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Venezuela - Fixed-Line Market and Infrastructure - Overview, Statistics and Forecasts

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Venezuela’s teledensity is one of the highest in Latin America, having almost doubled since 2005. While the number of fixed lines is shrinking in other countries, Venezuela’s fixed infrastructure continues to expand, although the rate of growth has slowed.

In the local telephony market, four companies compete with state-owned incumbent CANTV: NetUno, Inter, Movistar, and Digitel. NetUno and Inter are primarily cable TV companies, while Movistar and Digitel are primarily mobile operators. NetUno and Inter provide fixed-line services over their cable TV network as part of triple play packages (including pay TV, broadband, and fixed-line telephony). Movistar and Digitel offer local phone services using fixed-wireless technology.

Almost two-thirds of Venezuela’s local telephone services are prepaid. As in the mobile market, the prepaid option makes phone lines more affordable for lower-income households.

This report provides an overview of Venezuela’s telecom infrastructure, together with profiles of major fixed-line operators, accompanied by relevant statistics, analyses, and fixed-line scenario forecasts for the years 2015 and 2020.

Key developments:

In the five years since it was renationalised, CANTV has increased the country’s fibre-optic backbone infrastructure by more than 48%; a second Chinese-built satellite for Venezuela (Miranda) was launched in September 2012.

Companies covered in this report include:

CANTV, Movistar, Digitel, Inter, NetUno, Alodiga, Multiphone, Totalcom, Convergía.

1. Synopsis
2. Fixed network operators in Venezuela
2.1 Overview of operators
2.1.1 Local fixed-line market
2.1.2 Long distance fixed-line market
2.3 Movistar (Telefónica)
2.4 Digitel
2.5 Inter
2.6 NetUno
3. Telecommunications infrastructure
3.1 National telecom network
3.1.1 Fixed-line statistics
3.2 International infrastructure
3.2.1 Terrestrial links
3.2.2 Submarine cable networks
3.2.3 Satellite networks
3.3 Infrastructure developments
3.3.1 IP and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
4. Wholesale
4.1 Overview
5. Forecasts – fixed-line market 2015; 2020
5.1 Scenario 1 – higher fixed line growth
5.2 Scenario 2 – lower fixed line growth
5.3 Notes on scenario forecasts
6. Related reports
Table 1 – Fixed-line prepaid/postpaid ratio – 2001 - 2013
Table 2 – CANTV – fixed lines in service and market share – 1999 - 2013
Table 3 – Movistar – fixed lines in service and market share – 2004 - 2013
Table 4 – Fixed lines in service and teledensity – 1997 - 2013
Table 5 – Public payphones – 1997 - 2013
Table 6 – Forecast fixed lines – higher growth scenario – 2015; 2020
Table 7 – Forecast fixed lines – lower growth scenario – 2015; 2020
Chart 1 – Fixed lines in service – market evolution at a glance – 2003 - 2013
Exhibit 1 – CANTV at a glance

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