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  • Sudan and South Sudan Telecommunications Q4 2018

    ... key growth vector of the mobile market owing to operators such as Zain and Sudani'sdeployment of LTE networks. In South Sudan, the macroeconomic challenges and persisting political and humanitarian crises willcontinue to limit the subscription ... Read More

  • Ethiopia - Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband - Statistics and Analyses

    ... on all telecom services including fixed, mobile, internet and data communications. For many years Ethio Telecom's monopolistic control stifled innovation, restricted network expansion and limited the scope of services on offer. However, a management contract ... Read More

  • Morocco Telecommunications Q3 2018

    ... our forecast to 2022, with breakdowns by technology. 3G and 4Gconnections will remain the growth drivers of the market with strong uptake that is cannibalising mobile and wireline broadbandconnections. 3G and 4G connections will remain ... Read More

  • Zambia and Zimbabwe Telecommunications Q3 2018

    ... a more modest figures reported by theregulator. Juxtaposing this, we have upgraded the 3G/4G outlook as data usage growth appears to be strong. Opportunities for newplayers will arise in the services sector, where businesses and ... Read More

  • Algeria - Telecoms Infrastructure, Operators, Regulations - Statistics and Analyses

    ... fixed-line household penetration being three percentage points higher than at the end of 2014, and the trend is likely to continue to the end of the decade as infrastructure is extended to hitherto underserved areas ... Read More

  • Zimbabwe - Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband - Statistics and Analyses

    ... a significant fall in GDP growth. The contribution to GDP from the telecom sector has fallen steadily as a result. Sector revenue has also come under pressure from a number of recent regulatory measures and ... Read More

  • Zimbabwe - Telecoms Infrastructure, Operators, Regulations - Statistics and Analyses

    ... GDP from the telecom sector has fallen steadily as a result. Sector revenue has come under pressure from a number of recent regulatory measures and taxes imposed by the cash-strapped government. Nevertheless, the telecom sector ... Read More

  • Zimbabwe - Mobile Infrastructure, Broadband, Operators - Statistics and Analyses

    ... SMS services. The regulator has also proposed a ceiling price for voice and data bundles. Although these burdens have placed greater pressure on network operators, revenue grew steadily in each of the four quarters of ... Read More

  • Zimbabwe - Fixed Broadband Market - Statistics and Analyses

    ... Limitations on international bandwidth are gradually being addressed, with bandwidth available to ISPs increasing sharply. This has greatly reduced the cost of broadband services and encouraged the growth in the number of broadband subscribers. The ... Read More

  • Egypt - Telecoms Infrastructure, Operators, Regulations - Statistics and Analyses

    ... in most sectors, while one key development has been the recent award of unified licences to allow operators to offer services in the fixed-line and mobile sectors. The incumbent telco Telecom Egypt, still majority owned ... Read More

  • Uganda Telecommunications Q3 2018

    ... ending 2017 with 24.949mnsubscribers. We believe there is still room for operators to expand organically, but that will entail expanding networks beyond coreurban markets where returns on network investments will be limited as a result ... Read More

  • Botswana - Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband - Statistics and Analyses

    ... takes into account the increasing convergence of technologies and services. A number of operators now compete effectively, particularly in the mobile segment. Although the number of mobile subscribers fell sharply at the end of 2016, ... Read More

  • Egypt Telecommunications Q3 2018

    ... 3G and 4G). The overall outlook for the Egyptiantelecoms sector remains positive, however, with significant organic growth prospects still available in the mobile sector, and the 4Gsegment, in particular. We have made some positive forecast ... Read More

  • Senegal Telecommunications 2018

    ... potentially bringing more new consumers intoplay that could be targeted for upgrades in later years. We do not forecast any significant growth in mobile subscribers in the comingyears, which will lead operators to focus on ... Read More

  • Cote d'Ivoire Telecommunications Q3 2018

    ... and the launch of new technologies. We expect 3G/4Gaccess to be a key growth driver of the overall mobile market, on the back of operators such as Orange and MTN havingdeployed LTE. With regards to ... Read More

  • Ghana Telecommunications Q3 2018

    ... some decline over 2017, dueto mandatory SIM re-registration that commenced in November 2017. 3G/4G uptake and organic subscriber growth will remainhallmarks of the mobile market over the next five years with the demand for data ... Read More

  • Nigeria Telecommunications Q3 2018

    ... mobile penetration rates indicate that there isstill plenty of scope for expansion, especially in the rural areas. The coming year will shake up the competition in the market, as9mobile is currently in the process of ... Read More

  • Sub-Saharan Africa Telecommunications Q3 2018

    ... the lower end of the market, while e-commerce,music and gaming will secure the middle tier. A newly emerging downside risk is increased regulatory intervention in MFS, which willlead to higher operating costs that will have ... Read More

  • Kenya Telecommunications Q3 2018

    ... its 4G services in two of the most populous cities in the country. Additionally,convergence trend continues. Several news sources have suggested that Airtel and Telkom Kenya plan to share outlets andinfrastructure. We do not believe ... Read More

  • Tanzania Telecommunications Q3 2018

    ... tofocus on the most profitable areas as opposed to more rural parts of the country. Meanwhile, 3G/4G growth will be strong, as thereis high demand for data services, considering low internet penetration in the country. Read More

  • Cameroon - Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband - Statistics and Analyses

    ... region. The sector requires considerable development for the country to make better use of the digital economy. The Commonwealth has been active in supporting e-commerce, and about 95% of all electronic transactions are carried through ... Read More

  • Egypt - Mobile Infrastructure, Operators and Broadband - Statistics and Analyses

    ... was among the first countries in the region to launch 3G mobile services, the development of LTE services has suffered from delays. Nevertheless, Telecom Egypt in August 2016 received the country's first unified services licence, ... Read More

  • Mali - Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband - Statistics and Analyses

    ... sparsely populated desert. Many settlements are hard to reach, making them difficult and expensive to service with effective backhaul infrastructure. Security issues have also been a concern, leading to delays in the national backbone network ... Read More

  • South Africa Telecommunications Q3 2018

    ... SIM's. However, price competition may also now intensify andoperators therefore need to focus on the range and price of their services to retain customers in a market with limited opportunitiesfor organic growth. The key determinant ... Read More

  • Angola Telecommunications 2018

    ... bring in much-needed competition and potentiallylead to improved services. Still, growth opportunities will require a long commitment and significant investments to expand intounderserved and rural areas, which limits interest to operators with robust financial backing. Read More

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