Bronchoscopy Market Assessment, By Product Type [Rigid, Flexible, EBUS, Accessories], By Application [Bronchial Diagnosis, Bronchial Treatment], By Usage [Disposable Equipment, Reusable Equipment], By Age-Group [Adult, Pediatric], By End-user [Hospitals,

Bronchoscopy Market Assessment, By Product Type [Rigid, Flexible, EBUS, Accessories], By Application [Bronchial Diagnosis, Bronchial Treatment], By Usage [Disposable Equipment, Reusable Equipment], By Age-Group [Adult, Pediatric], By End-user [Hospitals, Ambulatory Centers, ENT Clinics], By Region, Opportunities and Forecast, 2017-2031F

Global bronchoscopy market is projected to witness a CAGR of 6.51% during the forecast period 2024-2031F, growing from USD 3.01 billion in 2023 to USD 4.99 billion in 2031F. The market has the potential to expand due to several factors, including an aging population, technological advancements, increasing prevalence of respiratory and cardiovascular disorders, and an overall population increase.

A bronchoscope is a sophisticated device medical professionals use to diagnose or treat any respiratory disorder by visualizing the intricate airways and delicate lungs. These devices facilitate the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of respiratory ailments and are thus important in managing such conditions. The market for bronchoscopy is anticipated to expand significantly in the upcoming years. Additionally, the industry has seen the introduction of more compact designs that provide faster and more precise findings, which are helpful in the early detection of any disorders.

A healthy lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular as people become more conscious. Industry giants and healthcare practitioners are collaborating to provide the best tools and diagnostic solutions for patients. Both public and commercial organizations are raising money and investing a sizable sum to provide quality solutions. These massive corporations use strategic maneuvers such as collaborations, investments, mergers, and acquisitions when they are striving to develop or introduce a new product.

For instance, at the Third Annual Conference on Interventional Pulmonology - BRONCHUS 2023, in January 2023, FUJIFILM India announced that it was expanding its portfolio of endoscopy solutions with the launch of the new compact ultrasonic probe system, PB2020-M2. Leading pulmonologists from 18 different nations attended this two-day symposium in Hyderabad.

Increasing Prevalence of Respiratory Disorders

Prevalence of respiratory disorders has increased, especially since COVID-19. There are varied respiratory disorders, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, endotracheal intubation, cardiac arrest, procedural sedation, respiratory complaints, acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), sleep disorders/sleep apnea, and shunts in cyanotic heart disease and they are all treated and diagnosed using bronchoscopes.

A primary factor contributing to the rising need for bronchoscopes in both developed and developing nations is the ubiquity of long-term respiratory conditions such asthma, COPD, and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Instances of asthma are noticeably rising in low and middle-income nations, especially in Asia. For instance, in 2022, 34 million individuals in India with asthma were anticipated and they accounted for 13.09% of the worldwide burden. COPD is the third most common cause of death globally, accounting to nearly 3.2 million deaths worldwide.

The rapid increase in air population, especially in urban areas, coupled with high smoking rates are making the situation worsening. Such factors are expected to expand the market share of global bronchoscopy market. According to an article published by the American Lung Association in 2024, with over 12.5 million identified cases and many undiagnosed instances, COPD is the biggest cause of death in the United States. The market for bronchoscopes is expanding due to several factors, one of them is increased global prevalence of respiratory conditions such as pneumonia, asthma, and COPD. People are realizing the cruciality of keeping an eye on their oxygen saturation levels to stay healthy. The presence of advanced hospitals and clinics, which are equipped with modern diagnostic and treatment facilities, is addressing the healthcare needs of the population and pushing the market towards expansion.

Technological Advancements Drive Global Bronchoscopy Market Demand

The need for bronchoscopes in India has been greatly impacted by technological developments. The nation's respiratory care has radically transformed due to the introduction of state-of-the-art technologies such as 3D visualization and navigational bronchoscopy, which uses guided imaging for more accurate diagnosis and treatment. By improving what was lacking earlier in devices by focusing on the requirements of patients, these innovative technologies have significantly increased the capacity to reach distal airways and detect minor lesions.

The accessibility of the treatment, even in rural places, has been further enhanced by the ongoing technological advancements in portable bronchoscopes. Patients who previously had limited access to these diagnostic instruments now have more options due to their simplicity and versatility. Given the rising prevalence of respiratory illnesses in India and other places, there is an increasing need for sophisticated bronchoscopes. The demand for these devices has been significantly fuelled by the growing emphasis among healthcare professionals on training and awareness programs for bronchoscopy operations. These programs have received a lot of traction due to encouraging policies and actions taken by the government, which has increased the country's adoption of sophisticated bronchoscopes.

The growing bronchoscopy market is partly due to the rising acceptance of minimally invasive surgeries in India's healthcare system. The need for sophisticated bronchoscopes is still growing as more people and medical professionals come to understand the advantages of these less intrusive procedures. The rise in bronchoscope demand in the world can be attributed to the confluence of technology, awareness, and necessity. The ongoing developments in bronchoscopy technology, together with the growing emphasis on education and awareness programs are playing an important role in market expansion. For instance, FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation added EB-710P thin bronchoscope to their product line of pulmonology solutions in September 2022. To enhance patient outcomes and early diagnosis, the company provides bronchoscopy and pulmonology solutions.

Increasing Demand for Single-use Bronchoscopes

In an ICU or peri-operative context, anesthetists utilize single-use flexible bronchoscopes, which function comparably better to reusable flexible bronchoscopes and have the unique benefit of having a lower risk of infection due to their sterility. Single-use flexible bronchoscopes are less expensive in various clinical contexts and minimize cross-contamination, unlike reusable bronchoscopes. These are beneficial for identifying numerous illnesses, including tumors, COPD, lung cancer, and others. According to the National Library of Medicine, January 2022, using a single-use bronchoscope instead of a reusable one in specific bronchoscopy and intensive care unit situations is advantageous because of its portability, instant availability, and lower potential risk of clinically relevant infections. Additionally, a single-use flexible bronchoscope is more affordable than a reusable flexible bronchoscope when examining cross-contamination and potential follow-up infections in a typical ICU setting, per a January 2022, National Library of Medicine article.

Therefore, it is anticipated that a single-use bronchoscope's advantages over a reusable bronchoscope will spur market expansion. Segment expansion is anticipated to be aided by major market players' technical product advancements. Throughout the forecast period, this advancement is anticipated to fuel market expansion. In July 2022, Ambu Inc. declared that the fifth-generation single-use bronchoscope had received FDA clearance. After receiving market clearances in the United States and Europe, the business expanded its market leadership in pulmonology by venturing into the bronchoscopy suite category.

North America to Dominate Global Bronchoscopy Market Share

The global market is anticipated to be dominated by North America. With more bronchoscopy procedures and greater rates of respiratory disorders such as COPD, pneumonia, and lung cancer, North America is predicted to hold a sizable market share in the bronchoscopy industry. According to ACS estimates, there will be roughly 236,740 new cases of lung cancer identified in the United States in 2022. Similarly, the Canadian Cancer Society predicts that in 2022, there will be over 300,000 new cases of lung cancer reported in Canada. It shows how common lung cancer is in the region, which fuels market expansion due to the high demand for bronchoscopy in North America. Thus, it is anticipated to accelerate the expansion of global bronchoscopy market. Over the projection period, new product introductions will support the growth of the segment. Such regional development is anticipated to accelerate market expansion. Therefore, the examined market in North America is anticipated to project development throughout the forecast period due to the above-mentioned aspects.

Future Market Scenario (2024-2031F)

One of the main factors contributing to the anticipated growth of global bronchoscopy market is the increasing population which will continue to grow in future, and awareness about being health conscious. Given that technology is advancing, we can expect cutting-edge technology in the region. Players in the market are expanding at an unparalleled rate, introducing cost-effective and efficient technologies. For instance, Verathon, Inc., a multinational medical equipment manufacturer, introduced the BFlex 2.8 Single-use Bronchoscope in July 2022. The BFlex single-use bronchoscopes are made to meet the demanding requirements of the emergency department, operating room, and intensive care unit. The BFlex 2.8, Verathon's first pediatric single-use bronchoscope, offers the maneuverability and image quality required for lung isolation procedures, pediatric bronchoscopies, and airway management.

Key Players Landscape and Outlook

Several companies are expanding their business by planning and adopting new strategies. They are complying with new strategic initiatives regarding the launches of newly developed bronchoscopes, to help researchers to increase their presence in the market. New product launches, agreements based on contracts, mergers and acquisitions, investments, and partnerships are a few ways through which they are trying to achieve the same.

In November 2023, Broncus Medical Inc. entered into an equity transfer agreement to purchase a 100% stake in the Chinese device manufacturer Hangzhou Jingliang. The share transfer will take place via Broncus Hangzhou, the company's Chinese subsidiary. The acquisition is anticipated to enhance Broncus Medical Inc.’s offering of interventional lung disease diagnostics and therapy.

Johnson & Johnson MedTech company Ethicon announced in May 2022, that the FDA has approved its Monarch robotic surgery platform under 510(k) regulations. Auris Health, a subsidiary of Ethicon, has received approval from FDA to use Monarch for endourological treatments. Representatives of the firm claim that it is currently the first and only multispecialty robotic system that is both adaptable and can be used in bronchoscopy and urology.

1. Research Methodology
2. Project Scope and Definitions
3. Executive Summary
4. Global Bronchoscopy Market Outlook, 2017-2031F
4.1. Market Size & Forecast
4.1.1. By Value
4.1.2. By Volume
4.2. By Product Type
4.2.1. Flexible
4.2.2. Rigid
4.2.3. EBUS
4.2.4. Accessories Cytology Brushes Transbronchial Aspiration Needles Biopsy Forceps Biopsy Valves Cleaning Brushes Mouthpieces Others
4.3. By Application
4.3.1. Bronchial Diagnosis
4.3.2. Bronchial Treatment
4.4. By Usage
4.4.1. Disposable Equipment
4.4.2. Reusable Equipment
4.5. By Age-Group
4.5.1. Adult
4.5.2. Pediatric
4.6. By End-user
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4.6.3. ENT Clinics
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4.7.2. Europe
4.7.3. Asia-Pacific
4.7.4. South America
4.7.5. Middle East and Africa
4.8. By Company Market Share (%), 2023
5. Global Bronchoscopy Market Outlook, By Region, 2017-2031F
5.1. North America*
5.1.1. Market Size & Forecast By Value By Volume
5.1.2. By Product Type Flexible Rigid EBUS Accessories Cytology Brushes Transbronchial Aspiration Needles Biopsy Forceps Biopsy Valves Cleaning Brushes Mouthpieces Others
5.1.3. By Application Bronchial Diagnosis Bronchial Treatment
5.1.4. By Usage Disposable Equipment Reusable Equipment
5.1.5. By Age-Group Adult Pediatric
5.1.6. By End-user Hospitals Ambulatory Centers ENT Clinics
5.1.7. United States* Market Size & Forecast By Value By Volume By Product Type Flexible Rigid EBUS Accessories Cytology Brushes Transbronchial Aspiration Needles Biopsy Forceps Biopsy Valves Cleaning Brushes Mouthpieces Others By Application Bronchial Diagnosis Bronchial Treatment By Usage Disposable Equipment Reusable Equipment By Age-Group Adult Pediatric By End-user Hospitals Ambulatory Centers ENT Clinics
5.1.8. Canada
5.1.9. Mexico
*All segments will be provided for all regions and countries covered
5.2. Europe
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5.2.2. France
5.2.3. Italy
5.2.4. United Kingdom
5.2.5. Russia
5.2.6. Netherlands
5.2.7. Spain
5.2.8. Turkey
5.2.9. Poland
5.3. Asia-Pacific
5.3.1. India
5.3.2. China
5.3.3. Japan
5.3.4. Australia
5.3.5. Vietnam
5.3.6. South Korea
5.3.7. Indonesia
5.3.8. Philippines
5.4. South America
5.4.1. Brazil
5.4.2. Argentina
5.5. Middle East and Africa
5.5.1. Saudi Arabia
5.5.2. UAE
5.5.3. South Africa
6. Market Mapping, 2023
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6.2. By Application
6.3. By Usage
6.4. By Age-Group
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6.6. By Region
7. Macro Environment and Industry Structure
7.1. Demand Supply Analysis
7.2. Import Export Analysis
7.3. Value Chain Analysis
7.4. PESTEL Analysis
7.4.1. Political Factors
7.4.2. Economic System
7.4.3. Social Implications
7.4.4. Technological Advancements
7.4.5. Environmental Impacts
7.4.6. Legal Compliances and Regulatory Policies (Statutory Bodies Included)
7.5. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
7.5.1. Supplier Power
7.5.2. Buyer Power
7.5.3. Substitution Threat
7.5.4. Threat From New Entrant
7.5.5. Competitive Rivalry
8. Market Dynamics
8.1. Growth Drivers
8.2. Growth Inhibitors (Challenges and Restraints)
9. Regulatory Framework and Innovation
9.1. Patent Landscape
9.2. Innovations/Emerging Technologies
10. Key Players Landscape
10.1. Competition Matrix of Top Five Market Leaders
10.2. Market Revenue Analysis of Top Five Market Leaders (By Value, 2023)
10.3. Mergers and Acquisitions/Joint Ventures (If Applicable)
10.4. SWOT Analysis (For Five Market Players)
10.5. Patent Analysis (If Applicable)
11. Pricing Analysis
12. Case Studies
13. Key Players Outlook
13.1. Medtronic Plc
13.1.1. Company Details
13.1.2. Key Management Personnel
13.1.3. Products and Services
13.1.4. Financials (As Reported)
13.1.5. Key Market Focus and Geographical Presence
13.1.6. Recent Developments
13.2. Boston Scientific Corporation
13.3. Ethicon, Inc.
13.4. GE HealthCare Technologies, Inc.
13.5. Olympus Corporation
13.6. Ambu Corp
13.7. FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation
13.8. Koninklijke Philips N.V
13.9. Hoya Corporation
13.10. CONMED Corporation
*Companies mentioned above DO NOT hold any order as per market share and can be changed as per information available during research work.
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