Business Information Markets 2009-2010

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Since 1979, professionals tracking the online content industry have relied on Business Information Markets for an accurate and unbiased inside look at the industry—from the latest mergers and acquisitions, to subscriber growth estimates, to the technology trends that are constantly reshaping the dynamic market for creating and distributing content to business professionals.

This report covers all business information services that provide content, delivered through proprietary online networks, the Internet and handheld wireless devices. It contains the market intelligence needed to evaluate current trends affecting the information industry, and to get an inside track on where future growth is forecast to occur.

No other report delivers as comprehensive and all-encompassing an overview and outlook, broken out by major vertical segments: general news and research, financial, brokerage, legal, tax, public records, health care and other online information services.

Business Information Markets 2009-2010 also includes 15 detailed company profiles of leading business/professional online content providers, such as Reed Elsevier, Dow Jones, Hoover’s, Reuters, WebMD and more.

Stamford, CT—March 26, 2010—The online business information markets will rebound in 2010 after witnessing its first negative year since 2003, however, recovery will occur at a more pedestrian growth rate as the U.S. economic situation remains unsteady, according to the latest report from Simba Information, a leading media industry forecast and analysis firm.

Business Information Markets 2009-2010 provides market sizing, strategic and competitive analysis, forecasts and critical insight into the markets for financial, current awareness news and research, marketing, legal, tax, public record and health information.

The business information market revenue in 2009 decreased 2.1% to $44.7 billion after years of positive growth. Total revenue in 2010 is projected to improve 2.5% to $45.8 billion.

Prior to 2009, the last market downturn was in the period between 2001 and 2003. What followed was four years of strong growth for the market as a whole and across most individual segments. Based on global GDP forecasts, Simba expects the recovery from this latest recession will be more gradual.

Simba’s forecast for the business information market in 2010 is tempered by the anticipated poor outlook for the U.S. economy. However, Simba expects higher growth will resume in 2011 and the market will post steady growth through 2013.

The financial information segment, the largest segment covered in Business Information Markets, accounted for 37.7% of the total market for online business information in 2009. However, the segment felt the brunt of the U.S. economic slowdown in 2009 and revenue declined more than 2%. The segment is projected to rebound to the 2008 levels in 2010.

The newly released Simba report provides an overview and financial outlook for business information markets based on specific research and analysis of the leading competitors and market performance in five industry verticals.

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About Simba Information:

Simba Information is widely recognized as the leading authority for market intelligence in the media and publishing industry. Simba's extensive information network delivers top quality, independent perspective on the people, events and alliances shaping the media and information industry. Simba provides consulting and reports that provide key decision-makers at more than 15,000 client companies around the globe with timely analysis, exclusive statistics and proprietary industry forecasts. For more information, please visit

  • Methodology
  • Executive Summary
  • Market Overview
    • Introduction
      • Table Online Services Definitions
    • Market Structure
      • Current Awareness News & Research Services
      • Financial Information Services
      • Health Care Information Services
      • Legal, Tax & Public Record Services
      • Credit, Marketing and Other Online Information Services
        • Table Global Online Services Market Size by Market Segment, 2007-2009E ($ in millions)
    • Market Size
      • Online Service Sales Steady at $44.7 Billion in 2009
        • Table Online Services Market Share and Revenue by Market Segment, 2007-2009E ($ in millions)
      • Online Paid Subscriptions Climb to 17.4 Million in 2009
        • Table Online Subscriber Growth by Market, 2007-2009E
    • Market Trends and Analysis
      • Table ISP Subscriber Survey, 2007-2009
  • Financial Information Services
    • Introduction
      • Table Selected Online Brokerage Information Services by Market
    • Brokerage Data
      • Table Brokerage Information Sales of Leading Companies, 2008 vs. 2009E ($ in millions)
      • Brokerage Information Segment Contracts in 2009
        • Table Market Share for the Top Two Online Brokerage Information Services vs. All Others, 2008
        • Table Market Share for the Top Two Online Brokerage Information Services vs. All Others, 2009
      • Brokerage Information Subscriptions Fall 3.1% in 2009
        • Table Brokerage & Financial Information Services Online Subscriber Survey, 2009 vs. 2008
        • Table Bloomberg Subscriber Growth, 1997-2009
    • Financial News and Research Services
      • Table Selected Online Financial News & Research Services
      • Financial News and Research Sales Fall 5.1% in 2009
        • Table Financial News & Research Electronic Information Sales, 2008 vs. 2009E ($ in millions)
      • Financial News and Research Subscriber Base Grows 2.7%
        • Table Financial News & Research Services Subscriber Growth, 2008 vs. 2009E
    • Mergers and Acquisitions in the Financial Information Market
      • Table Financial Information Segment M&A Activity, January 2008-December 2009
      • Morningstar's Shopping Spree
      • Bloomberg Buys BusinessWeek
      • Dow Jones to Sell Indexes
    • Issues and Trends in the Financial Information Market
      • Free Information Creates Price Pressure
      • More News and Analysis Please
      • Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg Expand News Content with Acquisitions
      • Rise of the 'Prosumer' Investor
      • New Technologies Could Bring New Competition
    • Forecast
      • Financial Forecast
        • Table Financial Information Services Sales, 2004-2013P
  • Current Awareness News & Research
    • Introduction
      • Table Selected Online News & Research Services
    • Market Size and Structure
      • Table Current Awareness News & Research Online Sales Growth, 2007-2009E ($ in millions)
    • Subscriber Levels Fall 1.6% in 2009
      • Table Current Awareness News & Research Online Subscriber Growth, 2007-2009E
    • Mergers & Acquisitions
      • Table Key Current Awareness News & Research M&A Activity, January 2008-September 2009
    • Current Awareness News & Research Services: Product Development
      • Table Key Business Information Product Launches, January 2008 - November 2009
      • Expanding the Market by Giving it Away
      • CANR Companies Go Wireless
    • Current Awareness News & Research Services: Advertising Sales
      • Table Current Awareness News & Research Advertising Sales Growth, 2008 vs. 2007
    • Forecast
      • Financial Forecast
        • Table Current Awareness News & Research Online Sales, 2004-2013P
  • Legal, Tax & Public Record Information
    • Introduction
      • Table Key Legal, Tax & Public Record Online Services
    • General Law
      • Table Market Leaders' Electronic General Law Revenue, 2009 vs. 2008 ($ in 000)
      • Thomson Reuters
      • LexisNexis
      • Wolters Kluwer
      • BNA
    • Tax Law
      • Table Market Leaders' Electronic Tax Law Revenue, 2009 vs. 2008 ($ in 000)
      • Thomson Reuters
      • Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting (TAA)
      • BNA Tax and Accounting
    • Key M&A Activity
      • Table Key Current Legal, Tax & Public Record M&A Activity, January 2008-November 2009
    • Key Legal Product Launches
      • Table Key Current Legal, Tax & Public Record Product Launches, January 2008-October 2009
    • Public Records Information
      • ChoicePoint
      • LexisNexis
    • Federal and State Government Documents and Regulations
    • Leading Information Providers
      • Thomson Reuters
        • Table Legal, Tax & Public Record Revenue, 2008 vs. 2009 ($ in 000)
      • Wolters Kluwer
      • LexisNexis
      • ChoicePoint
      • Bureau of National Affairs
    • Subscription Trends
      • Table Legal, Tax & Public Record Online Service Subscribers, 2007-2009E
      • Table Electronic Legal, Tax & Public Record Services Sales, 2004-2013P
    • Sales Forecast
  • Health Care Information
    • Introduction
      • Table Key Online Health Care Services
    • Leading Health Care Information Providers
      • Elsevier Health Sciences
        • Table Leading Global Health Care Information Providers by Online Revenue, 2007-2009E ($ in 000)
      • Wolters Kluwer Health
      • WebMD
      • Thomson Reuters Healthcare
      • Springer Science+Business Media
      • John Wiley & Sons
      • Informa
      • Epocrates
      • UpToDate
      • McGraw-Hill
    • Key Health Care M&A
      • Table Key Current Health Segment M&A Activity, January 2008-November 2009
    • Key Health Product Launches
      • Table Key Health Product Launches, January 2008-October 2009
    • Key Trends in Health Care Information
      • Microsoft an Emerging Player in Health Care
      • U.S. Government Encouraging EMR Use
      • New Methods of Mobile Use Being Developed for Nurses
      • Internet Use Can Help Patients Understand Their Health
      • Health Care: Disseminating an Abundance of Information
    • Sales Forecast
      • Table Online Health Care Information Sales, 2004-2013P
  • Conclusions and Market Forecast
    • Introduction
    • Online Information Market Projected to Reach $53.1 Billion in 2013
      • Table Total Online Business Information Sales, 2003-2012P ($ in millions)
      • Table Online Services Market Forecast, 2009-2013P ($ in millions)
  • Company Profiles
    • Bloomberg L.P.
      • Table Key Statistics: Bloomberg L.P.
      • Table Financial Overview: Bloomberg L.P., 2007-2009E ($ in 000)
    • The Bureau of National Affairs Inc.
      • Table Key Statistics: The Bureau of National Affairs Inc.
      • Table Financial Overview: Bureau of National Affairs, 2007-2009E ($ in 000)
    • Business Wire
      • Table Key Statistics: Business Wire
      • Table Financial Overview: Business Wire, 2007-2009P ($ in 000)
    • D&B
      • Table Key Statistics: D&B
      • Table Financial Overview: D&B, 2007-2009 ($ in 000)
    • Dow Jones & Co.
      • Table Key Statistics: Dow Jones & Co.
      • Table Financial Overview: Dow Jones, Fiscal 2007-2009E ($ in 000)
    • EDGAR Online
      • Table Key Statistics: EDGAR Online
      • Table Financial Overview: EDGAR Online, 2007-2009 ($ in 000)
    • Epocrates Inc.
      • Table Key Statistics: Epocrates
      • Table Financial Overview: Epocrates Inc., 2007-2009E ($ in 000)
    • FactSet Research Systems Inc.
      • Table Key Statistics: FactSet Research
      • Table Financial Overview: FactSet Research, Fiscal 2007-2009 ($ in 000)
    • Pearson PLC
      • Table Key Statistics: Pearson PLC
      • Table Financial Overview: Pearson, 2007-2009 ($ in 000)
    • PR Newswire Association
      • Table Key Statistics: PR Newswire Association
      • Table Financial Overview: PR Newswire 2007-2009 ($ in 000)
    • Reed Elsevier
      • Table Key Statistics: Reed Elsevier
      • Table Financial Overview: Reed Elsevier, 2007-2009 ($ in 000)
    •, Inc.
      • Table Key Statistics:, Inc.
      • Table Financial Overview:, 2007-2009E ($ in 000)
    • Thomson Reuters
      • Table Key Statistics: Thomson Reuters
      • Table Financial Overview: Thomson Reuters, 2007-2009 ($ in 000)
    • Wolters Kluwer
      • Table Key Statistics: Wolters Kluwer
      • Table Financial Overview: Wolters Kluwer, 2007-2009 ($ in 000)

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