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Next Generation Business Models for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) in LTE, M2M, & OTT Environment

Mobile network operators (MNOs) are facing unprecedented challenges from M2M evolution, Telematics growth in industry verticals, and consumer preference shift towards data & communication services in 4G LTE network paradigm. MNO’s are also facing and evolving competition driven by Over-the-Top (OTT) players. In our analysis, we use the analogy that the telecom services market is becoming more like a supermarket in which managing portfolio of integrated solutions is the key and the evolving ecosystem is more focused on connecting objects rather than simply connecting people and businesses.

Mind Commerce evaluates disruptions in traditional business model leading to new transformative opportunities and brand positioning. Next Generation Business Models for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) in LTE, M2M, & OTT Environment will facilitate Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and related stakeholders to understand & develop market ROI driven business models including:

  • Analysis of 16 transformative business models including how MNOs may mashed-up their strategy formulation to implementation
  • Key strategic initiatives of 8 leading MNOs to remain leaders in emerging ecosystem
  • How a MNO can put strategic focus on leveraging existing assets and achieving better position as communication service provider in a post-4G environment. This includes complete solutions by partnership, M2M, telematics, smart services, SDM, broadcasting, mobile cloud, OTT, intangible asset management, public safety, and more.
Target Audience:
  • Mobile network operators
  • Mobile application developers
  • Wireless infrastructure suppliers
  • OTT application and service providers
  • M2M, Telematics, and related providers

General Methodology

Mind Commerce Publishing's research methodology encompasses input from a wide variety of sources.

We rely heavily upon our Subject Matter Experts (SME) in terms of their market knowledge, unique perspective, and vision. We utilize SME industry contacts as well as previous customers and participants in our market surveys and interactive interviews.

In addition, we rely upon our extensive internal database, which contains modeling, qualitative analysis, and quantitative data. We review secondary sources and compare to our primary sources to update previous findings (for prior version reports) and/or compile baseline information for technology and market modeling.

We share preliminary models with industry contacts (select previous clients, experts, and thought leaders) to verify the veracity of initial modeling. Prior to final report production (analysis, findings, and conclusions), we engage in an internal review with internal SMEs as well as cross-expertise, senior staff members to challenge results.

We believe that forecasts should be prepared as part of an integrated process which involves both quantitative as well as qualitative factors. We follow the following 3-step process for forecasting.

Forecasting Methodology

Step 1 - Forecasts Input: The inputs for the present and historical revenues are derived from industry players. Financial and other quantitative data for individual sub-market categories are derived from original research and tested with interviews with major industry constituents.

Step 2 - Forecasting of Future Years: Mind Commerce extends forecasts based on a variety of factors including demand drivers as well as supply side data. Key success factors and assumptions are considered.

Step 3 - Validation of Data: The final step is to validate projections, which is accomplished in consultation with both internal and external industry experts, including both topic and regional experts. Adjustments are made to the forecasts based on factors identified throughout this process.

1.0 Executive Summary
2.0 Market Trend 2013 And Beyond
2.1 Faster Adoption Of 4g Lte But Voice Over Lte (Volte) / Lte Data Revenue Is Not Promising
2.2 Data Connected Environment Will Erode Traditional Revenue
2.3 Over-the-top (Ott) Intervention Breaks Down Private Communication Eco-system
2.3.1 Facebook Voip Case Can Get A Closer Look
2.4 M2m Development In Client Level Fostered Growth Of Network Supports Market
2.5 Focus Shifting From Connecting People To Connecting Objects
2.6 Evolution Of Networked Business Opportunity In Industry Vertical
3.0 Brand Positioning In New Mobile Horizon: Utilization Of Wireless Platform As Full-scale Channel
3.1 Tumblr Promoted Content Case: Brand’s Consideration
4.0 Transformative Business Models For Mobile Network Operators (Mnos) As Communication Service Provider (Csp)
4.1 Connected Home: Security & Energy Management
4.2 Insurance Telematics: User - Based Insurance (Ubi)
4.3 Vehicle Telematics As Csp
4.4 Utility Management And Smart Grid
4.5 Subscriber Data Management (Sdm), Big Data And Research
4.6 Media / Event Broadcasting Product
4.7 Mobile Retail Payment Management
4.8 Hybrid Cloud Based Services
4.9 Intangible Assets Management
4.10 Content Management & Advertising Model
4.11 Enterprise Mobility Management
4.12 Rcse (Rich Communication Service Enhanced) - Ott Apps Model
4.13 Public Safety & Emergency Services
4.14 Mobile Health Telematics
4.15 Integrated Home Entertainment: Internet, Tv, Gaming
4.16 Nfc Driven Mobile Financial Services
5.0 Mobile Network Operator (Mno) Strategic Initiative Analysis
5.1 At&T
5.2 Sk Telecom
5.3 Entel
5.4 Verizon
5.5 Vodafone
5.6 Orange
5.7 Sprint
5.8 Deutsche Telekom
6.0 Strategic Guideline For Mnos As Csp To Build Sustainable Business Model
6.1 Choose Service-layer Partnership Or Joint Venture For Complete Solutions
6.2 Put Strategic Focus On Service Mash-up Trend
6.3 Solid Ngn Service Transformation Plan Is First
List Of Graphs
Figure 1: 4g Lte Network Adoption Market Prediction 2013
Figure 2: Networked Business Framework Under 3 Waves Of Connected Device Development
Figure 3: The Disruptive Potential Of Connectivity Across Various Industry Sectors
Figure 4: Mobile Purchase Offering: Conversion Of Location Search & Intent Targeting
Figure 5: Cost Vs. Revenue Dimensions In Intangible Asset Management Business Model

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