Key Statistics, Telecom Market, Regulatory Overview and Forecasts - Taiwan

Taiwan, a newly industrialised Asian economy, has developed one of the more advanced telecommunications networks in the region. Increasing land and labour costs have forced Taiwan to concentrate on technology, and it is now a leading high-tech centre in Asia Pacific. Headed by what had been a runaway mobile sector which passed 100% penetration in 2002, and a strong fixed-line telephone sector with a penetration of 55%, the market continues to find new ways to grow. Taiwan has been progressive in its efforts to liberalise the telecommunications industry and to create a positive regulatory regime which has seen it undergo a series of network modernisation projects over the last decade or so. This report provides statistics on the Taiwan telecom market including operator market share, revenues and fixed-line forecasts to 2018. It also considers key areas of regulation in the Taiwan telecommunications industry.

Key Developments:

Taiwan's economy is set to out-perform that of South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong over the next five years;
Chunghwa Telecom continues to dominate Taiwan's fixed-line sector;
mobile penetration continues to rise beyond 125% driven by 3G;
data communications revenue accounts for 35% of total telecoms revenue;
first submarine cable directly linking China and Taiwan goes live in 2013;
amendments to Cable Radio and Television Act seeking to achieve digital convergence by 2015 are under review by the Executive Yuan;
switchover from analogue to digital terrestrial TV completed in 2012;
4G licensing process commences with spectrum auction.

Companies covered in this report include:

Chunghwa Telecom; Taiwan Mobile; kbro; Far EasTone; Taiwan Fixed Network, New Century Infocomm Tech; Asia Pacific Broadband Telecommunications; VIBO; Eastern Broadband Telecom; United Communications Group; Eastern Multimedia Group

1. Synopsis
2. Key statistics
3. Country overview
3.1 Background
3.2 Taiwan's economy
4. Telecommunications market
4.1 Overview of Taiwan's telecom market
4.2 Background of Taiwan's telecom market
5. Telecommunications market sectors
5.1 Fixed-line and mobile phone statistics
5.2 Telecom revenue by service
5.3 Data communications revenue
5.4 Fixed, mobile, internet and broadband subscriber comparison
6. Fixed network voice services
6.1 Market overview
6.2 Fixed network operators' market share
7. Forecasts
7.1 Forecast fixed-line subscribers 2013 (actual); 2014 and 2018
7.2 Forecasting methodology
8. Submarine cable networks
9. Satellite networks
10. Overview of broadcasting market
10.1 Television
10.2 Digital terrestrial services
10.3 Cable TV
11. Regulatory environment
11.1 Regulatory authorities
11.2 Legislation and market liberalisation
11.3 The 1996 Telecom Bill
11.4 Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC)
11.5 National Communications Commission (NCC)
11.6 Privatisation of Chunghwa Telecom
11.7 Foreign investment
11.8 Licensing
11.9 Foreign equipment restrictions
11.10 Telecoms tariffs
11.11 Amendments to the Radio and Television act
11.11.1 Digital Convergence Policy Initiative
11.11.2 Restructure of telecoms and broadcasting markets
11.11.3 Further policies to promote digital convergence
11.12 National Information and Communication Initiative (NICI)
11.13 International rankings
12. Related reports
Table 1 Country statistics 2014
Table 2 Telecom revenue and investment statistics 2012
Table 3 Telephone network statistics June 2014
Table 4 Internet user statistics 2013
Table 5 Broadband statistics June 2014
Table 6 Mobile statistics June 2014
Table 7 National telecommunications authorities
Table 8 Taiwan GDP and GDP per capita 2000 - 2018
Table 9 Taiwan telecoms service revenue 1985; 1990; 1995; 2000; 2005 2013
Table 10 Taiwan Fixed-line and mobile subscribers and penetration 1995 - 2014
Table 11 Taiwan - Call volumes for outgoing mobile and fixed network traffic 1999 2014
Table 12 Taiwan - Distribution of telecom revenue by services 2012
Table 13 Taiwan - Data communication revenue and mobile data service revenue as proportion of total telecom revenue 2001 - 2012
Table 14 Number of telecom subscribers per 100 inhabitants 2001 2013
Table 15 Fixed network operators market share by revenue 2012
Table 16 Chunghwa Telecom fixed subscribers and market share 2004 - 2013
Table 17 Forecast fixed line subscribers and penetration - higher band: 2014; 2018
Table 18 Forecast fixed line subscribers and penetration - lower band: 2014; 2018
Table 19 Key broadcasting statistics 2013
Table 20 Cable TV subscribers 2002 2014
Chart 1 Taiwan fixed-line and mobile subscribers 2002 - 2014
Chart 2 - Taiwan - Distribution of telecom revenue by services 2012
Exhibit 1 Map of Taiwan
Exhibit 2 Major global/regional submarine cables with landing point in Taiwan 2013
Exhibit 3 Major broadcasting organisations

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