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NFC : applications beyond payment to boost adoption

NFC applications beyond payment to boost adoption

Smart Insights Report “NFC applications beyond payment to boost adoption”, published in collaboration with CNRFID, provides an extensive analysis of the NFC applications market beyond payment. The wide availability of NFC handsets, along with the launch of many payment and non-payment services mean that the infrastructure is now ready for the development of new services and their mass adoption. NFC payment, on which most of the industry has been focusing, is hindered by the complexity of its ecosystem and has not demonstrated yet its market success. On the contrary, business opportunities brought by non-payment NFC applications are characterized by a clear evidence of industry benefits supported by a much simpler ecosystem. For these reasons, the market of NFC applications beyond payment is expected to experience fast growth over the coming years.

For instance, NFC brings an essential added value in the retail and marketing segment as it allows combining interactive advertising through smart posters, with a one-to-one consumer interaction while the end-user is actually shopping. NFC allows to bring targeted services to each consumer, taking into account his shopping preferences and constraints.

Also, in the healthcare segment by implementing NFC-enabled diagnostic devices, patients can have diagnostics completed without leaving their home and collected thanks to NFC handsets, which allows to deliver better diagnostic results and reduces the expenses incurred by the healthcare system.

The analysis was conducted based on Smart Insights and CNRFID expertise, primary and secondary research, and interviews with the leading players in each market segment.

The CNRFID (Centre National de Référence RFID - French National RFID Center), created by the French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Employment aims at encouraging networking, solutions deployment and partnerships between RFID & NFC providers, users, research laboratories and institutions, and to support them in their different needs and interests.

NFC applications beyond payment to boost adoption

Smart Insights Report “NFC applications beyond payment to boost adoption” investigates in detail the following market segments:

  • Retail, loyalty and marketing
  • Consumer services
  • Enterprise internal services
  • Industrial services
  • Transportation
  • Healthcare
  • Gaming
  • Government ID
  • Automotive
  • Smart cities
This Smart Insights Report “NFC applications beyond payment to boost adoption” covers all these segments, describes the specifics of each market, identifies use cases, major players, and stakes that will spur the development of each market segment. This Smart Insights Report includes market forecasts for each market segment that establish the weight of non-payment NFC applications in the global development of the NFC ecosystem.

The Smart Insights Report “NFC applications beyond payment to boost adoption” demonstrates that NFC applications beyond payment will play a key role thanks to the ease of use and versatility of the technology, therefore advancing its adoption and the development of the infrastructure globally.

The 330-page Smart Insights Report “NFC applications beyond payment to boost adoption” provides a thorough analysis of the nonpayment NFC market and is essential for all industry players, investors and analysts, and more globally for everyone interested in the development of this market.

Press Release - Smart Insights

NFC applications to account for over
EUR 10 billion in 2018 says Smart Insights
The new Smart Insights Report: “NFC applications beyond payment to boost adoption”,
published in association with CNRFID establishes that NFC applications beyond payment
will represent over EUR 10.4 billion in revenue by 2018. These applications belong to
many categories, explored and analyzed in detail in the report.

MARSEILLE, FRANCE, February 18, 2014 – Intelling and CNRFID are publishing a new Smart
Insights Report “NFC applications beyond payment to boost adoption,” that sheds a new
light onto the development of NFC markets. Even if many analysts agree on the fact payment
is not the only application to benefit from NFC technology, this Smart Insights Report is the
first to focus on all value added applications that are taking advantage of these newly
available possibilities to develop new growth markets.

According to the Smart Insights Report “NFC applications beyond payment to boost
adoption,” these NFC applications beyond payment will together account for EUR 10.4 billion
in revenue by 2018.

The global availability of NFC handsets unlocks a new expansion path for applications that
take advantage of this now-existing infrastructure. NFC represents an opportunity to develop
a new merchant to consumer relationship making one-to-one marketing really operational.
NFC applications bring users new means of interactions with their environment. Thanks to
NFC applications, users can benefit from new services, or enjoy additional convenience in
existing day-to-day functions. Also, NFC brings increased efficiencies to enterprise
applications, simplifies hardware development, eases user interface development, etc.

Thierry Spanjaard, CEO of Smart Insights declares: “the industry has been awaiting this for
years! Now the NFC handsets are sufficiently widely distributed to become a base for a global
application development. NFC technology brings many possibilities that remain insufficiently
explored for the time being.”

This Smart Insights Report includes sections about each NFC market beyond payment: retail,
loyalty, marketing, consumer services, enterprise services, industrial services,
transportation, healthcare, gaming, government ID, automotive, smart cities. The report
includes a qualitative analysis, and quantitative forecasts for each market segment.

1 Definitions
1.1 What is NFC
1.2 NFC standards and specifications
1.2.1 ISO standards
1.2.2 NFC Forum specifications
1.2.3 Other standardization bodies
1.3 Modes of functioning by NFC Forum
1.3.1 Reader mode
1.3.2 Card emulation mode
1.3.3 Peer-to-peer mode
1.4 NFC use in applications (NFC Forum)
1.4.1 Touch & Go applications
1.4.2 Touch & Confirm applications
1.4.3 Touch & Connect applications
1.4.4 Touch & Explore applications
1.5 Security
1.5.1 Security intrinsic to NFC
1.5.2 Secure mobile NFC applications architecture
1.6 RFID/NFC limits and convergence
1.6.1 Definitions: RFID, NFC or contactless?
1.6.2 RFID/NFC technologic differences
1.6.3 RFID / NFC convergence
1.6.4 QR Code vs. NFC?
2 History and market overview
2.1 Introduction
2.2 NFC initiatives
2.2.1 NFC Forum
2.2.2 GSM Association
2.2.3 Smart Card Alliance
2.2.4 StoLPaN
2.2.5 Isis
2.2.6 Google Wallet
2.2.7 Cityzi
2.2.8 FeliCa
2.2.9 GlobalPlatform
2.2.10 Mobey Forum
2.3 Mobile handset market overview
2.4 NFC technology overview
2.5 Privacy and security concerns
2.6 NFC adoption
3 NFC applicative segments
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Financial transactions
3.2.1 Payment associations
3.2.2 NFC mWallet.
3.2.3 Non-NFC mobile payments
3.2.4 Synthesis
3.3 ePayment financial organizations
3.4 Banking applications
3.5 Closed-loop commercial transactions
3.5.1 Couponing and loyalty
3.6 Contextual information
3.6.1 Static information
3.6.2 Dynamic information
3.7 Identification
3.7.1 eID, identity credentials and government
3.7.2 Mobile virtual ID
3.7.3 Authentication, anti-counterfeiting, safety control
3.7.4 Responsibility transfer
3.8 Access control
3.8.1 Physical access control
3.8.2 Logical access control
3.8.3 Ticketing
3.9 Smart objects control, pairing
3.9.1 Content sharing, pairing
3.9.2 Remote monitoring and data collection
3.9.3 Industrial buildings and offices
3.9.4 Domestic equipment management
4 Retail, loyalty, marketing
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Applicative sub-segments
4.2.1 In-store services
4.2.2 Customer loyalty and couponing
4.2.3 Marketing and advertisement
4.2.4 Static smart poster (culture, public info)
4.2.5 Dynamic smart poster
4.3 Value chain
4.3.1 Smart mobile marketing value chain
4.4 Major players
4.5 Business potential development
4.6 Business Forecasts
5 Consumer services
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Applicative sub-segments
5.2.1 Multimedia and entertainment
5.2.2 Tourism and travel
5.2.3 Contact & content sharing
5.2.4 Physical access & digital keys
5.2.5 User interface / management display (household appliances) .. 145
5.3 Value chain
5.4 Major players
5.5 Business potential development
5.6 Business Forecasts
6 Enterprise internal services
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Applicative sub-segments
6.2.1 Physical access & digital keys
6.2.2 Logical access
6.2.3 Time & attendance
6.2.4 Use cases
6.3 Value chain
6.4 Major players
6.5 Business potential development
6.6 Business forecasts
7 Industrial services
7.1 Introduction
7.2 Applicative segments
7.2.1 Traceability (RFID applications)
7.2.2 Authentication, anti-counterfeiting
7.2.3 NFC-enabled RFID readers
7.2.4 Electronic devices control and maintenance
7.2.5 Sensor network pairing
7.3 Value chain
7.4 Major players
7.5 Business potential development
7.6 Business forecasts
8 Transportation
8.1 Introduction
8.2 Applicative sub-segments
8.2.1 Transit ticketing
8.2.2 Transit information applications
8.3 Value chain
8.4 Major players
8.5 Business potential development
8.6 Business forecasts
9 Health market
9.1 Introduction
9.2 Mobile health (mHealth)
9.2.1 Home care
9.2.2 Self-medication and home monitoring
9.3 Pharmaceutical applications
9.4 Hospital applications
9.5 Value chain
9.6 Major players
9.7 Business potential development
9.8 Business Forecasts
10 Gaming
10.1 Introduction
10.2 Applicative sub-segments
10.2.1 Connected game consoles, toys and objects
10.2.2 Mobile and social gaming
10.2.3 Online gambling and betting, casinos
10.3 Value chain
10.4 Major players
10.5 Business potential development
10.6 Business Forecasts
11 Government ID
11.1 Introduction
11.1.1 eGovernment
11.1.2 Biometrics
11.1.3 Electronic ID credentials
11.2 Applicative sub-segments
11.2.1 NFC ID reader on the field
11.2.2 Mobile ID credential
11.2.3 Use cases
11.3 Typical value chain
11.4 Major players
11.5 Business potential development
11.6 Business Forecasts
12 Automotive
12.1 Introduction
12.2 Applicative sub-segments
12.2.1 Access control
12.2.2 Pairing
12.2.3 User interface and authentication
12.3 Major players
12.4 Business potential development
12.5 Business forecasts
13 Smart cities
13.1 Introduction
13.2 Transport and mobility
13.2.1 Transport ticketing
13.2.2 Passenger information
13.2.3 Tourist, heritage and event information
13.2.4 Citizen and local life information
13.3 Conclusion
13.4 Major players
13.5 Business potential development
14 Business forecasts aggregation
15 Company profiles
16 Glossary

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