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United Kingdom Telecom Industry Outlook to 2025 - Analysis of United Kingdom Mobile, Fixed Line and Broadband Markets

United Kingdom Telecom Industry Outlook to 2025 - Analysis of United Kingdom Mobile, Fixed Line and Broadband Markets

United Kingdom Telecom report is one of the comprehensive market research report on United Kingdom mobile, landline and broadband segments in United Kingdom. The report provides historic and forecast data on subscribers, consumption patterns in the country to 2025.

Market dynamics, key strategies of telecom companies, potential investment opportunities amidst changing business scenario are analyzed. For detailed analysis of the market, key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of operating in the country are provided.

The country’s telecom sector is compared with its peer markets to evaluate the position of United Kingdom in regional and global front. Recent United Kingdom telecom industry trends along with drivers and challenges confronting United Kingdom telecom markets are analyzed. Further, to enable clear understanding of companies and their operations, tariff details of companies, their marketing strategies and SWOT analysis is detailed.

Subscription forecasts and revenue outlook is backed up with detailed forecasts of GDP, population, other demographic and macro economic factors, which are expected to play a key role in shaping the future of United Kingdom Telecom industry.

In addition, competitive landscape and business profiles of leading companies in United Kingdom are included. All latest developments and their impact on players in the industry are also provided.

1 Table of Contents
1.1 List of Tables
1.2 List of Figures
2 United Kingdom Telecom Industry Analysis and Outlook
2.1 United Kingdom Telecom Market Snapshot, 2015
2.2 Historic Trends and Growth Outlook
2.3 Revenue from Telecommunications Sector
2.4 Expected Flow of investments in Telecom Market
3 United Kingdom Telecom Market Forecasts
3.1 Fixed Landline Users Outlook, 2005- 2025
3.2 Fixed-broadband Users Outlook, 2005- 2025
3.3 Mobile Users Outlook, 2005- 2025
3.4 Number of Households with Computer, 2015
3.5 Number of Households with Internet Access at home, 2015
3.6 Individuals (%) using the internet, 2015
4 United Kingdom Telecom Market SWOT Analysis
4.1 Key Strengths
4.2 Key Weaknesses
4.3 Potential Opportunities
4.4 Potential Threats
5 United Kingdom ICT Goods Trade Analysis
5.1 ICT Goods Exports (percentage of total goods Exports)
5.2 ICT Goods Imports (percentage of total goods Imports)
5.3 ICT service exports (percentage of total service exports)
6 Comparison of United Kingdom Telecom Industry with Peer Markets
6.1 Overall Ranking
6.2 Supply Index
6.3 Demand Index
6.4 Infrastructure Index
6.5 Growth Index
7 United Kingdom Population Forecasts
7.1 Population by Age Group Forecast to 2025
7.2 Population by Gender
7.3 Rural and Urban population outlook, 2005- 2025
7.4 Literacy rate (Adults), 2015
8 United Kingdom Economic Outlook to 2025
8.1 United Kingdom GDP Forecasts to 2025
8.2 GDP Growth rate, 2005- 2015
8.3 GNI Per Capita (Atlas Method)
9 United Kingdom Telecom Industry Competitive Landscape
9.1 Key Players
9.2 Level of Competition
9.3 Foreign Participation in the Sector
10 Business Profiles of Leading Telecom Companies
10.1 BT Group Plc
10.1.1 Overview
10.1.2 Business Description
10.2 Everything Everywhere Limited
10.2.1 Overview
10.2.2 Business Description
10.2.3 EE Mobile Tariffs
10.3 Vodafone UK
10.3.1 Overview
10.3.2 Business Description
10.3.3 Vodafone Tariffs
11 Latest News LandScape
1.1 UK telecoms watchdog wants more powers to block M&A post Brexit – December 2016
1.2 Telecoms sector receives five-year rates relief to grow fiber networks – November 2016
1.3 TalkTalk Business continues to see strong growth with data revenues up 38.9% - November 2016
1.4 UK consumers warn peers off telecoms companies – October 2016
1.5 UK Releases Telecoms Reverse Charge Guidance – August 2016
1.6 UK digital bill to boost infrastructure and services – May 2016
1.7 UK telecoms sector regroups after blocked Three-O2 deal – May 2016
1.8 EE doubles 4G subscriber base to 14million – February 2016
1.9 UK Telecoms $18B Megamerger Cleared By Competition Authority – January 2016
12 Appendix
12.1 Sources and Methodology
12.2 Contact Information
12.3 Disclaimer 75
List of Tables
Table 1: United Kingdom Telecom Industry Snapshot 6
Table 2: United Kingdom Fixed Telephone Subscriptions Outlook, 2005- 2025 12
Table 3: United Kingdom Fixed Broadband Subscriptions Outlook, 2005- 2025 14
Table 4: United Kingdom Mobile Users Outlook, 2005- 2025 16
Table 5: United Kingdom Telecom Industry Benchmark- Overall Ranking 26
Table 6: United Kingdom Telecom Industry Benchmark- Supply Index 26
Table 7: United Kingdom Telecom Industry Benchmark- Demand Index 27
Table 8: United Kingdom Telecom Industry Benchmark- Infrastructure Index 27
Table 9: United Kingdom Telecom Industry Benchmark- Growth Scope Index 28
Table 10: United Kingdom Population by Age Group, 2005- 2025 29
Table 11: United Kingdom Population by Gender, 2005- 2025 30
Table 12: United Kingdom Population by Rural vs. Urban Area, 2005- 2025 31
Table 13: United Kingdom GDP Outlook (Current USD Billion), 2005- 2025 33
Table 14: United Kingdom GDP Growth Rate (Current USD Billion), 2005- 2015 34
Table 15: United Kingdom GNI Per Capita (Current USD Billion), 2005- 2015 35
Table 16: United Kingdom Foreign Ownership 40
Table 17: BT Group Plc- Top Level Information 42
Table 18: EE Limited - Top Level Information 48
Table 19: EE Pay Monthly Phone Plans 49
Table 20: EE Free Pay As You Go Plans 50
Table 21: EE Home Broadband Plans 50
Table 22: EE Broadband, Call Packages &TV 51
Table 23: EE Get A Pay AS You GO(Prepaid) 51
Table 24: EE Pay Monthly Phone SIM Only Plans(Post-paid) 52
Table 25: EE Business SIM Plans 53
Table 26: EE Business Data SIM Plans 53
Table 27: Vodafone UK- Top Level Information 55
Table 28: Vodafone Post-paid SIM Tariffs 56
Table 29: Vodafone Post-paid SIM Only Tariffs 57
Table 30: Vodafone Big Bundle Values Plans 58
Table 31: Vodafone Freebie Plans 58
Table 32: Vodafone Prepaid TOP UP's 59
Table 33: Vodafone Broadband Deals 59
Table 34: Vodafone Home Phone features 59
Table 35: Vodafone Pay Monthly Bundles 60

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