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  • Global Medical Devices Market 2018-2022

    ... services. Many countries also provide dental services at subsidized rates. The membership provides free basic dental care with advanced treatment options such as crowns, bridges, and orthodontics. In Greece, dental care is nominally offered for ... Read More

  • Global Laparoscopic Devices Market 2019-2023

    ... are encouraging the shift from conventional open surgeries towards MI surgeries, as these are less painful and allow faster recovery for the patients to return home. Also, the technological advancement in will fuel the growth ... Read More

  • Medical Devices Market in Japan 2018-2022

    ... and the increase in healthcare spending are some of the market drivers. Technavio’s analysts forecast the medical devices market in Japan to generate revenue of close to USD 42 billion by 2022. Covered in this ... Read More

  • Global Scientific Instrument Market 2018-2022

    ... examine the chemical and physical viabilities of materials which can be used to develop new products. Technavio’s analysts forecast the global scientific instrument market to grow at a CAGR of 6.46% during the period 2018-2022. ... Read More

  • Global Biopsy Devices Market 2016-2020

    ... Biopsies are mostly performed in in the critical areas of the body such as the liver, lungs, prostate, and kidney using a wide range of devices. Technavio’s analysts forecast the global biopsy devices market to ... Read More

  • Global Laparotomy Sponge Market 2015-2019

    ... instead of large cuts. In this technique, the incision is far from the location of the operative area. Hemorrhage or leakage of blood, as well as the discharge of bile and bowel contents may restrict ... Read More

  • Global Atrial Fibrillation Market 2015-2019

    ... type of arrhythmia of the heart, superventricular tachycardia. The chief difference between these two types of arrhythmia is the consistency of the beats. In superventricular tachycardia, the heart beats are regular and at a very ... Read More

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Medical Devices market research reports by TechNavio

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