Global STM Publishing 2010-2011

Global STM Publishing 2010-2011

In today’s global market, it’s more important than ever to understand the dynamics of STM publishing. Rely on Simba’s Global STM Publishing 2010-2011 to build your growth plan for this year and beyond.

Global STM Publishing 2010-2011 provides an overview and financial outlook for the global scientific, technical and medical (STM) publishing markets based on specific research and analysis of the leading competitors’ performance through 2010. Simba has used the information it gathered through primary and secondary research to estimate company, market and individual delivery channel performance for 2011. This research was conducted in conjunction with a larger study of the overall market for professional publishing.

The overall STM publishing market and each market segment is divided into six content delivery channels: books, journals, directories, online services (including abstracting and indexing), newsletters/looseleafs and other, a category that includes audio, video and CD-ROM information.

Scientific and technical publishing and medical publishing are covered in separate chapters within Global STM Publishing 2010-2011, which include:

  • Simba’s exclusive analysis of market size and structure
  • Perspective on which STM products and services customers want most
  • Revenue and market share rankings of leading publishers
  • Detailed profiles of 20 leading STM publishers worldwide
  • Simba’s exclusive projections for market growth and much more

Whether your focus is books, journals, online content or newsletters, you can trust Global STM Publishing 2010-2011 to provide the inside intelligence you need to evaluate growth potential, understand trends affecting the industry, and size up the competition in the dynamic markets for STM content worldwide. 

STM Publishing Trends include:

  • The demand for full-text resources
  • The transition of e-publishing
  • Library cost pressures
  • The use of social networking in STM fields
  • The outlook for pharmaceutical advertising
  • Impact of new information technology initiatives in health care

STM Publishing Companies

The STM market is split evenly between scientific and technical publishing and medical publishing. On top of the market is Reed Elsevier, which has held the No.1 spot in the professional publishing industry for more than a decade. Reed Elsevier leads the global STM publishing market. 

After Reed Elsevier, competition among top STM publishing companies remains stiff, with company Wolters Kluwer behind in the No.2 position. Wolters Kluwer has vaulted back into the market's No.2 position after it purchased UpToDate and Thomson Reuters' divestment of Dialog and Physician's Desk Reference

The competitive balance between these STM publishing companies will shift in 2012 as Wolters Kluwer plans to divest its pharma business and Thomson Reuters exists health care altogether. 

Report Scope 

Global STM Publishing 2010-2011 is an essential tool for publishing executives, M&A advisors, market analysts, and industry consultants who need to understand the business strategies driving the professional STM publishing industry.

Simba’s STM publishing market figures are global in scope. It’s a global market. If you’re competing in one or all of these segments, the competition does not conform to lines on a map. Global STM Publishing 2010-2011, and the other reports in the series, is produced to help executives make decisions in this environment.

Simba has a knowledge base from almost 20 years worth of perspective on these markets. A static industry, it’s one that’s affected by rapid changes in technology, the economy, mergers, partnerships, public policy and library budgets, and requires daily attention to understand the trends and project the market’s direction. As the bedrock of its research collection, you can count on this attention to be paid by Simba Information’s team of analysts who set the industry standard on market intelligence for professional publishing.

Stamford, CT - January 6, 2012 - Amid budgetary pressures and a slow economic recovery, the combined markets for science, technical and medical (STM) publishing grew 3.4% to $21.1 billion in 2011. According to a recent report from media and publishing forecast firm Simba Information, journals are the leading delivery medium, but online services posted the fastest growth.

The market is split evenly between the medical publishing segment and the scientific and technical publishing segment, with the latter posting a faster growth rate in 2011. Each segment is driven by a need for professionals to stay on top of the latest advances. However, a range of trends, including contracting library budgets against rising journal prices and a decline in pharmaceutical advertising, have deterred growth.

"The growth trends for the science and technical segment are found in e-book production and increased output from emerging foreign markets, notably India which is expected to be on par with most G8 nations by 2017," said Dan Strempel, author of the report. "Medical publishing is pushing mobile content delivery, with notable products Doximity and Sharecare."

In the scientific and technical segment, journals lead the delivery medium with nearly 42% of the market, while online services (electronic products that link content with other types of data, software and solutions) came in second, but posted the fastest growth at 6.4% in 2011. The delivery medium ranking for medical publishing mirrors its scientific and technical counterpart, with the exception of online services which is the fourth leading medium.

"Since researchers, scientists and medical professionals prefer online delivery, journals have been able to remain the leader, as they are easily adapted for online publication," said Strempel. "Online services centered around workflow solutions, have been a major focus of publishers' product development and growth strategies."

The report, Global STM Publishing 2010-2011, provides detailed market information for scientific, technical and medical publishing, segmented by delivery medium: journals, books, online services, newsletters/looseleafs, directories, and other (audio, video and CD-ROM). It analyzes trends impacting the industry, including library cost pressures, the use of social networking, the outlook for pharmaceutical advertising and more. The report includes 20 detailed profiles of the leading STM publishers, including Reed Elsevier, Wolters Kluwer, Springer Science+Business Media, Pearson, Epocrates, Hearst and others.

  • Methodology
  • Executive Summary
  • Scientific & Technical Publishing
    • Introduction
    • Market Size
      • Table Global Scientific & Technical Publishing Markets by Medium, 2009-2011P ($ in millions)
      • Journals
        • Table Global Scientific & Technical Publishing, Media Market Share, 2010
      • Online Services
      • Books
      • Newsletters/Looseleafs/Directories
      • Other
    • Leading Scientific/Technical Publishers
      • Reed Elsevier
        • Table Leading Scientific & Technical Publishers, 2009-2011P ($ in millions)
      • Thomson Reuters
      • John Wiley & Sons
      • Springer Science+Business Media
      • American Chemical Society
      • IHS
      • Holtzbrinck
      • Pearson
      • Informa
      • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
    • Current Trends in Scientific/Technical Publishing
      • Library Budgets Shrink as Journal Prices Continue to Rise
        • Table Median Expenditures, Association of Research Libraries, 1989-2009 ($ in 000)
      • E-Book Production Spikes for Most Publishers
      • Foreign Markets Emerge
    • Key Product Launches
      • New Social Networking Sites Launched
    • Mergers and Acquisitions
      • Table Key Merger & Acquisition Activity in Scientific & Technical Publishing, January 2010 - December 2010
      • Table Key Merger & Acquisition Activity in Scientific & Technical Publishing, January 2011 - December 2011
  • Medical Publishing
    • Introduction
    • Market Size
      • Journals
        • Table Global Medical Publishing Market by Medium, 2009-2011P ($ in millions)
      • Books
        • Table Global Medical Publishing, Media Market Share, 2010
      • Other
      • Online Services
      • Newsletters/Looseleafs/Directories
        • Table Leading Medical Publishers, 2009-2011P ($ in millions)
    • Leading Medical Publishers
      • Reed Elsevier
      • Wolters Kluwer
      • Thomson Reuters
      • Springer Science+Business Media
      • John Wiley & Sons
      • Informa
      • UBM Medica
      • American Medical Association
      • Thieme
      • Hearst
    • Current Trends in Medical Publishing
      • EHR Stuck in the Weeds
      • Medical Publishing Goes Mobile
        • Table Electronic Medical Products and Services
      • Journal Article Calls for Reforms
    • Mergers & Acquisitions in the Medical Publishing Market
      • Table Key Medical Publishing M&A Activity, January - December 2010
      • Table Key Medical Publishing M&A Activity, January - December 2011
  • Company Profiles
    • American Chemical Society
      • Table Key Statistics: ACS
      • Table Financial Overview: ACS, 2009-2011E ($ in 000)
    • American Medical Association
      • Table Key Statistics: American Medical Association
      • Table Financial Overview: American Medical Association, 2009-2011E ($ in 000)
    • British Medical Association
      • Table Key Statistics: British Medical Association
      • Table Financial Overview: British Medical Association, 2009-2011E ($ in 000)
    • EBSCO Publishing
      • Table Key Statistics: EBSCO Publishing
      • Table Financial Overview: EBSCO Publishing, 2009E-2011P ($ in 000)
    • Epocrates Inc.
      • Table Key Statistics: Epocrates
      • Table Financial Overview: Epocrates Inc., 2009-2011P ($ in 000)
    • Hearst Corp.
      • Table Key Statistics: Hearst Corp.
      • Table Financial Overview: Hearst Corp., 2009E-2011E ($ in 000)
    • Holtzbrinck
      • Table Key Statistics: Holtzbrinck
      • Table Financial Overview: Holtzbrinck, 2009-2011P ($ in 000)
    • The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
      • Table Key Statistics: IEEE
      • Table Financial Overview: IEEE, 2009-2011P ($ in 000)
    • IHS Inc.
      • Table Key Statistics: IHS
      • Table Financial Overview: IHS, Fiscal 2009-2011P ($ in 000)
    • Informa PLC
      • Table Key Statistics: Informa PLC
      • Table Financial Overview: Informa PLC, 2009-2011P ($ in 000)
    • John Wiley & Sons Inc.
      • Table Key Statistics: John Wiley & Sons Inc.
      • Table Financial Overview: John Wiley & Sons, Fiscal 2010-2012P ($ in 000)
    • The McGraw-Hill Companies
      • Table Key Statistics: McGraw-Hill
      • Table Financial Overview: McGraw-Hill, 2009-2011P ($ in 000)
    • Pearson PLC
      • Table Key Statistics: Pearson PLC
      • Table Financial Overview: Pearson, 2009-2011P ($ in 000)
    • ProQuest
      • Table Key Statistics: ProQuest
      • Table Financial Overview: ProQuest, 2009-2011P ($ in 000)
    • Reed Elsevier
      • Table Key Statistics: Reed Elsevier
      • Table Financial Overview: Reed Elsevier, 2009-2011P ($ in 000)
    • Springer Science+Business Media
      • Table Key Statistics: Springer Science+Business Media
      • Table Financial Overview: Springer Science+Business Media, 2009-2011P ($ in 000)
    • Thieme Publishing Group
      • Table Key Statistics: Thieme Publishing Group
      • Table Financial Overview: Thieme Publishing Group, 2009E-2011P ($ in 000)
    • Thomson Reuters
      • Table Key Statistics: Thomson Reuters
      • Table Financial Overview: Thomson Reuters, 2009-2011P ($ in 000)
    • UBM Medica Ltd.
      • Table Key Statistics: UBMMedica Ltd.
      • Table Financial Overview: UBM Medica Ltd., 2009-2011E ($ in 000)
    • Wolters Kluwer
      • Table Key Statistics: Wolters Kluwer
      • Table Financial Overview: Wolters Kluwer, 2009-2011P ($ in 000)

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