Global Automobile Industry Production and Demand-Regional Trend Assessment-Edition 2

Global Automobile Industry Production and Demand-Regional Trend Assessment-Edition 2

Executive Summary

Global automobile industry is an important economic metric, it is on the cusp of new technological advancements. Additionally, in the present era, the automotive industry is being driven by consumer desire for expensive and distinctive features. Numerous factors, including the affordable availability of skilled labour, the strength of R&D facilities, and low-cost steel manufacturing, assist the automobile industry globally.

In 2020, numerous nations enacted absolute lockdown, which halted supply and development of chips and caused a global shortage. When a fire damaged a facility in Japan and a blizzard disrupted production in the US, manufacturers in both countries which together produce 50% of the semiconductor chips used in cars worldwide experienced a knock to supply. The paucity of semiconductor chips was made worse by the creation of the Delta version and subsequent COVID-19 breakouts throughout Southeast Asia and across the world

Across the world, around 79.1 million automobiles were produced in 2021, a 1.3% rise from 2020. In comparison to the year 2020, the global production of passenger cars increased by 2% in 2021. Whereas currently, the global automobile industry is headed toward a new trend that will see more electric and hybrid vehicles produced and sold in all regions. A major trend in the global automobile industry is the rise of innovative subscription-based vehicle usership (not ownership) models. In 2021, when used car sales are expected to soar, new car sales could be in jeopardy.

Worldwide electric car sales soared through 2021 and have continued to grow strongly so far in 2022, future growth will require greater initiatives to diversify battery manufacturing and essential mineral supplies to lower the risks of bottlenecks and price increases.

Global Economic Performance

The Global economy increased on an average at the rate of 3.4%, between 2014 to 2019. In 2020, owing to the outbreak of the virus, the global economy shrank by -3.3% the biggest reduction since 1970. Nevertheless, the economy experienced a 5.8% growth in 2021. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the uncertainty surrounding COVID, the deteriorating relationship between the US and China, and other factors have made the recovery still difficult. With projected GDP growth of 6.6% in 2022 and 6.3% in 2023, South Asia is expected to continue to outperform the world in GDP growth.

COVID-19 Impact: The COVID-19 restrictions that resulted in a double-digit decline in sales due to the suspension of vehicle production and sales worldwide also had a significant negative impact on the automotive industry. Later in 2020, the market was also negatively impacted by supply chain disruptions, which are anticipated to persist into 2021. However, the auto industry is recovering faster than expected, partly due to consumer trends favouring personal mobility over shared and public transit.

Impact of Russia Ukraine War: The ongoing Russian-Ukrainian situation has caused neon gas costs to increase tenfold, which may have an effect on Asia-Pacific automakers' ability to produce vehicles. In addition, the supply of palladium needed to make autos will be restricted by the sanctions placed on Russia. The production, sales, and delivery of autos are then expected to increase as a result.

Automobile Industry Performance by Region

North America Automobile Industry: This section discusses about US Automobile industry performance and Canada automotive industry growth over last five years.

Europe Automobile Industry: This section covers key European economies those have an influence over global production and supply of automobile.

Asia Pacific Automobile Industry: This section talks about China, Japan and India automobile industry performance.

Latin America Automobile Industry: This section concentrates on Brazil and Mexico automobile industry performance.

Africa Automobile Industry: This section details Africa positioning in the global automobile market.

Middle East Automobile Industry: Saudi Arabia, UAE and Turkey have been discussed in detail in the global automobile industry report.

Scope of the Study

The following synopsis is based on the report " Global Automobile Industry Production and Demand – Regional Trend Assessment – Edition 2" published by Makreo Research and Consulting.

The report delves deeply into various parameters such as Market performance of different region and major countries manufacturing automobiles, and industry cause and effect analysis. The report offers production and sales facts and analyses market trends and future prospects and it also covers the shifts happening in the automobile industry after series of event for instance: the US-China trade war, COVID-19 outburst, Russia-Ukraine War, Inflation in the US and semiconductor chip shortage.

Global Automobile Market Segmentation

Global Automobile Market

North America



European Union




Asia Pacific




Latin America




South Africa


Middle East

Saudi Arabia



Companies covered in the Global Automobile Market Report:

  • Tesla, Inc.,
  • Toyota Motor Corporation,
  • Volkswagen Group,
  • General Motors Company (GM),
  • Daimler AG,
  • Honda Motor Company Ltd.,
  • BMW,
  • Stellantis N.V.
The report helps reader to gain information on following areas:
  • What is the current state of the global automobile industry and how has it performed in the past?
  • What is the present growth of global production of passenger cars?
  • How did the global car sector respond to COVID-19-led restrictions?
  • What effects did COVID-19 have on the demand for and manufacturing of automobiles?
  • What is the situation of the North American Automobile industry at the moment?
  • How is the auto industry in Asia and the Pacific doing?
  • How is the Europe passenger car market coping?
  • Which nations are the major producers of automobiles?
  • How did the conflict between Russia and Ukraine affect the supply and demand for cars?

1. Research Methodology
Objective of the Study
Research Process
Data Collection Methods
2. EPTD Analysis (Economic, Political, Technological & Demographic Overview)
EPTD Analysis
EPTD Analysis : Global Economy Performance
EPTD Analysis : Economic Overview
EPTD Analysis: Political Overview
EPTD Analysis: Technological Overview
EPTD Analysis: Demography Overview
3. COVID-19 Impact Assessment
Impact of COVID-19 on the Automobile Industry – North America
Impact of COVID-19 on the Automobile Industry – Europe
Impact of COVID-19 on the Automobile Industry – Asia Pacific
Impact of Russia-Ukraine War
Impact of Russia-Ukraine War over Global Economy
Impact of Russia-Ukraine War over Global Trade
Impact of Russia-Ukraine War over Global Automobile Industry
Dominance of Russia and Ukraine
4. Market Dynamics
Global Automobile Industry : Recent Trends & Developments
Global Automobile Industry: Market Drivers
Global Automobile Industry: Challenges
5. Global Automobile Industry Performance
Global Automobile Industry Performance – An Overview
Global Automobile Industry – Geographic Distribution
Global Automobile Industry – Production Output Performance
Global Motor Vehicle Production Performance, 2021
Global Automobile Industry – Sales Performance
Global Car Sales – Key Facts
Global Electric Vehicle Industry Performance in 2021 & 2022
6. North America Automobile Industry Performance
The US Automobile Industry – Past and Present Performance
The US Domestic Auto Production and Sales
The US Automobile Industry Retail Sales-Present Performance
Canada Automobile Industry – Key Facts
Canada Automobile Sales – Key Facts
Canada Automobile Industry Present Performance
7. Europe Automobile Industry Performance
Europe Automobile Industry– An Overview
Europe Automobile Industry Performance in 2021
New Passenger Car Registration in the European Union
Germany Automobile Industry – An Overview
Germany Automobile Production, 2020
Germany Passenger Vehicle Registrations
Germany Automobile Industry Performance in 2021
Germany Vehicle Sales – Key Facts
Germany Automobile Industry Performance in 2022 – Key Facts
France Automobile Industry– Key Facts
France Vehicle Registration by Type – Past Performance
France Automobile Industry Performance 2021
Spain Passenger Car Sector Performance
Spain Automobile Industry– Key Facts
Spain Automobile Sales – Key Facts
Spain Motor Vehicle Performance 2021
Spain Automobile Production – Key Facts
8. Asia Pacific Automobile Industry Performance
Asia Pacific Automobile Industry – Key Facts
China Automobile Industry– An Overview
China Automobile Industry by Type of Vehicles (Light Vehicles and Commercial Vehicles) 2020
China Automobile Industry – Performance in 2021
China Automobile Market – Production and Sales of Automobile, Jan-Dec2021
China Automobile Industry Performance in 2022 - Key Facts
Japan Automobile Industry – Key Facts
Japan Automobile Industry – By Production
Japan Automobile Industry by Type of Vehicles (Light Vehicles and Commercial Vehicles)
Japan Automobile Sales Performance
India Automobile Industry- An Overview
India Automobile Retail Sales-Past Performance
India Automobile Market- By Production
India Automobile Market- By Sales
India Automobile Market- Exports
9. Latin America Automobile Industry Performance
Latin America Automobile Industry – Key Facts
Latin America Light Vehicle Sales– Impact of COVID-19
Latin America Vehicle Sales by Major Countries - Impact of COVID-19
Brazil Automobile Industry – Key Facts
Brazil Automobile Retail Sales-Past Performance
Brazil Automobile Production and Sales – Key Facts
Brazil Automobile Market- Export H1 2021
Brazil New Vehicle Registrations, H1 2022
Brazil Motor Vehicle Production- Present Performance
Mexico Automobile Industry– Production Facts
Mexico Automobile Industry– Light Vehicle
Mexico Motor Vehicle Industry– Sales Facts
10. Africa Automobile Industry Performance
Africa Automobile Industry – Key Facts
South Africa Automobile Industry – An Overview
South Africa Automobile Industry – Production Facts
South Africa Automobile Industry – Sales Performance
Nigeria Automobile Industry - Sales Key Facts
11. Middle East Automobile Industry Performance
Saudi Arabia Automobile Industry – An Overview
Saudi Arabia Automobile Industry – Sales Performance
Saudi Arabia Automobile Industry – Quarterly Sales Performance of 2021 & 2022
UAE Automobile Industry – Sales Performance
UAE Automobile Industry – Quarterly Sales Performance of 2021 & 2022
Turkey Automobile Market Performance
Turkey Automobile Market 2020-21 vs 2021-22
Turkey Automobile Production and Exports
Turkey Automobile Production and Sales
12. Global Automobile Industry - Company Profiles
Company Profile – Tesla Inc.
Company Profile – Toyota Motor Corporation
Company Profile – Volkswagen Group
Company Profile – General Motors Company
Company Profile – Daimler AG
Company Profile – Honda Motor Company Ltd.
Company Profile – BMW (Bayerishe Motoren Werke AG)
Company Profile – Stellantis
Limitations of the Study

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