“IoT/M2M – Advances in Communications” Technologies, Markets and Applications

“IoT/M2M – Advances in Communications” Technologies, Markets and Applications

The value in machines having wireless communications has long been understood and a large market is predicted for many years. That this has not transpired yet has been because of the difficulty of meeting all the requirements within the constraints of the available radio spectrum.

These constraints changed significantly with the advent of communications technologies specifically developed to serve IoT/M2M.

This report addresses novel communications technologies designed for IoT/M2M. It concentrates on specifics of such communications; and addresses several recent or upcoming standards that are being developed for these purposes.

It is very unlikely that IoT/M2M communications will be based on a single standard. Standards fragmentation that we have today is a reflection of many facets of IoT/M2M nature. In this report, we concentrate only on the most recent and, in our opinion, the most promising technologies to support long-reach IoT/M2M communications. Particular, the following technologies have been addressed:

Weightless group
LTE Cat - M

The report also addresses the related industry, marketplace and applications. The survey of 802.11ah patents is also included.

The report was developed for a wide audience of managerial and technical staff that is working on IoT/M2M communications projects.

1.0 Introduction
1.1 General
1.2 Scope
1.2.1 Major Goal
1.3 Research Methodology
1.4 Target Audience
2.0 IoT/M2M Communications Specifics
2.1 General
2.2 Environment
2.3 Current Situation
2.4 Requirements
2.5 Spectrum
2.6 Statistics
2.7 Summary
3.0 Standardization – Open Standards
3.1 Weightless Technologies
3.1.1 Weightless SIG Common Features Weightless-W White Spaces Communications - Principles Definition Rational Ecosystem and Use Cases Weightless-W Specifics Changes Weightless-N General Open Standard Nwave First Deployments Weightless-P General Details M2COMM
3.1.2 Comparison Weightless Technologies
3.2 IEEE
3.2.1 802.11ah (Wi-Fi HaLow) General Goal and Schedule Attributes Use Cases PHY Bandwidth Channelization Transmission Modes and MIMO MAC Layer Summary
3.3 ETSI
3.4 ITU
3.5 oneM2M
3.7 LTE Cat-M
3.7.1 LTE and IoT Communications 3GPP Position LTE Requirements of IoT 3GPP LTE Rel. 12 Enhancement for IoT 3GPP LTE Rel. 13 Enhancement for IoT Current Situation
3.7.2 Summary of LTE/IoT Features
3.7.3 Vendors
Altair (acquired by Sony in 2016)
3.8 DASH7
3.8.1 General
3.8.2 DASH7 and M2M/IoT
3.8.3 ISO/IEC 18000-7:2014
3.8.4 DASH7 Alliance DASH7 Mode 2 Physical Layer Data Layer Network Layer Upper Layers Classes Specification General Characteristics - Summary 433 MHz Transmission Specifics Green Technology Applications
3.8.5 Industry
Identec Solutions
3.9 LoRa
3.9.1 Alliance
3.9.2 Technology Basics Modulation Long Range Applications Architecture Classes LoRaWAN Major Characteristics Semtech
3.10 Comparison
4.0 Market
4.1 Data
4.2 Estimate
5.0 Industry-Innovations
Kore Telematics
M2M Spectrum Networks
On-Ramp (now Ingenu)
6.0 Conclusions
Attachment I: 802.11ah – related Patents Survey (2015-2016)
Figure 1: IoT Environment
Figure 2: Projections: IoT/M2M Technologies and Applications Market ($Trillion)
Figure 3: Projections: Number of Smart Devices in Households-Global (Bil.)
Figure 4: Frequency Spectrum (sub-1 GHz)
Figure 5: 802.11ah – Channelization Plan in U.S.
Figure 6: ETSI Activity – IoT/M2M
Figure 7: Use Cases
Figure 8: Time Schedule
Figure 9: Mode 1 and Mode 2 - Comparison
Figure 10: DASH7 Mode 2 - PHY
Figure 11: Transmission Ranges
Figure 12: Features Comparison
Figure 13: LoRa Protocol Architecture
Figure 14: Architecture
Figure 15: Battery Lifetime
Figure 16: M2M Applications
Figure 17: Projections: IoT/M2M Traffic Volume (PB/Month)
Figure 18: TAM: IoT/M2M Communications ($B)
Table 1: Iceni Characteristics
Table 2: Weightless Technologies Comparison
Table 3: 802.11ah Features Summary
Table 4: CAT-0 and CAT-1 Characteristics
Table 5: Additional Characteristics
Table 6: Modem Complexity
Table 7: LoRa Characteristics
Table 8: Regional Differences
Table 9: Major Technologies Comparison
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