Business Information Markets 2012-2013

Business Information Markets 2012-2013

Since 1979, professionals tracking the online content industry have relied on Business Information Markets for an accurate and unbiased inside look at the industry—from the latest mergers and acquisitions, to subscriber growth estimates, to the technology trends that are constantly reshaping the dynamic business information market for creating and distributing content to business professionals.

Business Information Market Overview

Deciding which subjects to include in the market is subjective, but Simba Information has set report parameters based on in-depth interviews with top business information executives in the electronic information industry. Simba has also tapped into its own institutional knowledge, accumulated during 34 years of market research.

The Business Information Market by Category:

  • Financial information
  • Credit information
  • Current awareness news and research information
  • Legal, tax and public record information
  • Marketing information
  • Health care information
  • Scientific and technical information. 
Simba provides each market category definition at the beginning of corresponding chapters of the report.

Scope of the Report

Business Information Markets 2012-2013 covers all business information services that provide content, delivered through proprietary online networks, the Internet and handheld wireless devices. It contains the market intelligence needed to evaluate current trends affecting the information industry, and to get an inside track on where future growth is forecast to occur.

No other report delivers as comprehensive and all-encompassing an overview and outlook, broken out by major vertical segments: general news and research, financial, brokerage, legal, tax, public records, health care and other online information services.

Business Information Markets 2012-2013 also includes 16 detailed company profiles of leading business/professional online content providers, such as Reed Elsevier, Dow Jones, Hoover’s, Reuters, WebMD and more.

Table of Contents 


Executive Summary 

Chapter 1: Market Overview 
Market Structure 
Financial Information Services 
Marketing Information Services 
Legal, Tax & Public Record Services 
Credit Information Services 
Health Care Information Services 
Current Awareness News & Research Services 
Scientific & Technical Information Services 
Market Size
Online Service Sales Steady at $51.7 Billion in 2011 
Online Paid Subscriptions Climb to 15.6 Million in 2012 
Market Trends and Analysis 
Business Information Markets 2012-2013

Table 1.1: Online Services Definitions 
Table 1.2: Global Online Services Market Size by Market Segment, 2010-2012E 
Table 1.3: Online Business Information Compound Annual Growth Rates by
Segment, 2010-2012E
Table 1.4: Online Services Market Share and Revenue by Market Segment,
Table 1.5: Online Subscriber Growth by Market, 2010-2012E 

Chapter 2: Financial Information Services
A Slow Market Recovery 
Brokerage Data 
Brokerage Information Segment Expands in 2011 
Brokerage Information Users Climb 2.3% in 2011 
Financial News and Research Services 
Financial News and Research Electronic Sales Reach $1 billion in 2011 
Financial News and Research Subscriber Base Grows 10.2% in 2011 
Mergers & Acquisitions in the Financial Information Market 
Issues and Trends in the Financial Information Market 
Geographic Expansion 
The Future is in the Cloud 
Segment Forecast 
Table 2.1: Selected Online Brokerage Information Services by Market
Table 2.2: Brokerage Information Sales of Leading Companies,
2010 vs. 2011 
Table 2.3: Market Share for the Top Two Online Brokerage Information Services
vs. All Others, 2011 
Table 2.4: Financial Information Services Institutional User Survey,
2010 vs. 2011 
Table 2.5: Bloomberg Subscriber Growth, 1997-2011 
Table 2.6: Selected Online Financial News & Research Services 
Business Information Markets 2012-2013

Table 2.7: Financial News & Research Electronic Information Sales,
2010 vs. 2011 
Table 2.8: Financial News & Research Services Subscriber Growth,
2010 vs. 2011 
Table 2.9: Financial Information Segment M&A Activity,
January 2010-May 2012 
Table 2.10: Financial Information Services Sales, 2007-2016P 
Table 2.11: Financial Information Services Sales Growth, 2007-2016P

Chapter 3: Current Awareness News & Research 
Market Size and Structure 
Subscriber Levels Rise 1.1% in 2011 
Mergers & Acquisitions 
Current Awareness News & Research Services: Product Development 
Upgrades and Refinements 
Current Awareness News & Research Services: Advertising Sales
Segment Forecast 

Table 3.1: Selected Online News & Research Services 
Table 3.2: Current Awareness News & Research Online Sales Growth,
Table 3.3: Current Awareness News & Research Online Subscriber Growth,
Table 3.4: Key Current Awareness News & Research M&A Activity,
January 2010-July 2012 
Table 3.5: Key Current Awareness News & Research Product Launches and
Upgrades, January 2010-June 2012 
Table 3.6: Current Awareness News & Research Advertising Sales Growth,
2010 vs. 2011 
Table 3.7: Current Awareness News & Research Online Sales 2007-2016P 
Table 3.8: Current Awareness News & Research Online Services Sales Growth

Chapter 4: Legal, Tax & Public Record Information 
Leading Online Legal, Tax & Public Record Information Providers
Thomson Reuters 
Wolters Kluwer 
Bloomberg BNA 
Subscription Trends 
General Law 
Thomson Reuters 
Wolters Kluwer 
Bloomberg BNA 
Tax & Accounting 
Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting 
Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting 
Bloomberg BNA Tax and Accounting 
Public Records Information 
LexisNexis Risk Solutions 
Thomson Reuters Risk & Compliance 
Federal and State Government Documents and Regulations
Merger & Acquisition Activity 
Key Legal, Tax & Regulatory Product Launches
Sales Forecast 

Table 4.1: Key Legal Tax & Public Record Online Services
Table 4.2: Leading Players Total Online Legal, Tax & Public Record Revenue,
2010 vs. 2011 
Table 4.3: Legal & Tax Online Service Subscribers, 2010 vs. 2011 
Table 4.4: Market Leaders’ Electronic General Law Revenue, 2010 vs. 2011
Table 4.5: Market Leaders’ Electronic Tax & Accounting Revenue,
2010 vs. 2011 
Table 4.6: Key Legal, Tax & Public Record M&A Activity,
January 2011-April 2012 
Table 4.7: Key Legal, Tax & Public Record Product Launches,
January 2011-April 2012
Table 4.8: Electronic Legal, Tax & Public Record Services Sales, 2007-2016P 
Table 4.9: Online Legal, Tax & Public Record Sales Growth, 2007-2016P 

Chapter 5: Other Key Business Information Segments 
Credit Information Services 
Consumer Credit Segment
Business Credit Segment
Credit Segment Trends 
Health Care 
Leading Players in the Health Care Segment 
Health Segment Trends 
Marketing Information Services 
Audience Ratings Services 
Marketing List Compilers 
Product Marketing Information Services 
Leading Marketing Information Players 
Marketing Segment Trends 
Scientific & Technical Information Services 
Leading Scientific & Technical Information Players 
Scientific & Technical Segment Trends 
Other Business Information Segments Sales Forecast 

Table 5.1: Global Online Credit Information Sales, 2011 vs. 2010
Table 5.2: Key Online Health Care Services 
Table 5.3: Leading Global Health Care Information Providers by
Online Revenue, 2010-201P 
Table 5.4: Selected Audience Ratings Services 
Table 5.5: Selected Marketing Information Providers 
Table 5.6: Select Product Marketing Information Services 
Business Information Markets 2012-2013
Table 5.7: Sales of Leading Marketing Information Companies
2010 vs. 2011 
Table 5.8: Leading S&T Information Providers, by Revenue 2010-2011
Table 5.9: Other Online Information Sales, 2007-2016P 
Table 5.10: Other Online Information Sales Growth, 2007-2026P 

Chapter 6: Conclusions and Market Forecast 
Business Information Market Projected to Reach $65.6 Billion in 2016 

Table 6.1: Total Online Business Information Sales, 2007-2016P 
Table 6.2: Total Online Business Information Sales Growth, 2007-2016P 
Table 6.3: Online Services Market Forecast, 2007-2016P 
Company Profiles 
Bloomberg L.P. 
Dow Jones & Co.
Equifax Inc. 
Experian plc 
FactSet Research Systems Inc. 
Informa plc 
Interactive Data Corp. 
The McGraw-Hill Cos. 
Nielsen Holdings N.V.
Reed Elsevier
TheStreet, Inc. 
Thomson Reuters 
United Business Media plc 
Wolters Kluwer N.V. 

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