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Peru - Mobile Infrastructure, Broadband, Operators - Statistics and Analyses

Peru - Mobile Infrastructure, Broadband, Operators - Statistics and Analyses

Peru's mobile penetration is on a par with the regional average. While many Peruvians, especially urban dwellers, have multiple mobile subscriptions the use of mobile telephony is universal. The regulator reported in late 2017 that more than 90% of rural dwellers also have a mobile subscription.

Four mobile network operators compete in the mobile market: Telefónica Perú, trading as Movistar Perú, is the leading player and is followed by América Móvil's local unit, trading as Claro Perú, and by the rebranded Entel Perú (formerly Nextel Perú) in third place. Vietnam's Viettel, trading as Bitel, is the fourth player. Having launched services in mid-2014 the company has quickly gained subscribers and by March 2018 had a market share of 13.4%. The company has also launched LTE services, complementing its existing 3G network.

In September 2016 Virgin Mobile became the first MVNO to launch services, hosted by Movistar, and by late 2017 a small number of other MVNOs had been licensed.

Peru's mobile market still has considerable potential to expand, especially given the country's low fixed broadband penetration which has encouraged the take-up of mobile data services. The auction of spectrum in the 700MHz band in May 2016 has enabled the MNOs to expand the reach and capability of LTE services nationally.

This report provides an overview of Peru's mobile market, including profiles of the key operators and their strategies, as well as market statistics and subscriber forecasts.

Key developments:

Regulator appoints new management company for number portability database to 2024;
MTRs reduced by 67%;
Movistar and Claro extend reach of LTE-S services;
Mobile roaming deal agreed with Chile;
Virgin Mobile Latin America sells its Virgin Mobile Peru unit to Inkacel;
Blacklisted mobile devices blocked;
New rules enforced to streamline deployment of mobile infrastructure;
Claro Perú and Movistar Perú extend TD-LTE in remote areas;
Regulator claims MNOs need to provide an additional 17,535 base stations by 2025;
National Bank Association ASBANC selects Ericsson's Wallet Platform for mobile financial services;
Regulator auctions 700MHz spectrum for LTE services;
Report update includes the regulator's market data updates to March 2018, telcos' financial and operating data for Q2 2018, recent market developments.

Companies mentioned in this report:

Telefónica del Perú (Movistar), América Móvil Perú (Claro), Entel Perú, Viettel Peru (Bitel), Virgin Mobile.

1. Synopsis
2. Market analysis
3. Mobile statistics
3.1 General statistics
3.2 Mobile voice
3.3 Mobile data
3.3.1 Short Message Service (SMS)
3.4 Mobile broadband
3.5 Forecasts mobile subscribers 2018; 2020; 2022
4. Regulatory issues
4.1 Spectrum regulations
4.2 Spectrum auctions and awards
4.2.1 Second Generation (2G) mobile
4.2.2 Third Generation (3G) mobile
4.2.3 AWS (1710MHz-1770MHz and 2110MHz-2170MHz)
4.2.4 700MHz
4.3 SIM card registration
4.4 Roaming
4.5 Mobile Number Portability (MNP)
4.6 Mobile Termination Rates (MTRs)
5. Mobile infrastructure
5.1 Introduction
5.2 4G (LTE)
5.3 3G
5.4 2G
5.5 Other infrastructure developments
5.5.1 Mobile satellite
6. Major mobile operators
6.1 Movistar Perú (Telefónica Móviles Perú)
6.2 Claro Perú (América Móvil)
6.3 Entel Perú
6.4 Viettel Peru (Bitel)
6.5 Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs)
7. Mobile content and applications
7.1 m-commerce
8. Related reports
Table 1 Historic - Mobile subscribers and penetration rate 1997 - 2009
Table 2 Mobile subscribers and penetration rate 2010 - 2018
Table 3 Mobile market share by operator 2001 - 2018
Table 4 Mobile prepaid/postpaid subscribers 2004 - 2018
Table 5 SMS traffic 2004 - 2017
Table 6 MMS traffic 2004 - 2017
Table 7 Active mobile broadband subscribers (modem, USB) and penetration 2009 - 2017
Table 8 Mobile internet penetration by population 2014 2016
Table 9 Forecast mobile subscribers 2018; 2020; 2022
Table 10 Accumulated mobile number portings by operator July 2014 - June 2018
Table 11 Movistar Peru mobile subscribers 2001 - 2018
Table 12 Movistar Peru mobile revenue 2001 - 2018
Table 13 Claro Peru mobile revenue 2009 - 2017
Table 14 Claro Peru mobile subscribers 2001 - 2018
Table 15 Entel Peru mobile subscribers 2001 - 2018
Table 16 Entel Peru revenue (ChS/.) 2013 2017
Table 17 Entel Peru revenue ($) 2013 2018
Table 18 Viettel Peru mobile subscribers 2014 - 2018
Table 19 Virgin Mobile Peru mobile subscribers 2016 - 2017
Chart 1 Mobile subscribers and penetration rate 2005 2018
Chart 2 Mobile market share by operator 2001 - 2018
Exhibit 1 Bands and spectrum

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