Salty Snacks: U.S. Market Trends and Opportunities

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Salty Snacks: U.S. Market Trends and Opportunities

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In recent years, some consumers have moved away from the traditional three meals per day and shifted into a lifestyle involving increased snacking, or multiple smaller meals, throughout the day. Contributing to the ubiquitous consumption of salty snacks, these products are readily available in vending machines and grab-and-go retail outlets such as convenience stores and gas stations. In grocery stores, snacks are often featured in locations conducive to impulse purchases, such as checkout lanes.These factors, coupled with a steadily rising population, confer stability to the US market for salty snacks.

US producers benefit from limited competition by foreign firms inmost categories, due to food safety concerns. At the same time, US snack food manufacturers have been able to expand their global presence, bolstered by strong brand identities and a reputation for quality among many international consumers. While product prices may rise along with costs for ingredients(e.g., wheat, soybean oil) and other inputs (e.g., fuel, labor), snacks are generally considered “affordable luxury items”—a perception among consumers that helps snack producers avoid severe cyclical fluctuations. Facing difficult economic circumstances, many consumers trade down to less expensive products, such as private-label brands, rather than eschewing this category of food altogether.

About the Report

The information in this report is excerpted from two reports focusing on salty snacks by subsidiaries:

· the Freedonia Focus report Salty Snacks: United States
(Freedonia Group, March 2018),

· the “Salty Snacks” chapter in US Food Market Outlook 2018
(Packaged Facts, January 2018)

A full outline of the coverage provided in this report is available in the Table of Contents and List of Tables and Figures.

  • Production & Consumption
    • Production & Consumption Highlights
  • Market Sizing: Consumption (lbs)
    • Historical and Current Trends
  • Market Environment: Production
    • Industry Characteristics
      • Table US Salty Snacks Industry Employer Firms & Establishments, 2007-2015
    • Key Economic Indicators
      • Table Key Indicators for US Salty Snacks Demand, 2007-2022 (US$ billions)
    • Trade
      • Table US Salty Snacks Trade, 2007-2017 (US$ millions)
    • Environmental & Regulatory Factors
  • Manufacturer-Level Demand & Forecast ($)
    • Table US Salty Snacks Demand by Product, 2007-2022 (US$ mil)
  • Manufacturer Shipments & Forecast ($)
    • Table US Salty Snacks Shipments by Product, 2007-2022 (US$ mil)
  • Demand by Product Type ($)
    • Potato Chips
    • Corn Chips
    • Other Salty Snacks
  • Retail
    • Highlights: Retail Trends
      • Key Opportunities for Future Growth
  • Market Sizing: Retail Sales ($)
    • Retail Sales of Salty Snacks at $24 Billion in 2017
      • Table US Salty Snacks Market Retail Dollar Sales, 2012-2022P (in millions of dollars and percent change)
    • Category Sales and Shares
      • RTE Popcorn Sales Surging
        • Table US Salty Snack Market Retail Dollar Sales: By Category, 2015-2017 (in millions of dollars and percent change)
  • Market Forecast: Retail ($)
    • Sluggish Economy Impacts Consumer Spending
    • Unemployment Rate Declines to Below Pre-Recession Levels
    • Median Household Incomes at All-Time High in 2016
    • Sluggish Growth of Household Formations
    • Retail Market to Exceed $29 Billion by 2022
      • Table US Salty Snacks Market Retail Dollar Sales, 2017-2022P (in millions of dollars and percent change)
  • Marketer Competition
    • PepsiCo Controls 60% of Market
      • Table Selected Marketers/Brands of Salty Snacks, 2017
    • M&A Activity
    • PepsiCo
      • Table PepsiCo Major Brands by Product
    • Snyder's-Lance
      • Table Snyder's-Lance Major Brands by Product
    • Kellogg Company
    • UTZ Quality Foods
      • Table UTZ Quality Foods Major Brands by Product
  • Marketing & New Product Trends
    • Marketing Trends
      • Table Selected Marketing Initiatives
    • Opportunities for Marketing Innovation
      • Table Selected Marketing Innovation
    • New Product Trends
    • Opportunities for Product Innovation
      • Table Selected New Products
  • Retail Channel Competition
    • Channel Shares
      • Table Salty Snacks: US Retail Dollar Sales and Shares by Channel, 2017 (in millions of dollars and percent)
    • Opportunities for In-Store and Online Innovation
  • Retail Trends: Product Usage Rates
    • Potato Chips Eaten by Over 80% of Households
      • Table Consumption Rates for Selected Salty Snacks, 2007-2017 (percent of households)
    • Usage by Product Type
      • Regular Potato Chips Dominate
        • Table Types of Potato Chips Eaten Most Often, 2007-2017 (percent of US households who eat potato chips)
    • Usage by Flavor
      • Chips: Just Plain Popular
      • Pretzels a Salty Favorite in an Era of Salt Avoidance
      • Potato Chip Eaters Eating More
        • Table Bags of Potato Chips Eaten in Last 30 Days, 2007-2017 (percent of US households who eat potato chips)
        • Table Bags of Corn/Tortilla/Pita Chip & Cheese Snacks Eaten in Last 30 Days, 2007-2017 (percent of US households who eat corn/tortilla chips/cheese snacks)
    • Brand Usage Trends
      • Lay's Classic, Cheetos, and Store Brands Biggest Chip/Snack Gainers
        • Table Brands of Selected Salty Snacks Eaten Most Often by Households in the Last 30 Days, 2007-2017 (percent of households who eat selected salty snacks)
  • About This Report
    • Two Sources for this Report
    • Sources
    • Industry Codes
      • Table Industry Codes Related to Salty Snacks

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