UX-UI Services 2018

UX-UI Services 2018

Who Is This Report For?
NelsonHall’s “UX-UI Services” client perspective report is a comprehensive
report designed for:
Sourcing managers investigating key drivers of the use of vendors for UX-UI
Operational decision makers exploring the benefits and inhibitors of
undergoing UX-UI initiatives
Vendor marketing, sales and business managers developing strategies to target UX-UI opportunities
Financial analysts and investors specializing in the IT services sector, including UX-UI Services.

Scope of the Report
As part of NelsonHall’s most recent UX-UI services market analysis, in addition to interviewing over 15 of the leading UX-UI services providers globally, our research extended to a survey of these vendors’ clients. Through this survey, we met with 14 clients of these vendors, representing a range of geographies, industries, size, scope of services, and various levels of maturity in their sourcing of UX-UI services.
Each interview was conducted to cover several focus areas to gain a
comprehensive understanding from the client perspective of their experience as a buyer of UX-UI services in the current marketplace. This was specifically designed to understand, not only the perception of vendor performance in meeting client needs currently, but also their ability to meet the clients’ needs in the future. The survey focused on the following key areas:
1. UX-UI services usage
2. Benefits derived from UX-UI services
3. Vendor approach to benefit delivery
4. Client satisfaction
5. Client future expectations and vendor ability to meet these
future requirements.
For each of these focus areas, we asked clients to rate various attributes including services used, service satisfaction, benefits sought, benefits importance, vendor approach, and overall performance satisfaction.

Key Findings & Highlights
Overall clients are satisfied with the services delivered by vendors and view those services in line with realizing their highest priority benefits of increasing usability and customer satisfaction. Clients place a significant priority on a vendor’s onshore design capabilities and tailored frameworks and templates for delivering UX-UI services and primarily see vendors meeting their needs.
Clients looking for a UX-UI services vendor are focused on quality of service and partnering capabilities. Each was cited by a majority of clients as key characteristics sought in a vendor. Quality characteristics revolve around quality deliverables and strategic UX-UI skills. The partnership involves bringing quality
employees that can partner with the client to achieve objectives.

Approximately 79% of clients view vendors as highly or very highly effective in achieving desired benefits while 71% of clients view vendors as highly or very highly effective in achieving increased usability and increased client retention.
A vendor’s onshore design capability, use of tailored frameworks and templates for UX design and development, and a vendors’ ability to host and deliver design thinking sessions were all cited by 79% or more of clients as being highly or very highly important to achieving benefits.
The vendor’s ability to meet client requirements could be improved by four key
Delivering a broader set of related offerings including application support, testing, and architecture design
Empowering team members to proactively bring new innovative ideas to the clients as they are identified through the team members’ detailed understanding of the client
Proactively bringing new innovative ideas based on a broader understanding and view of best practices, the market, and industry trends
Building project organization models to balance having client-proximate teams to develop a deep understanding of the client situation and build a partnering relationship with remote, cost-effective delivery.

Executive Summary: Key Findings
A. Usage & Satisfaction
B. Benefits Achievement
C. Client Future Requirements
Ability to Deliver Immediate Benefits
A. UX-UI Services Offerings
B. Client Perception of Benefits Importance and Realization
C. UX-UI Service Delivery
Ability to Meet Client Future Requirements
A. UX-UI Service Issues & Initiatives
B. Best Practices and Innovation
C. Vendor Performance

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