • EdTech companies
      • Online Professional Learning Communities
      • Learning Management Systems
      • Education Publishers and Government Agencies
    • Educators
  • Company Profiles
    • Carnegie Learning
      • Table Carnegie Learning Product Portfolio
    • Catapult Learning
      • Table Catapult Learning Product Portfolio
    • Discovery Education
      • Table Discovery Education Product Portfolio
    • Edthena
      • Table Edthena Product Portfolio
      • Table edWeb Product Portfolio
    • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
      • Table Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Product Portfolio
    • PBLWorks
      • Table PBLWorks Product Portfolio
    • Scholastic Education
      • Table Scholastic Education Product Portfolio
    • Sibme
      • Table Sibme Product Portfolio
    • Solution Tree
      • Table Solution Tree Product Portfolio
    • Wiley
      • Table Wiley Product Portfolio
  • Professional Learning in the Workplace
    • The Corporate Learning and Development Market
    • The Big Picture: How Work is Changing and the Push for Reskilling
      • Major Macro Finding
      • Areas of Largest Current and Anticipated Growth
      • Net Impact of Job Changes
      • Most Impacted Industries
      • Impact on Individual Jobs and Functions
      • Most Important Employee Skills and Capabilities
    • Expected Impact on the Professional Learning Market
      • Special Focus on IT
      • Who is the Customer
      • Demand by Function
    • What Employers Say they Need
      • What about Budget
      • What Employees Say they Need
    • Creating the Product: What the Market Wants and Why
    • What are Microcredentials?
      • Microcredentials are Hot
        • Table Opportunity@Work and Ad Council Coalition Company Partners
      • Who is Offering Microcredentials?
      • Who is Taking the Courses?
      • On the Down Side
      • Hurdles in Attracting Buyers
      • Other Marketing and Messaging Strategies
    • Future Trends in Corporate Learning and Development
      • Methods and Formats
      • New Programs and Classes
      • Why the Surging Interest in AI?
      • Types of AI in L&D
      • Challenges
      • Current Vendors of AI Learning and Development
      • How HR Selects an AI L&D Vendor
  • Company Offerings in Key Workplace L&D Skill Areas
    • Table Skill Area: Cognitive
    • Table Skill Area: Social and Emotional/Interpersonal Skills
    • Table Skill Area: Leadership
    • Table Skill Area: Digital Literacy/Technology Skills/IT
    • Table Skill Area: Basic Business Skills

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