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Prescription generic pharmaceuticals are the non-patented chemical and therapeutic equivalents of brand-name drugs. These low-cost alternatives must contain the same active chemical ingredient and rate of absorption as the branded product. Due to high demand an increase in the number of generic drug approvals, the global generic drugs market has expanded at a steady pace over the years, and new growth opportunities are anticipated in the future. Check out our research collection to learn more about this lucrative market.

New Generic Drugs Industry Research

  • Find quality data on industries big and small, whether you are interested in a specific product, region, or country.
  • Gain in-depth research on generic drug market segmentation, patents, clinical trials, funding, and regulatory framework.
  • Discover valuable new market opportunities, pockets of growth, and strategies to sustain success.

A Trusted Name in Research offers a wealth of resources to propel your success through data-driven decision-making. We are proud to serve top investment banks, management consulting firms, leading life science companies, and universities—with a track record spanning decades and an experienced team to support your research needs. Explore our generic drugs industry reports today and embrace the power of foresight in an evolving market.

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Generics Drugs Industry Research & Market Reports

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