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  • Urology Laser Surgical Devices Market by Product and Geography - Global Forecast and Analysis 2019-2023

    ... and resection and ablation of tumors. Technavio’s urology laser surgical devices market analysis considers sales from both portable laser surgical devices and table-top laser surgical devices. Our analysis also considers the sales of urology laser ... Read More

  • Urine Flow Meters Market by Type and Geography - Global Forecast and Analysis 2019-2023

    ... urine flow meters and wireless urine flow meters. Our analysis also considers the sales of urine flow meters in Asia, Europe, North America, and ROW. In 2018, the wired urine flow meters segment had a ... Read More

  • Global Nephrology and Urology Devices Market 2019-2023

    ... years. Vendors are increasing their R&D efforts in introducing technologically advanced devices. In addition, these advances will also help in developing user-friendly, light-weight, and at-home HD machines with connectivity features for monitoring the patients remotely ... Read More

  • Global Urinary Incontinence Devices Market 2019-2023

    ... the elderly population in both emerging and advanced economies will further surge the incidences of urinary incontinence during the forecast period. Factors including spinal injury, pregnancy, menopause, diabetes will increasingly lead to urinary incontinence, in ... Read More

  • Global Urethral Dilator Market 2019-2023

    ... (STDs). These strictures are a common problem and can be initially treated with urethral dilation. Urethral stricture treatment is driven by the growing number of treatments for kidney stones, prostate cancer, obesity, and other medical ... Read More

  • Global Urology Endoscopes Market 2018-2022

    ... (PCNL), transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP), and ureteroscopic stone removal. Technavio’s analysts forecast Global Urology Endoscopes market to grow at a CAGR of 5.51% during the period 2018-2022. Covered in this report The report ... Read More

  • Global Urology Devices Market 2018-2022

    ... systems and dialysis catheters, ureteroscopes, resectoscopes, ureteral stents, lithotripsy devices, laser fibers, stone retrieval devices, radiofrequency ablation devices, meshes, ureteral access sheaths, balloons, and urinary catheters. Technavio’s analysts forecast the global urology devices market to ... Read More

  • Global Urine Collection Devices Market 2018-2022

    ... Urinary catheterization is performed when people are unable to urinate naturally using a toilet, bedpan, or urinal bedside commode. Urinary catheters are generally inserted to drain the bladder before a surgical procedure. They are also ... Read More

  • Urinary Incontinence Devices Market in Japan 2017-2021

    ... incontinence. Factors such as rapid aging of the society in Japan, increasing the prevalence of older women with urinary incontinence, and changing lifestyle habits such as smoking and obesity will drive the urinary incontinence devices ... Read More

  • Global Lithotripters Market 2017-2021

    ... unit. Based on product type, the global lithotripters market has been segmented into ESWL system and intracorporeal lithotripsy system. Technavio’s analysts forecast the global lithotripters market to grow at a CAGR of 2.11% during the ... Read More

  • Global Urological Catheters Market 2017-2021

    ... retention, blood management, and kidney stone management. Urological catheters mainly consist of dialysis catheters (for vascular access), urinary catheters (for urinary incontinence and retention), and other catheters (involved in pre- or post-urological surgical procedures). Technavio’s ... Read More

  • Global Urodynamic Devices Market 2017-2021

    ... test is to understand the problems/disorders in the lower urinary tract by duplicating the symptoms. It also determines the cause of bladder dysfunction and formulates an appropriate treatment course. The investigation shows, how well the ... Read More

  • Global Urology Guidewires Market 2017-2021

    ... and endoprosthesis placement. The availability of various types of guidewires and their diverse use in clinical presentations help in selecting the appropriate one for the complex procedure. The selection of appropriate guidewires improves crossing over ... Read More

  • Global Urolithiasis Management Devices Market 2017-2021

    ... cystolithiasis (stone formation in the bladder). Urolithiasis is a common condition that affects at least 10% of the global population. Urinary stones are generally distinguished based on the location and chemical composition. Based on chemical ... Read More

  • Global Urology Surgery Supplies Market 2017-2021

    ... such as inguinal hernia surgery, bladder tumor surgery, and other urology surgeries. Urology surgeries require a high volume of urology supplies. Most of these supplies are single-use and disposable, and very few are reusable (dependent ... Read More

  • Global Urinary Slings Market 2017-2021

    ... propelling the consumption of related products, such as urinary slings. Urinary incontinence, which is caused by bladder dysfunction, sphincter dysfunction, or a combination of both is considered as a major health problem with respect to ... Read More

  • Global Urology Robotic Surgery Market 2016-2020

    ... stitches or staples to close. In robotic surgery, doctors precisely manipulate miniature tools attached to a robotic arm using a console and video monitor, instead of directly operating on a patient. Technavio’s analysts forecast the ... Read More

  • Urinary Slings Market in the US 2015-2019

    ... incontinence. A sling procedure uses strips of the body’s tissue or synthetic mesh to create a hammock-like fixture that wraps around the bladder neck and a tube that transports urine from the bladder. Urinary incontinence ... Read More

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Urology market research reports by TechNavio

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